The Top 5 Millennial Financial Reporters and Bloggers You Should Be Following

Millennials are starting to make their marks in the world of business and politics.

Why Politicians and CEOs Make Bad Decisions

Powerful people often make poor decisions. Scientists may know why, and what we can do about it.

Tim Hawkins Political Parody 'Candy Man' Can Light Up Anybody's Day

Regardless of what side of the aisle you agree with, we can all agree that laughter can bring both sides together, regardless of who is being made fun of.

Millennials and the Birthers: Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump Prove Older Generations Drum Up Race-Rooted Obama Birth Issue

Millennails, by and large, find the birther issue laughable, a racially-rooted issue that doesn’t necessarily register in our psyche.

Somalia Could Use a Good Dose of Anarchy

State solutions in Somalia have been a disaster. Rather than constantly interfering, the international community should leave Somalis to use stateless mechanisms with a track record of success.

Rush Limbaugh Insults Women Across America, and Republicans Condone It

Limbaugh's egregious statements are insulting to women, and by the Republican Party not speaking out against it, they are condoning his statements and joining in on the attack.

Barack Obama Debt Plan Reduces Deficit While All Other Republican Candidates Increase Deficit

The Republican candidates for president offer various budgetary approaches, yet none of them shrink the debt and all of them advantage the richest Americans at the expense of the poorest.

Vladimir Putin Will Become Russia's President, But Bring an Era of Stagnation and More Corruption

Despite the protest movement in Russia, Vladimir Putin will be again elected as president this Sunday. But, this new era of Putinism will resemble the stagnation of the 1970s under Brezhnev.

North Korea Under Kim Jong-Un Could Soon Cooperate More With the West

North Korea's move to freeze nuclear works may be a signal that Kim Jong-Un is looking to cooperate.

Millennials Take a Stand Against Poor Education Policies and Standards in the U.S.

Thousands of students protested the U.S.educational system's budget cuts, tuition hikes, and lack of equal access.

Snooki Pregnancy Underlines Millennial Trend of Unwed Births

The rise in pregnancies among unmarried millennial couples is alarming because of the other trends that are associated with it.

Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, and the Top 5 Most Offensive Media Personalities Against Women

Controversial quotes by people in the media emphasize why women must continue breaking barriers and making their mark in spite of the negativity that is likely to strike against them.

New Facebook Ads Interface Will Impact Your Social Media Experience

Expect to see more Facebook ads, especially in your newsfeed.

Olympia Snowe's Retirement Signals the Decline of the Moderate (Female) GOP Senator

Snowe created a political career as a moderate willing to reach across the aisle, and found herself marooned on a GOP island where it was suddenly heresy to stray from the base.

Blunt Amendment Shows Republicans Will Use Women's Basic Health Rights for Cheap Political Gain

In a tight 51-48 vote, the Senate blocked the Republican-backed Blunt Amendment Thursday afternoon. Congress should stop using women’s health to score political points.

Health Education in the 21st Century Will Not Come From More Government Regulation

Government legislation to restrict health-damaging activities like banning smoking tries to control human behavior, but can be patronizing and ineffective.

Why 2012 Doomsday and Other Conspiracy Prophecies Become Popular

Doomsday predictions become popular because of the media. Reporting about the signs of the end of the world is much more profitable than publishing a positive prognosis for the upcoming year.

Olympia Snowe Departure From Senate Marks Loss For Female Voice in Congress

Maine’s Republican Senator Olympia Snowe’s decision to retire instead of seek re-election may have been a favorable move for Democrats, but it’s also a loss for female politicians.

Yelp Proves Social Media IPOs Are Strong With a Five Star Debut

Yelp is everywhere, now they're also on Wall Street.