Proof of Big Government Excess: Michigan Forces Small Farmers to Shoot Their Baby Pigs (+Video)

When the government is forcing small farmers to shoot their pigs, it's time to end state-sponsored violence.

Can Fat People Be Healthy?

Fat people are often assumed to be unhealthy, but the association between obesity and poor health isn't as strong as it seems.

Why Conservatives Should Embrace High Gas Prices

Conservative candidates should embrace Obama's energy policy as adhering to free-market ideals and protecting America's interests in the future.

Mugabe's Imminent Exit Will Leave Zimbabwe in Chaos

Robert Mugabe’s days are over, both from a health prospective and a political one. But the various post-Mugabe scenarios could bring a period of instability, violence, and chaos.

Study: Alcohol Makes You Smarter

College students are chastised for drinking too much and not focusing on their studies. But, thanks to a new study, students can now tell their parents alcohol makes you smarter!

Top 5 Things to Do During a Tornado [An Oklahoman's Guide]

Here are some of the top activities when a tornado passes overhead.

Does Salt Make You Fat?

A new study suggests that the high sodium content of fast food is unhealthy, but there's little evidence to support this hypothesis.

Tupac Hologram Concert With Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella is Exploitative

Sure, the technology is impressive, but are we capitalizing off the legacies of our favorite artists who have long since past?

George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony Trials Show the Dark Side of Social Media

Social media is powerful, but sensationalizing stories and marginalizing complex issues constitutes its dark side.

China Shuts Down the Internet, But Here's Why It May Backfire

Recent efforts by China to "turn off the internet" raise important concerns over the country's economic future – and what it means in the face of global economic crisis.

How to Approach Women in New York City

Tell me your best and worst horror stories about trying to approach women, and I’ll give you my advice about how to proceed.

5 College Application Tips Every High Schooler Should Know

April can be "Hell Month" for high school students as they submit college apps and nervously wait to hear back.

How the American Nazi Party Explains U.S. Politics

The American Nazi Party registers its first DC lobbyist yet the ideological patterns of Nazism can be observed in the mainstream politcal discourse.

Ron Paul is a Hero for All Americans on Tax Day

On Tax Day, Ron Paul's message of limited size and scope of government becomes even more important.

Secret Service Sex Scandal Shows America’s Indifference Towards Latin America

The outcome of the Summit of the Americas reveals U.S. influence in Latin America is waning.

Secret Service Should Face Immediate Punishment For Sex Scandal

The Secret Service Scandal should not be put to rest until the agents are punished

America is Broke, and the Buffett Rule Could Have Fixed It

The Buffett Rule met its swift demise on the Senate floor, but the fact remains, the U.S. is out of money.

Citizens United Has Corrupted the 2012 Election and Made Me Cynical About Politics

American political campaigns need to be shortened to reduce absurd spending, but this won't happen any time soon.

Sanford Police is Wrong to Accept George Zimmerman's Self-Defense Argument

The Sanford Police Department has a moral responsibility to the citizens of Sanford, Florida to thoroughly explain why they find Mr. Zimmerman’s self-defense argument to be persuasive.

Does Twitter Deserve a Pulitzer Prize?

As much as it has been a powerful tool for the rapid spread of information, Twitter is not journalism and does not deserve to win a Pulitzer Prize.

President Obama's Stance on Israel is a Foreign Policy Success

President Obama has had a mixed first term, but he is on the right track.

In America's Justice System, White Means Right

The botched investigation in the Trayvon case by the Sanford police is only the latest of a long and disturbing patterns of the police being unresponsive to crimes committed against blacks.

Rick Santorum's Lasting Impact on American Politics

Santorum caused a stir with his religious views, but his positions have highlighted a serious defect in American morality.

Egyptian Army Has the Final Say Ahead of Presidential Elections

After SCAF's ruling that 10 candidates be disallowed from the presidential elections next month, it is clear that the Egyptian military still has the final and only say in Egypt.

Gunter Grass Poem Railing Israel Was Sorely Needed

For years, nobody has spoken so truly and boldly on the issues surrounding Israel and Iran. Not surprisingly, such comments have stirred debate.

Why Every Day is Tax Day

We pay so many different taxes everyday, dedicating only one day to their presence seems inadequate.

On Tax Day 50% of Americans Don't Pay Up

49.9% of Americans will not pay income taxes this year.

11 Meaningless Promises Politicians Repeat That Americans Love

Why must politicians lower their IQs, simplify issues, and remove all nuance from the public square?

5 Things Newt Gingrich Can Do After Dropping Out

It's been fun, but Newt Gingrich's candidacy is over. Here are five ways Newt can spend his post-campaign time.

UN Responsible For Thousands of Dead After Haiti Cholera Outbreak

Evidence shows that the UN, founded to spread a mission of humanitarianism, is responsible for thousands dead in Haiti.

Anders Breivik Trial Should Not Be Viewed as an Act of 'Insanity'

We should not argue that Breivik is mad. He should be viewed as the terrorist he really is and his ideology needs to be contained.

France Election 2012: Government Considers Banning Twitter

Some fear that Twitter will undermine the integrity of the presidential election. Will the government ban the popular social network?