LIVE iPad 3 Unveiling in San Francisco Stream

The iPad 3 will be unveiled today in San Francisco. See what upgrades Apple picked to keep it's tablet ahead of competitors like the Kindle Fire.

Bitcoin: Crypto-Anarchism and the Digital Money Revolution

New crypto-currencies will topple the existing monetary regime.

5 Reasons Why We Must Make Free Access to Contraception a Priority

Politicizing contraception jeopardizes women’s health by taking away access to a basic, preventative health care that treats and prevents many health conditions affecting women.

Homelessness in America: The Problem Of the 'Ignorance is Bliss' Attitude Towards the Poor

While the homeless face enormous hardships every day, their situations are often made worse by being ignored and not respected.

Top 5 Issues Barack Obama Must Address in a Second Term

Less restrained by a looming reelection campaign, President Obama would have the opportunity in a second term to take on many issues that have gone largely unaddressed for four years.

3 Reasons Why Birth Control Should Not Be Free

Contraceptives should not be “free,” as making them “free” would raise their real cost and unfairly and unnecessarily force others to pay for them, including people with a moral objection.

iPad 3 Pictures Unveiled

We've all been waiting. iPad 3 pictures unveiled.

iPad 3 Predictions: Which Tech Blogs Guessed Right?

Which big tech blogs best predicted the iPad 3's new features, announced today by Tim Cook?

New Voting Method Would Solve the Republican Primary Drama

This Republican primary season is proving why the idea of "one man, one vote" is broken. A simple change in voting procedures would make the election more representative.

Tasteful or Not, Rush Limbaugh Has The Right to Say Whatever He Wants

Liberals have targeted conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh, but he was fully in his First Amendment rights to speak out against Sandra Fluke.

Quran Burning in Afghanistan Proof That NATO Should Withdraw

The recent Quran burnings in Afghanistan and the ensuing violence reveal a deep and insurmountable absence of trust that undermines the entire NATO operation in Afghanistan.

What Peyton Manning Meant to Indianapolis

How Peyton Manning saved a franchise, revived a city, and put Indianapolis on the map as an up-and-coming city.

5 Things I Would Have Done Differently in College

Though I can’t regret too many things from the incredible four years I had, there are definitely a few things I would have done differently. Here are five of them.

As Rush Limbaugh 'Slut' Comment Catches Appeal Amongst Academics, a Defense of Women is Necessary

Economist Steven Landsburg recently joined Limbaugh in attacking Sandra Fluke.

Keystone XL Pipeline is Devastating to the Environment and Will Not Create Jobs

Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will not create long-term jobs, and will not boost U.S. oil supply. The only viable energy solution is abandoning fossil fuels altogether.

5 Military Veterans Who Are Making a Difference

These five veterans and their organizations continue to serve the country on behalf of the rights and advancement of fellow veterans.

Kony 2012 Movie Effectively Uses Social Media to Spotlight Uganda LRA Warlord's Atrocities

Humanitarian group Invisible Children helps show positive ways to use social media networks to promote change and awareness, making technology a new force in activism.

NFL 'Bounties:' Don't Put All the Blame On the New Orleans Saints, Blame American Culture

NFL "bounties" are wrong in all aspects but the New Orleans Saints should not be taking as much criticism as they have for this issue. The blame lies on the players, coaches and us as a society.

Should Coffee Shops Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Regardless of your economic leanings, coffee shops should be able to make their own decisions on the question of whether to offer free Wi-Fi to customers.

America Should Consider New Strategies in the War on Drugs As Joe Biden Meets With Latin American Leaders

Biden's arguments against the legalization of drugs in Latin American countries are unsubstantial.

Barack Obama and Canada's Stephen Harper Are Right to Pursue Peace With Iran

Prime Minister Netanyahu's North American tour indicates that he is alone in advocating a war with Iran. Diplomacy thus remains the only choice.

How Talking Shit Can Improve Health in the Developing World

Films like Mr. Toilet shine light on our lack of understanding of waste and waste management.

Barack Obama Bests Britain's David Cameron in Economic Recovery Efforts

Evidence shows that austerity measures advocated by Republicans have failed to promote economic growth, while Obama's stimulus bill has revived the economy.

The Problem With Bipartisanship

Political moderates are hailed as sensible people who stand above the partisan divide. But with both parties funded by corporate money, centrism isn't as appealing as it might seem.

To #FixYoungAmerica, Invest in Millennial Entrepreneurs

Youth employment is at a 60-year low, but young Americans are starting their own businesses as a result of being unemployed. Here's how we can rebuild an entrepreneurial America.

Peyton Manning Leaving Colt, Saints' Bounty Program Are Stories Which Exaggerate Violence in Football

Football, an aggressive sport, is being criticized for being ... aggressive.

Mitt Romney Ohio Win on Super Tuesday Republicans Sacrifice Conservative Values For Electability

Additionally, the slim margin of victory in this particular state makes it clear exactly how divided the nation is going into this election.

Rush Limbaugh Apology Toward Sandra Fluke Means Nothing, He's Insanely Sexist

Of course, I value the First Amendment, and I enjoy entertainment. But, Limbaugh's apology for calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" is irrelevant, he's already done the damage.

Super Tuesday Results Roundup

A comprehensive look at the results of the states that voted in Super Tuesday.