Robert Zimmerman interview on Trayvon Martin case is disgusting and confirms why son George Zimmerman should be arrested

Robert Zimmerman’s selfish and uncompassionate responses in his interview verify the negative image of George Zimmerman and confirm the grounds to arrest him.

Kony 2012 and the 'White Savior Industrial Complex:' An Unfair Critique of Activism

Western activists’ enthusiasm is not enough to solve the world’s problems, but dismissing it entirely leads to complacency.

Medical Marijuana Company Dubbed 'Walmart of Weed' Opens In Washington, DC

WeGrow, a company that provides information and products for medical marijuana use and is dubbed “the Walmart of weed,” will soon be opening a store in Washington, D.C.

Iraq Arab League Summit hosted by Maliki seeks to paint country as Arab, not dominated by Iran

The view that the Arab League summit represents progress in the daily lives of Iraqis or that it is a sign of progressive pan-Arabism is an entirely misinformed and misled perception.

Obamacare and birth control debates pale in comparison to immigration issue: Cesar Chavez birthday an opportunity to remember immigrants

As we observe Cesar Chavez's 85th birthday it is time to consider the reforms to our immigration systems that will benefit the farmworkers to whom he dedicated his life.

North Korea threat and Obama gaffe overshadow Seoul Nuclear Summit talks

The threat of North Korea dominated the Seoul Nuclear Summit this week.

Military Commissions Are a Failed Experiment, Try Terror Suspects in Civilian Courts

I was an early supporter of military commissions. But it soon became clear that these commissions give military justice a bad name.

Winning Lottery Numbers For Mega Millions Jackpot: Why it won't be you

Breaking down the odds for the record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot.

A Libertarian Warning: America is Teetering on the Brink of Monetary Destruction

Record money printing by the Fed will destroy the value of the dollar.

Western Companies Must Stop Doing Business in Syria

It's time for Western companies to take a stand and end their complicity in propping up a corrupt regime and leave Syria until the Al-Assad regime is no longer in power.

Newt Gingrich Loses Backing of Sheldon Adelson, Time to Quit Republican Race

There’s no way Gingrich is going to win the Republican nomination, so why is he still in the presidential race?

NCAA Final Four: Why I'm a Kentucky Fan Rooting For Louisville

Kentucky-Lousiville is turning into a real civil war, but really for no reason.

Costa Coffee, Cinnabon, and KFC Must Stay Open in Syria, Despite Bashar al-Assad's Civil War

A knee-jerk reaction to the Syrian uprising would be for all Western chains to withdraw from the country. This would be the wrong course of action, as it would hurt Syrians and not the regime. Gives Modern Day David a Chance Over Goliath

Online tools like give small groups of committed people the opportunity to take on some of the most powerful corporate and political interests around.

Zambia risks ruining economic growth and credit downgrade in government ruling party controversy

The Zambian government's decision to de-register the former ruling party could cost the country its only hope to access international capital funds for development.

STOCK Act passes, but misses the point: Insider trading should be legal

When insider's want to sell due to non-public information, but aren't allowed to because of insider trading laws, the stock price remains artificially high and misleads innocent investors.

George Zimmerman has every right to use ALEC inspired 'Stand Your Ground' defense

Just because someone attempts to justify their actions by using a law doesn't mean it's a bad law.

Kony 2012 Spawns African Union Mission to Hunt Down Joseph Kony, But at the Expense of Somalia Peace Keeping

The African Union has announced it will send 5,000 troops to track down fugitive warlord Joseph Kony, but will this be at the cost of the AU's peacekeeping mission in Somalia?

Early Earth atmosphere loaded with greenhouse gases, study finds

University of Washington scientists studied ancient volcanic ash to find evidence that the early earth benefited from greenhouse gases.

Trayvon Martin Killing Draws Hundreds to Protest Stand Your Ground Laws

Trayvon Martin's killing brought hundreds of people to the headquarters of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Thursday to rally against the extremist legislation that it pushes.