50 Shades of Grey: Worse Than Republicans in the War on Women

E.L. James' hot erotic novel trilogy is burning up e-readers everywhere, but its back-to-Marquis-de-Sade sex and "fix Mr. Broken" message sets women back 200 years.

Unpaid Internships Give an Unfair Advantage to Wealthy Students

Unpaid internships provide a valuable experience for students, but only for those who can afford them.

ALEC Dropped by Reed Elsevier, Joins McDonald's and Pepsi in Mass Exodus

Reed Elsevier joins a mass corporate exodus from ALEC, bringing the total number of corporations that have cut ties with the controversial organization to ten.

Ron Paul is Right: Government Uses Coercion to Deny Our Pursuit of Happiness

There is a serious flaw in liberal ideology that Ron Paul and libertarians have pointed out during this election.

Hilary Rosen Is Right: Ann Romney Does Not Understand the Economic Realities Facing Women

Hilary Rosen was right. Ann Romney, while performing the perfectly honorable profession of motherhood, has never worked a job a day in her life. She can't be considered an "economic" expert.

Voter ID Laws Are Solutions in Search of a Problem

Voter ID laws would not address issues other than voter impersonation, and would add significant new costs to administering elections.

Sen. Dick Durbin Fights For Millennials With Smart Student Debt Bill

Senator Durbin advocates eliminating the bankruptcy code's special treatment of private student loans. This will encourage lenders to play smart with their money and play nice with borrowers.

Hugo Chavez Must Be Defeated in Upcoming Venezuela Elections

Hugo Chavez does not represent the poor nor socialism in Venezuela, but the interests of the military caste. Capriles, instead, can be the return of civilian government.

Barack Obama's Kanye West Snub Makes Beyoncé and Jay Z America's Power Couple (+Video)

While Beyoncé wrote an open letter praising the First Lady of the United States, President Obama chose Jay Z over “talented Jackass” Kanye West. Here come America’s two new power couples.

After North Korea’s Failed Missile Launch, U.S. Should Abandon Talks

President Obama should disengage in future bilateral talks with North Korea, as this may prove to be a battle he can’t win.

How Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman Are Destroying the Economy

Friedrich Hayek's Nobel Prize acceptance speech should be a wake up call for neo-classical economists around the world.

Top 5 Ways to Deal With the Stress of the College Process

Being a high school senior is one of the most stressful times in a person's life. Luckily, you have this article, where I will show you five ways to coordinate your young chaotic lives.

Election 2012: Obama's Foreign Policy is His Best Asset

President Obama has shown himself to be both an agile diplomat and savvy commander-in-chief, which ought to serve him well as he gears up for a tough reelection campaign.

Ann Romney: Everything You Need to Know About Mitt Romney's Wife

Mitt Romney's wife of 43 years, Ann, has become a suddenly-visible figure in her husband's campaign after Obama confidante Hilary Rosen made rash comments about her.

Britain is Fast Becoming a Tax Haven For the Rich

British chancellor George Osborne now wants to get more people to pay their fair share of taxes but under his watch, the UK is appearing more like a tax haven for the rich.

Exclusive: Interviews With Wounded Teenage Free Syrian Army Fighters

TRIPOLI, LEBANON – My surreal experience with wounded Free Syrian Army fighters. One thing is clear, this is a political coming of age for Syrians.