In Today's America, The Paranoia of Legislators and Citizens is a Small Victory for Terrorists

While many of the goals of terrorists who target America have yet to be achieved, they can claim a small victory; our responses to terrorism has increased our level of fear and paranoia.

London Olympics Won't Hide Britain's Growing Socio-Economic Problems

While London prepares itself for this summer's Olympic Games, union bosses are threatening to rain on the parade. But "the greatest show on earth" is not going to change anything in Britain.

A 'Civil Right to Unionize' is Bad Public Policy

An op-ed in Wednesday's New York Times argues for amending to the Civil Rights Act to include the "right to unionize." But this is another attempt for a special interest group to get a leg up.

Act Against Assad: Now is the Time For Multilateral Action in Syria

Now is the time to act in Syria. A vigilant diplomacy must be exhausted precedent to military intervention. If failed, multilateral engagement must commence.

Calls To Remove Washington Metro Ad Violate First Amendment Rights

Representative Moran (D-Va.) has asked Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to take down an ad that states "Go to hell Barack", but this may actually be another push to stop PACs.

We Can't Predict War With Iran By Using the Build-up to the Iraq War As a Parallel

Stop comparing the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq War with the current Iran impasse. Military action against the former was inevitable; the same must not be said for the latter.

Rick Santorum "Snob" Comments on Higher Education Only Fuel Culture War

Santorum hardly disagrees with Obama on higher education, his highly charged comments on higher education are part of a "culture war" political strategy.

To Up Arab Female Political Participation, the Middle East Must Use Quota Systems

Women’s ideas and experiences are invaluable assets to political life, and to producing the change Arab Spring protesters are looking for.