Hunger Games Shows Why Americans Need to Fight Back Against Government

The world of The Hunger Games is not farfetched. We allow the state to perpetuate crimes against society that could be prevented if we just stopped playing the game.

Arresting George Zimmerman is Not the End All, Be All

To say that the arrest of Zimmerman would solve anything is no different than the assumption that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden’s captures would solve everything in the Middle East.

War With Iran and Israel is Becoming More Likely

As peaceful talks and negotiations have yielded little, the window to solve the Iranian issue diplomatically is shrinking. An armed action against Iran might occur sooner than expected.

Anthony Kennedy Will Determine the Fate of Obamacare at the Supreme Court

After three days of argument, the Supreme Court must now decide the fate of Obama's health care law. Which way they go will again depend on the decisions of the Court's sole swing vote.

Today's Conservatives Are Throwing Separation of Church and State Out the Window

The Republican party has moved away from the moderate center and is mistakenly embracing the religious right.

The World Bank Needs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Not Dr. Jim Yong Kim

The World Bank must be led by an experienced financier, not another American.

Mitt Romney Russia Quotes Signal Big Problems For Future US-Russian Relations

The GOP has not escaped Cold War thinking, an approach that says any compromise with Russia is tantamount to weakening America’s strategic position.

Gary Stein Facebook Page Proves the First Amendment is a Dangerous Military Weapon

Marine Corps Sergeant Gary Stein's Facebook page that features his anti-Obama comments is dangerous for liberty.

How Trayvon Martin Will Impact the Legacies of Barack Obama and Eric Holder

As African Americans, the gravity of Obama and Holder’s achievements in racial progress come with new responsibilities and considerations.

Report: North Korea Begins Fueling Rocket Ahead of April Satellite Launch

A new report confirms North Korea’s intention to launch its own weather satellite. President Obama urged Pyongyang to call off the launch, and suspended food aid to the country.

Warren Buffett Tax Plan Stifles Economic Growth

America's tax rates are killing its global competitive advantage. If Obama passes the Buffet Rule under the guise of everyone "paying their fair share," all of America loses out on capital gains.

Latino-American Violence Can Be Curbed Through Cultural Education

Tucson, Arizona, eliminated Mexican-American literature classes to save money. But education is also violence prevention.

The Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Gets Bogged Down With International Politics

It is impossible to make this project successful without the support of United States.

Free Markets Can Help Solve the Global Food Crisis, Government Policies Can Not

With the 2008 food riots still fresh in our memories it is important to remember that it was protectionist government that caused the mess, not free trade.

Indiana Boy Expelled For Dropping F-Bomb on Twitter Sparks Free Speech Debate

An Indiana boy was expelled from school for Tweeting with expletives. This is a dangerous erosion of free speech.

Ground Zero, Mount Vernon, and the Top 5 Political Landmarks in the United States

Certain political landmarks are a must see for any traveler. They express the independent spirit of the country in a way that allows people to understand what it means to truly be an American.

Take Free Markets Out of Global Development

From the 1960s Green Revolution through present-day agricultural development efforts, the market rationale has remained central, at the expense of the world's poorest.

Why the Supreme Court Justices May Look to Baseball for Obamacare Precedent

Congress and the Court have given the great American pastime a unique status in the American economy. Whether they will give a distinct status to the insurance market remains to be determined.

London 2012 Olympics Security Will Cost British Taxpayers $1.58 Billion

With drones, paratroopers, and surface to air missiles, the London 2012 Olympics security operation is one of the worst excesses resulting from the war on terror.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Warns Economic Demand Too Weak for Strong Jobs Recovery

Changes in global economic demand are the cause and solution to the economic crisis is key to a robust recovery.

George Zimmerman police video shows no blood 4 hours after Trayvon Martin killing

An interactive multimedia timeline tracing the major developments in the Trayvon Martin case.

Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney, Time for Rest of GOP to Come Around

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney can now add Florida Senator Marco Rubio and former President George H.W. Bush to his list of high-profile Republican endorsements.

Republicans declare war on women over, but state-level battles still exist

National Republicans can step away from social issues, confident their counterparts in State legislatures will carry the battle forward. Women unite to clean out downballot offices!

With Pasty Tax, Britain Harms Small Business Growth, Just Like President Obama

New nonsensical tax changes in Britain have introduced more government regulation on fast foods, and here in the U.S., we have a similar problem with government overreach.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Accepts Kofi Annan Peace Plan, But China and Russia Block Real Change

Though Bashar al-Assad has accepted the peace plan set forth by Kofi Annan, the agreement will be useless because it does not call for a regime change.

Barack Obama open mic gaffe with Dmitry Medvedev does not tarnish his character

President Obama's open mic incident has created a field day for Republicans, but what they have no taken into account is Obama's history with missile defense.

Rick Santorum Jelly Belly Speech Sugarcoats His Misguided Foreign Policy

Rick Santorum has chosen the Jelly Belly factory for the site of his latest foreign policy speech, which is particularly fitting because he lacks any credentials on foreign affairs.

War On Men: How the Free Market Has Helped Women Excel in the Work Place

We have all heard of the War on Women, but in the Old South, the women are making sure the South will rise again.