Oklahoma Tornado Rips Through OU Campus

An EF-2 Tornado touched down in Norman, Oklahoma on 13 April 2012. Here's my harrowing story of survival.

5 Reasons Why Journalism Is Not the Worst Job in the World

According to a new study, journalism is among the ten worst jobs in the world. But, I feel that no other profession could be so exciting. Here's why.

The Battle Between Libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists on Privatizing National Defense

This is the first article of an ongoing series of responses to articles written by anarcho-capitalists to clarify the distinction between anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism.

Dangerous Divide Between the Rich and Poor Signals Need For Evolving Economics

In the face of rising inequality, unsustainable consumption and impending resource scarcity, we must pay closer attention to the lessons of nature; we can evolve as a group to survive.

Stop the Syria War: 5 Reasons Why Annan Must Work With Assad

Annan’s six-point plan that has led to a fragile ceasefire is the only option available at present to stop the violence in Syria.

Maybe Rick Santorum Should Have Studied Some History in California's UC System

Shortly before dropping out of the race, Santorum made headlines by saying California's public university system does not teach history. And he wonders why he's not the GOP nominee for president.

OWS and the Death of the American Dream

Just as the Hippies of the 1960s failed to right the errors of our ways, the Occupy Movement seems doomed to a similar fate.

Why the Euro is at the Heart of Austerity

The European Central Bank isn't heeding the paradox of thrift with its spreadshot approach to austerity. But potentially plunging a continent into recession is preferable to the alternative.

How to Choose a College

Deciding which college to attend can be scary because it is such an important choice to make. I found it best to decide based on academics, location and student life.

Aung San Suu Kyi Leads Way for Myanmar's First Free Elections

Despite Aung San Suu Kyi's victory in an historic election, democracy in Myanmar, a country with an oppressive government, still has a long way to go.

How it Feels to Be Racially Profiled Like Trayvon Martin

I'm only 20 years-old, and I've been racially profiled and lived through two highly publicized cop shootings of innocent black men in New York City.

Harold Koh: President Obama's Drones Defender-in-Chief

How the former dean of Yale Law School has become a specialist in justifying Obama's exercise of unrestrained executive authority.

Cory Booker Proves Not All Politicians Are Scumbags

Corey Booker's heroic rescue during a Newark, New Jersey fire gives Americans hope that not all elected officials are power hungry and only look out for themselves.

Cory Booker Can't Change Our Negative Opinion of Politicians

Will Booker's actions change the idea that all politicians are awful people with a lack of good qualities? Probably not.

4 Ways Millennials Can Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs

LinkedIn can be a great tool to help millennials capture their network capital, make specific high-value connections, and ensure other users looking for people with their skills are finding them.

Why Does the Titantic Live On, 100 Years After the Tragedy?

James Cameron's movie "The Titanic" has launched in 3-D, marking one of the many celebrations of 100th anniversary of the tragedy. Why does this story continue to resonate today?

California Housing Policies to Combat Global Warming Limit Freedom

A better way for California to combat climate change would be to allow its citizens to work out ways of reducing carbon emissions that don't reduce their well-being.

No, Hilary Rosen: Ann Romney is a Rockstar Mom Who Works Every Day of Her Life

Good parenting is hard work for women every single day, whether mothers choose to stay home or not.

Ashley Judd: Women's Self-Esteem Should Not Hinge on Being a Size 2

Our culture's obsession with physical beauty is harmful and degrading for both men and women.

Horses and Harvard Don't Matter: Why Liberals Should Be Less Hostile to the 1%

The contributions of liberal "one-percenters" like Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to progressivism should not be ignored.

North Korea Will Try Nuclear Test to Make Up For Failed Rocket Launch

After a failed rocket launch, North Korea will try a nuclear test to compensate.

Algeria Mourns Death of First President Ahmed Ben Bella, a Charismatic Independence Hero

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has announced an eight-day national mourning starting Thursday after the death of Ahmed Ben Bella.

Cyber Warfare Coming of Age in America

America's cyber warfare effort has evolved regarding the type of weapons being built and the process used to acquire them. While cyber weapons are improving, their use is still limited.

Worrying Trend: Smoking Rapidly Rising Amongst Children

Tobacco companies are taking advantage of young people to secure their future profits. As a result, 3,800 Children try their first cigarette every single day.

Kashmir Tensions Remain High, Despite Improving India-Pakistan Relations

Thousands of Pakistani and Indian soldiers have died over the strategically useless Siachin glacier in Kashmir, including over 130 who died in the past week from an avalanche.

Will Apple Web Development Patent Create a New Tech Revolution?

Apple revolutionized multiple sectors and industries, from music consumption and distribution to the smartphone and tablet world. Is Web Development next?