Ivy League Colleges Post Record-low Admission Rates

This year's record-low college rates are putting enormous pressure on high school students to think only about getting into college from an early age.

With War on Women, Rick Santorum Seeks to Rollback Freedom and Turn America into a Theocracy

Rick Santorum and social conservatives promote a religious fervor in government and reach for a kind of theocracy America has never seen before.

April Fool's Day Fun: President Obama Unveils Plan B for Economy

Facing a bleak economic record to defend in a re-election year, Obama has unveiled his risky gamble to turnaround the economy before November. It's more of the same ideas.

April Fool's Day Fun: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Announces Immediate Resignation [Satire]

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has resigned after a 13-month uprising engulfed his country, citing "not wanting to be remembered as a murderous asshole" as principle reason for decision.

Ron Paul Considers Running as Independent, No War on Women in the U.S., and the Best PolicyMic Stories of the Week

This week's stories ranged from Obamacare to Trayvon Martin and the war on women. Here are the PolicyMic stories people were reading, sharing, Tweeting, Facebooking, and commenting on this week.

Rick Santorum Claims of Liberal Media Bias Are Exaggerated

Saying the media has a liberal bias is an over-generalization and it can serve as an easy scapegoat. Black-and-white conclusions are easy, but don’t accurately portray reality.

Liberal Media is Biased Against Mitt Romney, Ron Paul During 2012 Election

Many in the mainstream media seem to now be almost openly in the tank for Obama, despite repeated claims of neutrality. Bias has become less subdued and more blatant this election year.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Khairat el-Shater Announces Egypt Presidential Bid

The Muslim Brotherhood has put forward a candidate in the Egyptian elections in an attempt to shore up their power in government and lead Egypt in a new, possibly troublesome, direction.

Sugar Is Toxic, Says Dietary Scientist Robert Lustig on 60 Minutes

Controversial research suggests that sugar is toxic, and the media is rightly paying attention.

Tibetan Monk Self-Immolation Sparks Violent Chinese Crackdown on Tibet

Chinese oppression of Tibetan religion and culture has recently elicited violent forms of self-expression and erupted into mass protests that have resulted in a harsh crackdown.

Is Buying a Toyota Prius Actually Good for the Environment?

The Jevons paradox, which states that improving efficiency results in more (not less) consumption, doesn't hold for the Toyota Prius and other hybrids.

Iran Nuclear Weapons Issue: U.S. and Israel Playing a Dangerous Political Game

Iran is not a real threat. Instead, the U.S. and Israel are using the nuclear issue as a foil to accomplish other goals. In Israel's case, that's diverting attention away from Palestine.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter's Stand Up Comedy is a Big Flop

I was excited to hear that former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter would try his hand at stand up comedy, but here's why his routine has been a disappointment.