Ron Paul Considers Running As Independent

Ron Paul should quit the GOP race by May 1 and announce an independent run in order to keep his campaign alive and put pressure on both parties.

Trayvon Martin case takes a new racist twist with marijuana controversy

Trayvon Martin’s past school suspension is irrelevant to the case; paying any attention to it perpetuates racism and the criminalization of black youth

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Dominated By Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in Obamacare Debate

Verrilli was instantly thrown on the defensive, when Justice Alito asked him if he thought there was a market for burial services and he said Yes, he may as well have walked into a brick wall.

Marine Tea Party Facebook Page Goes Against Military Principles

Marine Gary Stein claims that his "Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots" Facebook page is free speech, but using social media to voice political opinions demonstrates poor discipline.

Newt Gingrich, Keystone XL, and Republicans' Failing Energy Policy

Newt Gingrich called a link to one of America's largest energy hubs a "pipeline to nowhere," showing again how campaign 2012 is coming up short when it comes to energy policy.

Big Government Liberals and Big Government Conservatives Dominate U.S. Politics

The silent majority of America is fed up with the big government,big spending policies of both progressives and evangelicals and are making their 2012 choice for President clear: Mitt Romney.

China is Ultra-Competitive in Business, But Chinese People Are Still Moral

Despite media outlets claiming otherwise, Chinese people are highly competitive, but also put a premium on being moral.

Poll: 75% of Americans don't support an Israeli strike on Iran

Despite the claim by some politicians that Iran poses an existential threat, public support for war simply isn't there.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Bombs on Day 2 of Obamacare Supreme Court Hearings

Solicitor General Verrilli had to defend himself almost from the beginning. It just wasn't his day.

Senator Dick Durbin Wastes Time and Money By Investigating NFL Bounty System

Senator Dick Durbin wastes time and money investigating bounties in professional and collegiate sports.

A Libertarian Take On Fear and Personal Responsibility

The gun is a creature of fear. It's time for society to stop being afraid.

Trayvon Martin case has echos of same victim-blaming often seen in rape cases

Fixating on Trayvon Martin's clothing, his past behavior, and his self-defense is a slippery slope to victim-blaming.

Pink Slime is Still Safe Despite Beef Products Inc. Factory Closures

Beef Products Incorporated has announced it is suspending production of its beef amidst the pink slime controversy, but the facts about pink slime haven't changed: It is not harmful.

Obama and Pakistani PM Gilani Discuss Rebuilding Tense U.S.-Pakistan Relationship

President Obama met with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday, in efforts to help restore U.S.-Pakistan relations. The U.S. will need to compromise a lot more than Pakistan.

Poll: 69% of Americans want to end the war in Afghanistan

According to a New York Times/CBS News poll, 69 percent of Americans believe the U.S. should not be in Afghanistan. The end of the war is long overdue.

Millennials Fear Not: America's Education System Has a Bright Future

Technological, social, and academic trends give reason to hope that American education will continue to improve student’s lives and the economy as a whole.

Big Money Influences Poses a Major Problem in British Politics

Some things, like political cash scandals, never change. Whilst politicians will be rallying for investigations and inquiries, the big-money-equals-big-influence culture will never change.

Al-Shabaab Will Never Be Able to Control Somalia

Some revealing thoughts about Somalia and America's engagement with the failed state.

Rick Santorum Campaign Near Its End After Recent New York Times 'Bull Shit' Comment

Santorum cursed out a NYT reporter on the campaign trail in Wisconsin for "distorting" his words, while being aware that he was on camera. Is this the end of Santorum's candidacy?

Will Chocolate Help You Lose Weight?

Chocolate is definitely tasty. But if you need a science-y reason to eat a candy bar, you're still out of luck.

Are Madonna and George Clooney Helping or Hurting Gay Rights Across the World?

Celebrities involved in causes pertaining to the global gay community carry good intentions in speaking out and raising awareness. However, does their involvement do more harm than good?

After New York Jets' Introductory Press Conference, Tim Tebow Dives Into Big Apple Temptations

After officially meeting the city that never sleeps in his first press conference as a New York Jet, former Denver Broncos QB meets the temptations offered by the city that never sleeps....

With High Gas Prices, Could Turning Plastic Waste Into Fuel Solve America's Energy Problems?

The debate over domestic oil production could be resolved with a new technology that turns plastic waste into fuel.

Crowdfunding revolution will jump-start economic growth as JOBS Act creates new citizen investors

The introduction of corporate crowdfunding promotes values shared by the left and the right, and stands to revitalize the American economy.

Germany's NPD Right-Wing Extremist Party Must Be Banned, But Replaced With a Democratic Organization

Germany's oldest extremist right-wing party should be banned. At the same time other institutions need to step up and help poor and impoverished areas where the NPD has most of its influence.

Indigenous hold national mining and water protests in Ecuador against foreign corporations

If the Ecuadorian government does not allow the indigenous to retain full control of their resources, these people may turn to less peaceful protests because they will have nothing left to lose.