Stop Pushing Millennials Into Buying Our First Home

While the media decries falling home-ownership rates among young people, there's no real reason why millennials shouldn't simply rent a house and invest in the stock market.

Ron Paul Loses Washington Caucus

Winning the Washington caucus would have also underlined that libertarian ideals can win over voters in big states.

Mitt Romney's Mormonism Should Not Be Fodder For Liberals in Election 2012

Should he win the Republican nomination, liberals must make a point of condemning anti-Mormon prejudice directed against Mitt Romney, even as we work to guarantee his defeat in November.

Renew Bush Tax Cuts, Eliminate the Capital Gains Tax, and the Best Small Government Solutions to Get the Economy Moving Again

How do we get the economy moving? Unleash the power of the individual. Get rid of the restrictions to velocity imposed by the government on the taxpayer and small business owner.

Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act Rightly Overturned By Court

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act violated free speech and failed to protect citizens.

Solving the National Debt is the Biggest Issue in the 2012 Campaign

There are no more trust fund surpluses to raid. Interest debt will equal total personal tax collected. It's time to deal with our national debt crisis.

Rush Limbaugh Birth Control Controversy Begs Question: Does the Media Only Inflame By Reporting on Such Distasteful Remarks?

As a journalist, it’s a tough call choosing to write about sexist media figures like Rush Limbaugh, because I don’t want to draw attention to people like him.

Attack Linking Girl Scouts With Planned Parenthood, Abortion, and Homosexuality is Ill Informed and Distasteful

A state representative's comments are not only ill informed and insulting, but they try to discredit an patriotic organization that promotes community, leadership, and education among girls.

Blunt Amendment Showdown Highlights Need to End Employer-Based Health Care Plans

The government should phase out the current employer-based health care system gradually and empower Americans to purchase their own private health insurance directly in competitive markets.

Gary Taubes, Tom Naughton and the Top 5 People Doing the Most to Address Obesity

There are a lot of people proposing solutions to the obesity epidemic. Here are the top 5 individuals when it comes to health and nutrition.

Before Applying to Colleges, Visit College Campuses

The college process is daunting and complex, and visiting colleges is just one aspect that may be overlooked. My personal experiences suggest that visiting campuses before applying is essential.

5 Organizations and People Devoted to Animal Welfare

Pets, livestock, and wildlife need our care, concern, and protection in ways we rarely think about. Here are some charitable individuals and organizations working on behalf of animals.

Barack Obama Understands the Changing Philanthropic Sector

This guy was a community organizer, remember?

President Obama No Friend to Charity

President Obama gets great press for "helping the poor," but the administration's policies have already harmed charities. Reducing charitable tax deductions will devastate more.

Monsanto Wins Class-Action Law Suit Against Coalition of Organic Farmers

This past week a federal class-action law suit brought forth by a coalition of organic farmers against Monsanto was dismissed. An Occupy Monsanto movement looms on the horizon.

The Syrian Dilemma: A Call for U.S. Government Restraint

Providing arms to the resistance movement in Syria would be a reckless move for the U.S. government. Direct action against Assad must be taken, but not by America.

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