LIVE: Alabama and Mississippi Republican Primary Results, Can Mitt Romney Win the South?

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum now turn their attention to the Alabama and Mississippi primaries on Tuesday. Gingrich looks to remain alive.

A Euro Perspective on American Election 2012 Folly

If Europe were a U.S. state, it would be a slam dunk for President Barack Obama.

Red Meat Does Not Raise Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease

A new suggests that red meat consumption is linked to cancer and heart disease, but a little fact checking is in order.

What is the Future of Journalism?

Declining print revenue, expanding social media use, and the mass availability of information online is quickly proving what everyone expected — that the definition of journalism has changed.

Apple to Open R&D Center in Israel, Shows Why Country is a Tech Hub

Apple has decided to open its first R&D center outside of California in Herzilya, Israel. The announcement serves as a testament to Israel's contributions to the rest of the world.

New KONY 2012 Video Answers Doubts Surrounding Finances, but Not Questions We Had in the First Place

New Invisible Children response video to critics doesn't go far enough.

5 Best Colleges in America That Help You Get Rich

Here are the top five colleges and universities that give students the biggest 30-year return on their investment.

Michael Bloomberg, American Apparel, and the Top 5 Leaders on Immigration Reform

With many stakeholders involved, immigration reform is imminent and here are five key players that are leading the way.

LIVE: Mississippi Primary Results, Too Darn Close to Call

Mississippi's 40 delegates are being hotly contested.

Higher Income Taxes Squeeze the Middle Class

IRS historical data and contemporary examples show why raising income tax rates does not produce higher revenues, pushes more money & jobs overseas, and hurts the middle class more than the rich.

What Obama and Netanyahu Don't Get: BDS Will Succeed

The BDS movement for freedom, justice, and dignity for all people in Israel/Palestine will be successful.

Ron Paul Will Not Win the Nomination, but Mitt Romney Might Not Either

Ron Paul has almost no chance of winning the nomination, but Romney hasn't locked it up either.

Rick Santorum Takes the South, Mitt Romney Gets Dominated in Mississippi and Alabama

Santorum's win will throw the GOP contest into disarray.

Contraception Fight Shows Why a Fundamentalist View of the Constitution is Dangerous

The fight against reproductive rights shows why a fundamentalist view of the Constitution is dangerous. Removing past legal precedents, such as the right to privacy, would cause havoc in the U.S.

As Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama Show, Civility is Dead in America

There is massive incivility in American politics and media, and it is poisoning the country.

MSNBC and Fox News: How Cable News Defines the National Discourse

Partisan networks are framing the conversation, defining the limits of "liberal" and "conservative." Step outside the boundaries, and the reaction won't be pretty.

At Mississippi Republican Primary, Expect Little Enthusiasm

The primary is also open to Democrats, who may seek to disproportionately vote for Santorum.

Invisible Children Response Video to Kony 2012 Critics is Not Enough

Invisible Children has released a new video responding to the critics of Kony 2012, but serious questions about the organization and its goals still remain.

Kony 2012 Has Highlighted the Uganda Plight, But Development Must Continue Once Joseph Kony is Gone

Because of the video produced by Invisible Children, Joseph Kony has received a lot of attention. But once he is captured, we can not afford to ignore the problems in Uganda.

America's Education System is Backwards

We all agree that education needs to be reformed, but most proposed solutions blaming teachers, parents, or students miss the real problem: our system is operating backwards.

BDS Movement Will Not Succeed Anytime Soon

Until the BDS movement can break through significant political and cultural challenges, its efficacy will be severely limited.

Why the Military Can Do Much More With Less

Defense spending hawks say the U.S. needs enough power to counter future unforeseen threats, but this argument is defective and encourages waste.