Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman Case: Did We Learn Anything From the Duke Lacrosse Trial?

The media improperly and dangerously rushes to judgement... again.

Ron Paul Upsets Rick Santorum In Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout

While the final outcome of Missouri’s lengthy caucus process may not be known for months, early results indicate that Ron Paul may walk away from the state with the most delegates.

Journalism Jobs: PolicyMic Is Looking For An Editor is seeking an editor to join our New York City-based team.

Why Obama And Romney Should Not Alienate China

Anti-China rhetoric hurts American citizens by encouraging retaliatory, protectionist policies that discourage trade and make valuable resources more difficult to obtain.

Lebanese Women Banned From Job Because of Headscarves

The Lebanese General Security Forces banned 39 qualified women from joining it, asking them to choose between their Hijab and the job in a country with a Muslim majority.

What Mitt Romney And Rick Santorum Can Learn From The Las Vegas Principle

The GOP candidates are now raising and spending less than they did in 2008. They can learn some lessons from Vegas about how to win over voters and spend more effectively.

Federal Contractors Donating To Super PACs

William Koch and other federal contractors donated $890,000 to Romney's Super PAC Restore Our Future, calling for a reassessment of campaign finance laws.

'Coke Causes Cancer' Headline From Center for Science in the Public Interest Misses Important Health Details

People are right to be concerned about food additives and food safety, but reporting that Coke causes rampant cancer will inspire laughter, not improve American diets.

Russia Supports UN Mission, "Last Chance" for Syria

Russia and China support U.N. efforts to negotiate a peaceful settlement in Syria, with Medvedev stating that this will be Syria's last chance, but the efforts will be an uphill battle.

Pakistan Demands Apology From US For November Nato Strike That Killed 24 Soliders

The call from Pakistan to demand an apology from the U.S. should be taken seriously if close relations are to be maintained within the region. Failure to do so could destroy the friendship.

Turkey Takes Lead On Syria Crisis, While U.S. Continues Inaction

American complacency and inaction in regards to the situation in Syria has opened the door for Turkey to potentially grab a majority share of the regional power hegemony.

Hunger Games Reminds of Corruption In India

India has its own version of the "hunger games" playing out that is turning out to be every bit as dramatic as the movie, as a renowned environmentalist fasts unto death to save the Ganges.

Suzanne Collins' 'The Hunger Games' Sets Box Office Record And Exposes Two Truths About America

The box office hit 'Hunger Games,' grossed $155 million in its opening weekend. Here's what is says about America.