Is America Hiding Its True Inflation Rate, and Could the U.S. Be as Insolvent as Greece?

The official consumer price index is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Are Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Networks Ruining Millennials?

As people communicate more and more online and less and less in person the nature of human relationships is evolving.

Michael Pollan, Bill Gates, and 5 Biggest Leaders in the Fight Against Obesity

Find out who made the list along with author and activist Michael Pollan and Bill Gates.

We Stream, They Scream: How Silicon Valley Broke the Music Industry

Music streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify have transformed the music industry. While artists and record labels are suffering, there's one big winner: consumers.

NJ Governor Chris Christie and Republicans Use Religion to Oppose Marriage Equality and Gay Rights

Recent successes in Washington and Maryland show that America may be at a turning point for marriage equality, but politicians like Chris Christie still use religion to condone anti-LGBT actions.

On Bombing Iran, A False Choice

The current debate on whether or not to bomb Iran is being framed as a false choice. An effective bombing campaign will delay the program only a few years.

Is Rush Limbaugh Repeating Glenn Beck’s Mistakes?

Have Rush Limbaugh's recent "slut" comments on Sandra Fluke done permanent damages to his career?

Costs of War With Iran Being Weighed By Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu

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Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation Launch Shows Combating Teen Bullying is No Easy Task

Will Lady Gaga's message at the Born This Way Foundation launch be received by the little monsters?

Lady Gaga And Oprah Launch Born This Way Foundation to Empower Youth

A high schooler's response to the launch event for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.

Enterprise and Bank of America Examples Show How Internet Activism Via Online Petitions Can Lead to Change

Examples of online petitions influencing the decisions on rental car company Enterprise and Bank of America's ATM fee show how powerful this sort of activism is.

Aside From Ron Paul, There is a Serious Lack of Competing Views in American Foreign Policy

The United States has supported the progressive idea that it is our obligation to spread democracy abroad, regardless of the party in control, for the past two decades.

5 Lesser Known Champions of LGBT Equality

These five modest heroes — hailing from the disparate worlds of health, research, law, journalism, and religion each makes unique contributions to LGBT equality.

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Tim Geithner met with Speaker John Boehner on Thursday

Muslim Countries Should Be More Responsible to Fix Relations With The U.S.

Many argue that it is America's responsibility to fix relations between the U.S. and the Middle East, but, how about Arab governments take initiative first.

Americans Elect, POPVOX, and 8 Political Startups to Watch at SXSW

Here's your guide to the coolest, hippest political start-ups at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Chevy Volt on Hold, Government Subsidy Fails to Jump-Start Electric Car Demand

Despite billions in government subsidies, the Chevy Volt has failed to meet expectations. That means that each Volt sold to date has cost taxpayers $250,000 to produce.

5 Barack Obama Spotify Songs For The 2012 Campaign (And Mitt Romney's Response)

The top 5 songs from President Obama’s recently released Spotify playlist that best capture his 2012 reelection message plus Mitt Romney's unofficial and unapologetically rich response
News, Gas Buddy, and 5 iPhone Apps to Help Millennials Save Money

These apps are best for all around savings, and are specifically targeted at our most routine expenditures: transportation, grocery shopping, bar, and overall finance planning.