Ron Paul Winning Delegates With Santorum Support Coalition

Supporters of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum form Conservative Unity Slate, nudging out Mitt Romney.

The 3 Endorsements Obama Didn't Want for 2012

These three endorsements will do more to harm Obama's re-election chances.

How to Escape from North Korea Alive

Current policies in North Korea have made it easier for defectors to seek protection in South Korea and the West. However, the journey still remains perilous and many do not make it.

Hillary Clinton for 2016? Look to Her Legacy as Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the coolest woman in American politics. But it's a distinction she's earned through hard work and her efforts at the Dept. of State.

Ron Paul Support Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: Contradiction or Consistency?

Ron Paul's willingness to support moving the U.S. embassy from to Jerusalem may seem like a contradiction, but it's a smart policy.

When Objectification Sells and Women Buy In

Objectifying women requires participation by men, but also by women.

The Mitt Romney You Don't Know

Mitt Romney has been portrayed as a ‘Tin Man’ presidential candidate, but the truth about who he is may surprise a lot of people.

Stress Awareness Month: The Scary Side Effects of Stress And 5 Tips to Relax (+video)

Now where did I put that practice test…

On Tax Day, Why I'm Proud to Give to the IRS

As a millennial, I consider my tax dollars to be an investment in our country's future, and as an American, I believe it is one of my fundamental duties as a citizen.

Tax Day Debate: To Raise Revenue or Cut Spending? That is the Question

The right wants spending slashed. The left wants to raise taxes on the rich. So how do you actually balance a trillion plus deficit?

Why Bo Xilai Political Scandal is a Good Sign for Democracy in China

The recent political scandal in China regarding Bo Xilai’s termination may expose holes formerly unseen in the Chinese political system.

Why President Eisenhower Deserves a Better Memorial in Our Nation’s Capital

Memorials reflect our nation's values and highest aspirations, and the proposed monument for President Eisenhower would do a disservice to his legacy.

How to Choose the Right College

Choosing a college can be daunting and stressful. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which university you'll be calling "alma mater" in a few years' time.

No, President Obama: Government Spending Didn't Create Facebook and Google

It took about two weeks to gain traction, but President Obama's tortured case for government spending sounds a lot like Al Gore's claim to have created the internet.

Why the Buffett Rule Would Make Us All Better Off on Tax Day

President Obama's Buffet Rule, if enacted, is a step in the right direction for the long-term balancing of the economy and the budget.

Mitt Romney Must Focus His 2012 Campaign on an Economic Message

Romney should not fall in a political trap by participating in the "war on women" debate. Instead he should focus on fixing the economy.

April 17 Tax Day: The Buffett Rule Sets Precedent For Fundamental Tax Reform

Tax day is approaching. In honor of your forking over your hard earned cash, I wanted to outline my plan for fair tax reform. Please comment!

From George Zimmerman to Guantanamo Bay, Eric Holder Has Failed Barack Obama

Attorney General Eric Holder continues to demonstrate incompetency in the fulfillment of his duties. This reflects very poorly on President Obama's own abilities and promises to uphold U.S. law.

Jackie Robinson Legacy Reveals Free Market Nature of Integration

Major League Baseball was integrated because of market competition and the merit of black players, not from government intervention.

Who Will Mitt Romney Pick as His VP Candidate?

Before you get caught up in the Romney running-mate frenzy, consider some historical perspective of the impact of VP selections. Romney's selection need only do no harm.

Karl Rove vs. Robert Gibbs: Who Will Win the 2012 Elections?

Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs go head-to-head April 24 at Stanford. Are the republicans or democrats best prepared to tackle our problems? Ask your questions now.