High Gas Prices Are President Obama's Fault

There is no one to blame for rising energy costs other than President Obama himself.

March Madness Mathematics: The Economics of Your NCAA Tournament Bracket

American workers will spend nearly 8.4 million hours watching March Madness games. Still, don't expect this to create a double-dip recession.

America's Founders Were Pro-Big Government, But Only Because It Suited Their Interests

Political graft and cronyism explain the desire for a centralized national state.

Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands, and a Media Conspiracy is Afoot?

Paul won the popular vote in Saturday's Virgin Islands caucus, yet Romney won the most delegates and headlines.

Abortion Should Not Be Up For Debate

Abortion should not be a matter of debate in a country like the United States, given its image as a stalwart supporter and enforcer of human rights and democratic values in the world.

Instagram For Android, Sarah Palin’s Twitter Comeback, and Top 5 Social Media Stories of the Week

From the release of Instagram for Android to Sarah Palin's unnecessary comeback on Twitter, here are the week's most shareable social media stories for busy political and tech junkies.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: The Best President France Will Never Have

Whilst Strauss-Kahn may be no saint, he is certainly the best non-candidate in these French elections, and as such is greatly missed.

Apple Gets a Texas Tax Incentive of $21M, Tax Payers Will Foot the Bill

In government's latest attempt to pick winners and losers, Texas announced it will give $21 million in incentives to Apple to expand in Austin. This will do more harm than good in the economy.

Ending the Assad Regime in Syria May Require Arming the Opposition

Bashar al-Assad remains firmly in control of Syria, and if the opposition is to succeed, the West and her Allies may need to start providing arms.

Shadow Economies: Earning in Nontraditional Jobs

Society needs to acknowledge that the shadow economy exists, seek to understand the causes and conditions creating such a market and seek the proper changes to discourage participation.

Andrew Brietbart's Obama Video: Slam or Sham?

Breitbart's video is not damaging to Obama because there was nothing ostensibly shocking about the video and the Bell connection did not hit a hot button with Americans.

India Should Beware of Cheap Lending from China

China has burned Russia and Brazil before. India should be careful before getting too comfortable with Beijing's accommodative banking policy.

Joseph Kony is a Criminal, But Uganda President Museveni Has Allowed Human Trafficking on His Watch

The Ugandan president continues to allow human trafficking companies to operate in Uganda, resulting in the rape, torture, and beatings of female employees.

Former Mossad Director Meir Dagan Says an Israel Strike on Iran is "Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Heard"

Meir Dagan tells 60 Minutes that the Iranian regime is "rational" and there is no imminent threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Joe the Plumber is Wrong: Government Can Help Small Businesses

Joe the Plumber overlooks the fact that most small business owners could benefit from policies that make it easier for them to do business.

Greater Urban Density Would Lead to Better, Diverse Schools

Several economists have highlighted the many benefits of greater density. But density would also create a positive impact on the secondary education system.

In Defense of "America's Founders Were Not Anti-Government"

A rebuttal to Michael Suede.

5 Tips to Millennials Filing Taxes

Filing your taxes does not have to be worse than going to the dentist. Follow these simple to tips to an easy return.

How Will History View President Obama's First Term?

President Obama's first term included major successes that will forever be engrained into the history of the United States of America.

Dietary Supplements Are In Fact Controlled By The FDA

Don't be swayed by negative publicity. The Food and Drug Administration does control the manufacture, warehousing, and distribution of supplements.

Mitt Romney and Hardcore Conservatives: He's Got a Shot

Romney could be closer to peeling off some Santorum / Gingrich conservatives than many in the media currently allow. Is a majority coalition of Republicans within reach?