Rod Blagojevich Goes to Prison, But How Long Will He Actually Stay?

Rod Blagojevich has been sentenced to 14 years in prison after trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. Now the question is whether he’ll be released early, as most other celebrity inmates have been.

Republican Crusade Against Birth Control is an (Unconstitutional) Exercise in Denial

The GOP crusade attempting to strip women of insurance coverage for birth control flies in the face of decades of legal precedent concerning privacy and medical rights.

5 Republicans Who Are Not Waging a War on Women

These five Republicans are stepping up to prove women’s issues are non-partisan, by putting down their weapons in the War on Women.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Rightly Tells Employees Not to Take Advantage of Goldman Sachs Op-Ed

Dimon has made it clear that he does not want his employees to “seek advantage” from “Muppetgate.” Though many may see this as honor among thieves, I see it as the logical thing to do.

Is Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Company Hurting Democracy in China?

U.S. companies are supplying China with surveillance cameras, but the Chinese government deserves most of the blame.

In Tyler Clementi Case, Rutgers Student Dharun Ravi Should Have Been Found Not Guilty

Sympathy For the Devil: Ravi should be found not guilty of all charges against him. He has been made a scapegoat for reacting in a way that many 18-year-olds would have done in his situation.

Meghan McCain in Playboy Reveals Racy, But Real, Views On Politics

Meghan McCain is not out of line, even when talking politics to Playboy.

Millennials Have No Need for Pessimism

Recent characterizations of millennials as a broken generation are misplaced, as they have a bright future to look forward to.

Will Millennials Vote for Barack Obama Again in November 2012?

Millennials will very likely determine whether Barack Obama or his eventual Republican opponent is inaugurated as president on January 20, 2013.

Iran Poses Clear and Present Danger for Israel

Iran is a clear and present danger to Israel and the world. Netanyahu is the right man to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons.

Will Goldman Sachs Scandal Cause Millennials to Abandon Wall Street?

How will former Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith's op-ed impact Wall Street banks' ability to recruit college seniors?

Rick Santorum Preaches Fantasy on the Campaign Trail

In Santorum's world, everyone having health care is unacceptable, God administers Medicare, and our government sits and watches as society's demons consume us all.

Congo Warlord Thomas Lubanga Conviction at ICC is Worth the Hefty Price Tag

After many years of trial, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has finally come down with a verdict against the Congolese warlord, Thomas Lubanga.

Leave Afghanistan, But Not In Haste

Recent military atrocities in Afghanistan indicate that the U.S. must end the war soon, but a hasty withdrawal will have dire consequences on Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

Top 5 Moments From Barack Obama's State Dinners

British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Salahis, the White House garden, and much more.

Rutgers Gay Hate Crime Trial Ends With Injustice

We could have been having a critical discussion about the demons of cyber-bullying and hate crimes, but we instead decided to flex our muscles and get tough.

Secret Syria iPhone Documentary Shows the Revolution is Alive

An Al-Jazeera documentary filmed by a Syrian protester entirely on the iPhone shows that one year on, the Syrian revolution is still going strong.

Barack Obama Documentary 'Road We Traveled' – Opinion And Full Video

Watch the entire video here. Who was the Obama documentary targeted towards? Is it accurate?

Afghanistan Massacre Underlines History of Dehumanizing Violence Conducted by U.S. Military

The massacre conducted by a U.S soldier in Afghanistan is yet another example dehumanizing American military behavior.

Non-Profit Newspapers Hurt Journalism

In Texas, a new donor-funded newspaper is having a negative impact on journalism.

As China Expands its Navy, What Are the Implications for the Middle East?

China plans to put its first aircraft carrier into service by the end of the year, signaling it seeks increased military cooperation with countries in the Middle East, to the ire of Washington.

Women's NCAA Tournament 2012: Same Great Stats, Less Madness Hype

The only reason ladies go unrecognized in March Madness is because they aren't as flashy when they play like men, even when they put up the same stats.