What Race Is George Zimmerman?

Zimmerman has a Peruvian mother and a white father, making him hispanic, not white.

ALEC Dumped by Mars and Arizona Public Service

The seventh and eighth corporations to publicly state that they cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are candy-maker Mars and the Arizona Public Service Company (APS).

Rep. Allen West Embodies 'Conduct Unbecoming'

Allen West claims to be a military man, but his pattern of rash, insulting behavior is not in keeping with military tradition. Conduct rejected by the military is being applauded in politics.

George Zimmerman Trial Begins: Everything You Need to Know

Now that George Zimmerman has been formally charged in the death of Trayvon Marin here is some layman’s legalese to help explain the process from here on out.

Real Madrid and Barcelona Are Good, But Spanish La Liga Not a Two Team League

Despite Barcelona's and Real Madrid's unprecedented dominance, Spain's La Liga is much more than just two teams.

Miley Cyrus Gluten Free Diet is a Hoax, and 3 Other Weight Loss Scams

From gluten-free to vegetarian diets, here are the 4 worst diets to avoid if you want to lose weight and stay healthy.

Science vs. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam on Finding God

God might exist, but the Abrahamic religions are an obstacle. Quantum physics will lead us to find the fundamental mechanisms of the universe.

Robert Mugabe Should Be Replaced By Joyce Mujuru as President of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's vice president Joyce Mujuru is the only person who can heal Zimbabwe and cure the ruling Zanu-PF of its blood thirst.

Amanda Knox Memoir Will Outsell Father of Meredith Kercher's Upcoming Book

Reactions to the announcement of the father of Meredith Kercher's new book have been muted, when compared to the buzz surrounding the expected release of Amanda Knox’s memoirs.

Indonesia Earthquake Rattles Nerves in Region With Recent Memories of Tsunami Disaster

The earthquake that struck in the Indian Ocean Wednesday morning brought memories of past devastation and fear of another tsunami. But, geophysics and proper preparation prevented disaster.

April 15: Citizens Must Pay Taxes, Congress Must Pass a Budget

Taxpayers and Congress both face important deadlines in mid-April, but Congress will likely blow theirs off. It's time to call them out!

George Zimmerman Jury Will Be Biased Because of the Media

The death of Trayvon Martin has generated an unprecedented media circus, rendering it nearly impossible for him to receive a fair trial.

President Obama's 'War on Women' Hypocrisy: Female White House Employees Paid 18% Less Than Men

Obama claims that Republicans have waged a “war on women,” but women account for more than 90% of the job losses since Obama took office. This exposes his failed policies and broken promises.

Should We Ban the Use of Bee-Killing Pesticides in the United States?

If necessary, we should be ready to ban the use of pesticides that kill honeybees for their well-being and to ensure the security of our food supply.

Iran Nuclear Talks Show U.S. Sanctions Are Taking a Toll

Iran is an existential threat to the U.S., and the international community must remain in preventing Iran regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.

With Bin Laden Off FBI's Most Wanted List, What's Our Next Big Threat?

Terrorism remains a concern, but America's economic mismanagement is now the greatest threat to American national security.

Dimitri Medvedev's Open Mic Discussion With Obama Signals U.S.-Russia Reset

The US should continue to reach out to Russia with the proposed reset.

The Weight of Being Black

There have been few other times in my life when I’ve felt the gravity of what could happen to me by nature of my race and gender. Today, I feel the weight of my race.

Do Wealthy People Cheat and Commit More Crimes Than Everyone Else?

A new study says wealthy people commit more white-collar crimes than other social groups. But there's a clear reason why.

We Are All George Zimmerman

The Trayvon Martin case is merely an example of a societal epidemic. The killing of young, black men is systemic and we as a society are to blame.

After Ann Romney 'Mommy Wars' Comment, Hilary Rosen Admits 'War On Women' Is Phony

Mitt Romney and the RNC should send Hilary Rosen flowers for her clumsy comments about stay-at-home mom Ann Romney. Here's why.

Study: Millennials Would Rather Be Unemployed Than Work Their Terrible Jobs

Despite high youth unemployment, a new study by Achievers and Experience, Inc. shows that millennials are leaving companies sooner than they had initially hoped.

Mitt Romney Faces Long Road to Victory in 2012

Mitt Romney needed to spend $50 million to defeat Rick Santorum, so he's going to need to do a lot better than that to beat President Obama in November.

In George Zimmerman Trial, Don't Assume Guilt

We should not be in a hurry to throw out due process to prove a political point. George Zimmerman deserves a fair trial.

Melinda Gates Wants Birth Control to Be a Global Priority

Melinda Gates gave a TED Talk on women's access to birth control.

In Greek Debt Crisis, Government Puts its Policemen Up For Rent

With the austerity cuts forcing the state to seek new ways of raising revenues, Greece has decided to rent out its policemen. This will be detrimental to the safety of the average citizen.

Why Lack Of Toilets Is A Global Problem

5,500 people around the world die per day due to the lack of sanitation facilities. Here is what people are doing about it.

Former Shell President's Plan to Curb High Gas Prices and America's Addiction to Middle East Oil

A former oil company executive argues that it is possible for the United States to end its addiction to crude oil from the Persian Gulf and lays out a realistic plan of action.

President Obama is Wrong to Use George W. Bush as Evidence That Free Market Economics Fail

Eight years of Republican rule did incalculable damage to the economy and the country, but it had nothing to do with limited government, spending cuts, or free markets as Obama claims.

U.S. Ranks 39 in Global Child Birth Deaths, Behind Many Developing Countries

It is unacceptable that the United States should have childbirth deaths of a third world country.

Matt Taibbi Fuels Controversy Over Obama JOBS Act

The JOBS Act was passed under the guise of helping small businesses, but it may end up hurting them.

German Solar Power Giant Q-Cells Files For Insolvency, But Environmentalists Should Be Happy

Subsidized, Chinese solar cell manufacturers provide cheap green energy and out compete foreign competitors.

Hilary Rosen is Right to Call Out Ann Romney in Mommy Wars

Why is Hilary Rosen being skewered from both the left and the right for stating the truth, that it is more difficult to work a paying job in addition to carrying out domestic duties?

Newt Gingrich Will Support Mitt Romney in GOP Primaries After All, But on One Condition

The stubborn former speaker of the House from Georgia will lend a helping hand to GOP frontrunner, Mitt Romney, on one condition.

3 Critical Ideas to Help Build Diplomacy in the Middle East

For the Middle East to become stabilized, diplomatic personnel from all countries involved must seriously consider cultural differences and history in all negotiations and discussions.

'Women First' Should Be the U.S. Afghanistan Policy

A "responsible" end to the war in Afghanistan cannot be achieved without first fostering women's rights in rural areas.

George Zimmerman is Not Evil

The media has done everything possible to incite hatred for George Zimmerman, but now that he will be tried officially, it is time to realize that guilty or innocent, he's still not evil.

George Zimmerman Trial Does Not End the Trayvon Martin Case

What if this death had gone unnoticed by the rest of the country, like so many others? If Martin’s death were not so straightforward (and so easy to cast blame), would we still care?

Buffett Rule vs. Romney Rule: Which Will Grow America's Economy?

Vice President Joe Biden has invented the term "Romney Rule" to describe Mitt Romney's tax plan. But, which rule is more economically sound?

Vladimir Putin And Dmitry Medvedev Have Developed A Close Relationship With Obama

Russia is an economically-troubled nation that continues to struggle with its direction after the fall of the Soviet Union. US policy should be cautious and firm, not appeasing or chummy.