Why It's OK for Colleges to Accept Minorities With Lower SAT Scores

I scored a 2110 on my SAT, my African-American friend scored a 1900. We both applied to Georgetown and Princeton. While I was rejected from both, he was accepted.

North Korea Revealed: A Rare Glimpse Inside Kim Jong-un's Secret Regime

What's it like to be a young person in North Korea? A defector tells-all, in a revealing interview you won't want to miss.

50 Former Astronauts and Scientists Denounce NASA Stance on Global Warming

The group issued a public letter to NASA administrator Charles Bolden, Jr. asking NASA to stop supporting unsubstantiated global warming claims.

George Zimmerman Missing, Described as Mentally Unstable and Maybe Flight Risk

George Zimmerman, the community watchman under the spotlight for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, has reached out to prosecutor Angela Corey and Sean Hannity. This is a very bad public move.

David Guetta Meets Wall Street: Is Electronic Music the Next Dot Com Bubble to Burst?

The popularity of electronic dance music for young people has generated interest amongst big investors, but will their involvement soil this youthful form of entertainment?

Why America, Britain, and the West Are Flaming War in Syria

If the West continues to involve itself with the Syrian conflict, it will cause a string of problems in the region.

LIVE: Experts Explain Lack of Indian Ocean Tsunami Following Indonesia Earthquake

A massive earthquake 8.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Indonesia earlier today.

European Court Fails at Upholding Human Rights in U.S. Extradition Case

The European Court of Human Rights, in classifying US supermax prisons as humane, has offended human dignity and sanctioned a punishment that deserves global condemnation.

Coke, Fritos, and Walmart Greenwashing: Are the Products You Buy Really Green?

A demand for environmentally friendly products continues to rise as consumers become more aware of the power of “green,” but this has led companies to engage in greenwashing.

Millenials Waste Too Much Time Online

Millenials have endless options to absorb media and to share personal information online, which in turn means that we spend too much of our precious time sitting in front of a computer screen.

Apple Founder Steve Jobs Leader of eBook Price Fixing Cartel

Apple Inc. has reaped immense profits from conspiring with major U.S. publishers to raise the prices of e-books.

Live: George Zimmerman Not Missing, Charged With Murder [+Video]

The George Zimmerman legal team says they've "lost contact with Zimmerman" and are no longer representing him at this time.

America's Digital Divide: 37% of Low-Income Households Do Not Have Regular Internet Access

The importance of the internet today for access to information and social relationships makes our time spent online worthwhile.

Are the U.S. and China Getting Closer to Cold War 2.0?

The South China Sea may be the next flashpoint in global conflict.

George Zimmerman Trial: The Media Should be Ashamed of Mob Rule Sensationalism

George Zimmerman, guilty or not, has faced undue levels of public exposure over the last few weeks. The handling of his case is shameful, and we ought to hold ourselves far more accountable.

Ron Paul Call-Outs, Gay Slurs, Sweater Vests and the Top 5 WTF Rick Santorum Moments of 2012 (+Video)

From creepy "Fear the Vest" to the epic "Tantorum" in which Santo dropped the "B" word, here are the Top 5 WTF moments of Rick Santorum's outrageous and failed presidential bid.

100 Years After Titanic, Myths Merge With Fact

One hundred years ago, the fascinating history of Titanic, earned a eternal place among the timeless legends in the world.

As Assad Kills His Own People, 5 Reasons Why Turkey Must Protect the Free Syrian Army

The time is ripe for Turkey to create a "safe haven" for the Free Syrian Army and its supporters.

Tulsa Shooting Hate Crime: The Impact Of Lax Gun Control

The killing of five African Americans in Tulsa should prompt a conversation on lax U.S. gun regulation alongside the one on racism.

Why It's OK for Mitt Romney to Pick a White Guy from an Unimportant State as His VP Nominee

In selecting his vice-presidential running-mate, Romney should buck the conventional wisdom that says he should pick someone who fits a certain demographic or comes from a key state.

Marines Corps Should Allow Free Speech

A Marine Corps administrative board wrongly said Thursday that Sgt. Gary Stein has committed misconduct and should be dismissed.

Syria Ceasefire Brokered by Kofi Annan Deadline Approaches

Responsibility to Protect principles have informed various attempts to pressure the Assad regime through political engagement, sanctions, investigations and observer missions.

Despite Matt Taibbi's Concern, the JOBS Act Could Suck Way Worse

Counter to what Taibbi says, the JOBS Act could be much worse and actually includes provisions that support the values he considers to be threatened.

George Zimmerman and Tulsa Shooters Show We're Not in a Post-Racial America

The recent slate of shootings in Tulsa has sparked discussion on racially motivated crimes in America, but what does the reaction elicited by these two events tell us about race and America?

Natural Gas Prices Drop: Big Oil's Role

We now have too much of a natural gas as prices drop.

The Buffett Rule Will Finally Break the Power of America's 1%

America is a country designed to keep the super rich in power. The mere possibility of tax reform could create an America that actually practices what it preaches for the first time in history.

Who is Bo Xilai and What Does He Say About the Future of China?

The Bo case is an opportunity for the Chinese Communist party to start shedding a past plagued by disregard for the rule of law and detachment from the common people.

How Much Longer Will Hugo Chavez Be President of Venezuela?

Upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela, coupled with Hugo Chavez's recent cancer treatments, have many in the opposition hoping that this year will be a year of change.

America's Schools Bleach Out Minorities and Fail to Teach Multiculturalism

To participate in a diverse America and a multicultural world, our children must learn the alternate narratives, different perspectives, and new ideas wrought by the nation’s cultural diversity.

Buffett Rule Set To Fail In Senate Vote Despite Obama's Campaign

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. In this case, don't fault our elected officials for poor governance, blame the rules that regulate their legislating.

George Zimmerman Is Missing According to Lawyer

The attorneys representing George Zimmerman have stepped down, says they have lost contact with him and do not know his current whereabouts.

What Kony 2012 and Invisible Children Have Done Right

Sure, Kony 2012 has not highlighted the full scope of the problems in Uganda. But it has brought attention to a very focused and fixable problem.

How to Build Democracy and Civic Ethic After the Arab Spring

Educating the leaders as well as masses about democratic models is crucial in the newly formed democracies in the Middle East. The Athenian Oath can be a good starting point.

Why Republicans Should Be Praying For Obamacare to be Upheld

If Obamacare were upheld by SCOTUS, it would ignite such anger and backlash, that the GOP would finally have the mojo it's been missing and that its candidates fail to provide.

Mac Virus Could Be Start of Bigger Cyber Attack

The new Mac virus might be a more insidious means for a larger-scale cyber attack.

Brian Dunn Resignation and Fierce Competition From Amazon Brings Change to Best Buy

Big box retail giant Best Buy faces tough times with a new generation of online consumers, but there is potential in new strategies.

LIVE: George Zimmerman Charged, But Still Missing [+Video]

A Fla. special prosecutor will announce that she is charging George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Obama 'Buffett Rule' Won’t Solve America’s Budget Problems

President Obama's latest tax-and-spend policy proposal, "The Buffett Rule," is bad in principle and in practice.

Ashley Judd Puffy-Face Letter Shows How the Media Destroys Women

Ashley Judd's essay responding to charges she has a "pillow face" is perfect. We all need to stop going along with the media's negative coverage of women.

Pentagon's Move to Fast-Track Cyber Weapons Will Upset China and Russia

Rapid cyber weapon development could mean trouble for U.S. diplomacy, even as it spells success for a sector in need of improvement.