29 Amazing Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30

Own a motorcycle. Fall in love > 0 times. Create a YouTube alter ego and post outrageous comments.

What Race Is George Zimmerman?

Zimmerman has a Peruvian mother and a white father, making him hispanic, not white.

20 Things Every Person in Their 20's Should Totally Avoid

Just a few tips to help us emerge as wise, happy, and fulfilled 30-somethings...

Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention

Ron Paul's submarine delegate strategy is working, with surprising results that could change the course of the GOP race.

Why It's OK for Colleges to Accept Minorities With Lower SAT Scores

I scored a 2110 on my SAT, my African-American friend scored a 1900. We both applied to Georgetown and Princeton. While I was rejected from both, he was accepted.

8 Dos And Don'ts When Texting Your Significant Other

Do send flirty texts to your partner, but definitely don't drunk text. Here's the “do’s” and “don’t’s” guide for your textual relations.

ALEC Dumped by Mars and Arizona Public Service

The seventh and eighth corporations to publicly state that they cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are candy-maker Mars and the Arizona Public Service Company (APS).

North Korea Missile Can Reach California: Should America Be Worried?

Washington has to take Pyongyang seriously on its upcoming rocket launch, but this is a political stunt rather than a serious threat. North Korea cannot afford to strike the United States.

Ron Paul Winning Delegates With Santorum Support Coalition

Supporters of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum form Conservative Unity Slate, nudging out Mitt Romney.

8 Regrets From Real People Reflecting on Their Twenties

Millennials are terrified of regret, but maybe by listening to the regrets of those older, and wiser, we can reflect on how best to make decisions about our own lives.

The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women

Chemicals used in fracking have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive health problems, and there have been reports of rises in crimes against women in some fracking "boom" towns.

Proof That America's Criminal Justice System Discriminates Against Minorities

African-Americans in the U.S. have a 28-32% chance of going to prison sometime during their lifetime, Hispanics a greater than 15% chance, and Whites less than a 6% probability.

Skyfall: 007 Will Drink Heineken Instead of Martinis

Purists decry Bond's move to beer from his classic martini due to product placement, but that's why we had the martini in the first place. And it probably isn't the real problem anyway.

After Barack Obama Wins 2012, Republicans Will Destroy the Electoral College

The 2012 presidential election will be the last decided by the Electoral College. The news isn't, however, all good.

'Call of Duty' and Mass Murders: Are Video Games Too Violent?

It is time we stop using violent video games as a scapegoat for criminal activities.

Ron Paul Wins Massachusetts Delegates in District Caucuses

Ron Paul has won 2 of the 3 available delegate slots in Massachusetts’s 1st District in Saturday's state caucuses.

Marijuana Legalization Could Lead to Economic Growth, Boost American Agriculture

The politics of marijuana legislation and the monopolistic interests of Big Oil have conspired together to ban a useful resource that could be a huge economic boon for American agriculture: hemp.

Why Brain Drain May Actually Be a Good Thing

Brain drain, or the outflow of skilled people from a particular country or region to another, may actually have some positive benefits.

China's Economy Dances Between Communism and Capitalism

China's socialist market economy is at times contradictory with itself but it has demonstrated its benefits in the recent past, even with Chongqing providing an example.

5 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Fired From Your Job

From complaining about boredom to calling your boss a 'complete tool,' here are five Facebook no-no's that can land you in the ranks of the unemployed.

1 Truth and 4 Lies About Republicans You Probably Didn't Know

A recent Pew survey of political knowledge showed that Republicans knew more about politics and history than Democrats. Lincoln was the first Republican president, but that's just the start.

Tim Tebow, Kid Rock, and the 5 Celebs Who Can Help Mitt Romney Take Down George Clooney and Obama

Here are the five celebrities who can give Mitt Romney a boost on the campaign trail.

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney: Voters Choose Paul as the True Conservative in 2012

Paul’s success in the 2012 primaries demonstrates the growing appeal of his brand of Republican politics: limited government and the protection of individual rights.

'Girls' on HBO: Finally a Realistic Show for Women About Sex, STDs, and Body Image

The sex scenes of HBO's Girls resonate with millennial women and give them a more realistic view of sex and its often negative consequences.

George Zimmerman Website Posts Racist Message, Then Takes it Down

Zimmerman has now set up his own website as part of a fundraising campaign to cover his legal fees.

Neither Bush Nor Obama Caused Our Deficit Problem

The economic downturn created more debt than any other factor.

The 3 Endorsements Obama Didn't Want for 2012

These three endorsements will do more to harm Obama's re-election chances.

50 Shades of Grey: Worse Than Republicans in the War on Women

E.L. James' hot erotic novel trilogy is burning up e-readers everywhere, but its back-to-Marquis-de-Sade sex and "fix Mr. Broken" message sets women back 200 years.

Unpaid Internships Give an Unfair Advantage to Wealthy Students

Unpaid internships provide a valuable experience for students, but only for those who can afford them.

3 Hottest Trends in Education Reform

Education innovators and traditional educators don't always agree on how to drive education reform. Here are the hot areas of innovation that might be promising for both sides.

Why 0% Unemployment Will Never Happen

Full employment can not exist, there will always be slack in the labor market. The limiting factor in economics is capital, not labor.

How to Escape from North Korea Alive

Current policies in North Korea have made it easier for defectors to seek protection in South Korea and the West. However, the journey still remains perilous and many do not make it.

Obama Pays Women 18% Less Than Men (Is a Fake Statistic)

If you think the Washington Free Beacon's method of comparing salaries is accurate, then you either failed 6th grade math or are feigning ignorance to peddle a weak story.

Proof of Big Government Excess: Michigan Forces Small Farmers to Shoot Their Baby Pigs (+Video)

When the government is forcing small farmers to shoot their pigs, it's time to end state-sponsored violence.

Rep. Allen West Embodies 'Conduct Unbecoming'

Allen West claims to be a military man, but his pattern of rash, insulting behavior is not in keeping with military tradition. Conduct rejected by the military is being applauded in politics.

Is Obesity the New Acceptable Discrimination?

It's still acceptable to discriminate against fat people today, and the anti-obesity crusade is proof.

Nike 'Make it Count' Campaign Teaches Millennials to Live Life to the Fullest

Nike's new "Make it Count" video has racked up over 4 million views because of its inspirational message of adventure and excitement to millennials.

A Gender Mystery: Why Do More Women Than Men Study Abroad in College?

Individual university surveys as well as nationwide surveys show that more college undergraduate women take advantage of study abroad opportunities than men.

George Zimmerman Trial Begins: Everything You Need to Know

Now that George Zimmerman has been formally charged in the death of Trayvon Marin here is some layman’s legalese to help explain the process from here on out.

Can Fat People Be Healthy?

Fat people are often assumed to be unhealthy, but the association between obesity and poor health isn't as strong as it seems.

Adastra Super Yacht is Cool, But These 6 Dream Boats Are Even More Badass

They say there are yachts, and then super yachts. Wrong. There are yachts, super yachts, and Middle-East super yachts.

How Obamacare Will Hurt Tax Payers and Stop the Economic Recovery

Obama will be remembered as a president who delegated social benefits and political "rights" at the expense of individual liberties through legislation like Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton for 2016? Look to Her Legacy as Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the coolest woman in American politics. But it's a distinction she's earned through hard work and her efforts at the Dept. of State.

Ron Paul Won Maine and Nevada GOP Caucuses, and Could Have Won Iowa, Too

Ron Paul probably won Maine and probably won Nevada as well, but that's not something you are supposed to know.

Hillary Clinton For President in 2016 Underlined in New Viral Meme

If Hillary is going viral now, she will unquestionably go viral over the next four years, just in time to run for the 2016 presidential election.

Ron Paul Support Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: Contradiction or Consistency?

Ron Paul's willingness to support moving the U.S. embassy from to Jerusalem may seem like a contradiction, but it's a smart policy.

George Clooney to Host $40K Per Ticket Barack Obama Hollywood Fundraising Dinner [+video]

The $6 million Hollywood dinner in the actor's L.A. home will boost Obama's reelection funds with contributions from guests such as DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Ron Paul Won Iowa and Minnesota, In Fact [+ Video]

Ron Paul, through sheer perseverance, has guaranteed himself at least half of the delegates from Iowa and Minnesota.

Ron Paul Could Get a Huge Boost in 2012 From Stephen Colbert Super PAC

Colbert has racked up thousands in Super PAC donations, and Ron Paul could use the money. What will Colbert do with his surplus of cash?

How SpaceX Could Legally Buy an Asteroid, and Maybe Even the Moon!

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty prevents governments from laying claim to celestial bodies, but not private companies.

Arizona Immigration Law vs. DREAM Act: Why the Supreme Court Must Strike Down S.B.1070

A contrast of California’s attitude toward illegal immigrants with that of Arizona's

If Martin Luther King Assassination 44 Years Ago Hadn't Happened, How Would MLK Live His Life Today?

On the 44th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr, we still fail to honor him.

When Objectification Sells and Women Buy In

Objectifying women requires participation by men, but also by women.

Obesity Food Deserts Have Given Way to Food Swamps

The argument of terminologies misses the true issue of minimal nutrition education and the marketing of junk foods that define the food swamp culture.

Jay-Z and Kanye West "Niggas in Paris": The Unlikely Soundtrack for France's Presidential Election

The soundtrack of France's leading presidential contender, Jay-Z and Kanye West's 'N*ggas in Paris," is causing quite a stir in France.

5 Ways Citizens United and Super PACs Have Destroyed the 2012 Elections

Five observations that should be troubling to all Americans.

Alcohol Advertising Does Not Cause Underage Drinking

Anybody who says alcohol ads cause underage drinking isn't paying attention to the evidence.

What Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Should Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK's strategy: gain the attention and respect of the powerful, form and execute a coherent strategy of change, and bring all of the diverse groups under one banner of justice.

Marco Rubio is a Natural Born Citizen, and Eligible to Be Mitt Romney VP

Some Republicans claim that because Rubio's parents were not natural born U.S. citizens, he's ineligible to be VP. That's ridiculous.

Soda Is Not the #1 Cause of Obesity

There's no doubt that soda makes us fat, but treating it as the primary cause of obesity could actually exacerbate the problem.

5 Things You Should NEVER Post on Facebook to Keep Your Dignity

There's some things that you should just never share with your Facebook friends. If you care about your image, of course.

Horrific Syria Video Shows Assad Thugs Burying Man Alive [ Warning: Graphic Video]

Newly leaked video footage shows Assad's security forces burying a Syrian man alive. His crime? Attempting to give innocent victims a voice.

North Korea Revealed: A Rare Glimpse Inside Kim Jong-un's Secret Regime

What's it like to be a young person in North Korea? A defector tells-all, in a revealing interview you won't want to miss.

50 Former Astronauts and Scientists Denounce NASA Stance on Global Warming

The group issued a public letter to NASA administrator Charles Bolden, Jr. asking NASA to stop supporting unsubstantiated global warming claims.

The Mitt Romney You Don't Know

Mitt Romney has been portrayed as a ‘Tin Man’ presidential candidate, but the truth about who he is may surprise a lot of people.

Is Coachella a More Expensive Woodstock, With Less Pot and More Pills?

Coachella is the only music festival in the world where a 3-D Tupac hologram, Gotye, and Swedish House Mafia appear on the same stage. But is it authentic?

Iran economy is in shambles not because of U.S. sanctions, but because of Ayatollah

While many blame Iran's economic troubles on successful sanctions, the actual cause is and always has been the Iranian government.

Mightybell and Self-Help Sites Like The Fancy Are the Future of Social Networking

Social networks that get users to take action are heating up, and MightyBell is leading the curve.

Texts From Hillary Meme Arrives in Time For Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run

Just in time for renewed rumors about a Hillary Clinton presidential run, "Texts from Hillary" becomes this election season's hottest and most hilarious online political meme.

Why Conservatives Should Embrace High Gas Prices

Conservative candidates should embrace Obama's energy policy as adhering to free-market ideals and protecting America's interests in the future.

Real Madrid and Barcelona Are Good, But Spanish La Liga Not a Two Team League

Despite Barcelona's and Real Madrid's unprecedented dominance, Spain's La Liga is much more than just two teams.

Stress Awareness Month: The Scary Side Effects of Stress And 5 Tips to Relax (+video)

Now where did I put that practice test…

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Time to Fight Genocide and Live Up to "Never Again"

The public should use Holocaust Remembrance Day to raise awareness of the various other ongoing atrocities raging in many regions of the world today.

Miley Cyrus Gluten Free Diet is a Hoax, and 3 Other Weight Loss Scams

From gluten-free to vegetarian diets, here are the 4 worst diets to avoid if you want to lose weight and stay healthy.

Titanic 3-D Censored in China Due to Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Sex Scene

Titanic 3D joins a club of films that have been censored in China for "innocuous reasons." Find out why everything from Pirates of the Caribbean to Babe are seen as a threat.

Oklahoma Tornado Rips Through OU Campus

An EF-2 Tornado touched down in Norman, Oklahoma on 13 April 2012. Here's my harrowing story of survival.

UFC 145: Did Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans Draw Black Fans?

UFC 145 is the strongest attempt by the UFC to appeal to African American viewers yet.

Veteran Suicides a New Epidemic in U.S. Military

Our military has borne the brunt of U.S. foreign policy and the resulting dramatic increase in military suicides in this country needs to be addressed.

Arizona Immigration: A State Cannot Have its Own Immigration Policy

A state cannot, as Arizona sought to do, pursue its own state immigration enforcement policy.

10 More Years: How Afghanistan Became the Longest War in U.S. History

The U.S. and Afghanistan reached an agreement on Sunday to extend U.S. involvement a decade past the planned 2014 withdrawal timeline set by NATO.

Counterfeit Goods Booming in China and India: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

The production and trafficking of counterfeit goods has become a momentous industry-wide problem, and it's often represented as a matter of intellectual property stealing.

LIVE: Pennsylvania GOP Primary Results, Who Won?

Romney is expected to dominate, but some people still wonder if Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) could capitalize.

Should I Quit My Job? 5 Tips for Becoming Your Own Boss

Everyone has a million dollar idea. Here are the five steps you must follow in order to bring that idea to fruition.

Should We Force Everyone to Vote?

Is voting a right or a duty? Recent legislation and new studies open the debate once again.

Trayvon Martin Case Signals Trend of New Racism in America

Mainstream society's resistance to change produces fear of "the other" by whites and non-whites alike

Live: Connecticut Republican Primary: Who Won?

Live coverage of the Connecticut primaries.

Ron Paul and Republicans, Take Note: Austerity Has Failed Britain, Don't Try This at Home

Britain is suffering from a second recession after the government cut public spending and lowered taxes for the rich. Paul Ryan, are you listening?

Ron Paul Embarrasses Romney Campaign By Winning Louisiana Delegates

A confusing ballot process was navigated well by Ron Paul’s campaign this week as the state of Louisiana selected its delegates to the state Republican convention.

Ivy League Colleges Post Record-low Admission Rates

This year's record-low college rates are putting enormous pressure on high school students to think only about getting into college from an early age.

5 Reasons Why Journalism Is Not the Worst Job in the World

According to a new study, journalism is among the ten worst jobs in the world. But, I feel that no other profession could be so exciting. Here's why.

The Privileged White Guilt Complex

How do you accept your White privilege? What do you do about the knowledge? The guilt?

Mugabe's Imminent Exit Will Leave Zimbabwe in Chaos

Robert Mugabe’s days are over, both from a health prospective and a political one. But the various post-Mugabe scenarios could bring a period of instability, violence, and chaos.

Fighting Gender Injustice in the Middle East Will Take the Right Words

There has been a firestorm of debate this week about the injustices facing women in the Middle East, and all the controversy begs the question: how can such misogynistic practices be combated?

Five reasons why Nepal won’t create a new constitution

If the persisting turmoil is to be analyzed, conflict between two different ideology is one of the top five reasons why Nepal won’t get its new constitution by the mandated deadline.

Republicans Seek to End the U.S. Postal Service

The U.S. mail service is run efficiently and without burden to the American taxpayer. It shouldn't fall victim to the machinations of a political party.

Study: Alcohol Makes You Smarter

College students are chastised for drinking too much and not focusing on their studies. But, thanks to a new study, students can now tell their parents alcohol makes you smarter!

Could North Korea Really Destroy South Korea in 3-4 Minutes?

North Korea is all talk, but short of nuclear sterilization, it is hard to imagine any weapon that can weak such havoc on the South in such a short time.

Survey Says Millennial Generation Doesn't Care About the Environment

There is a widespread refusal amongst millennials to recognize the world's problems, including environmental issues.