Adastra Super Yacht is Cool, But These 6 Dream Boats Are Even More Badass

They say there are yachts, and then super yachts. Wrong. There are yachts, super yachts, and Middle-East super yachts.

Obesity Food Deserts Have Given Way to Food Swamps

The argument of terminologies misses the true issue of minimal nutrition education and the marketing of junk foods that define the food swamp culture.

'War Porn' of U.S. Soldiers Posing With Afghan Bodies Must Be Shown to the Public

As the war continues, it will only be when, not if, another “war porn” report comes out. These images must be shown to educate the public.

Chinese World Power Grab Looks Like America's Own Rise 100 Years Ago

America's rise to a major world power in the late 19th century shows that even as China becomes the number one economy, its foreign policy ambitions will be modest.

420 is the Perfect Time to Legalize Marijuana ... and All Other Drugs

April 20 has long been a time of day and a day of the year to "take a toke." Now, in this election cycle, politicians would do well to pay attention.

Should We Leave it to the Free Market to Create Jobs?

The recession has forced governments to reduce expenditures. One job in a rural town holds more value than one job in a metropolis; the cost/ benefit analysis of public assets must reflect this.

How Israel Will Become Oil-Free Through an Electric Car Grid

Israel has bought into a plan to became the first nation in the world to commit to the implementation of an all-electric car infrastructure.

NHL Playoffs 2012: Pittsburgh Penguins Fight is Good for Hockey

The fighting that occurs during the NHL playoffs is governed by an informal "code" that makes hockey an electrifying and unique sport.

Why the French Presidential Elections Are Irrelevant

Parlez-vous français? Nevermind, “austerity” sounds better in German, anyways.

Message From Fenway Park Fans: Red Sox Must Fire Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine was supposed to shake things up and make fans forget about last September's historic collapse. If anything, he has made things worse.

Iran Economy on the Verge of Collapse

Although most are quick to blame Western sanctions, Iran's own economy policy is responsible for its plight.

Mitt Romney Beating Barack Obama, But Has Scars From GOP Battle

A new poll suggests Mitt Romney does indeed have an opening to defeat Barack Obama. However, data suggests heavy weaknesses for the primary-bruised former governor.

Myanmar Opens Up to the West After Bad Blood With China

As China exploits the resources of Southeast Asia, its long-time economic partner is conflicted over its encroaching influences while trying to maintain their economic relationship.

Ann Romney "Mommy Wars" Blowup Shows What's Wrong With Education

Oral communication courses should be a requirement in public education.

Why Argentina YPF Oil Company Nationalization Will Be a Disaster

Ultimately all the citizens of Argentina will pay the price for the benefits those YPF workers gain.

George Zimmerman Judge Will Provide a Fair Trial

Two judges declining to try the Zimmerman case is evidence that it takes a tough, seasoned Judge to face the politics and prejudice surrounding the case.

Mitt Romney VP Selection Tips

Romney has begun his search for a running mate. Here are the most important considerations he should factor into his decision.

Three Gorges Dam Crackdown By China is Arrogant and Disgusting

The hubris of the Chinese regime has destroyed lives and the environment along the Yangtze River.

U.S. and Allies Reach a Framework on Withdrawal Ahead of Chicago NATO Summit

A running blog of events as they occur in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the Panjwai murders.

Mitt Romney’s Greatest Liability in 2012? The Republican Party

For all the success Mitt Romney has had as a businessman, winning the 2012 election will be the hardest sell of his life.

3 Reasons Rick Santorum Has Not Endorsed Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum has a few strategic reasons for holding out before officially endorsing Mitt Romney.

Why Are So Many Scientific Papers Being Retracted?

Retractions in science have increased ten-fold over the last decade. It's time for editors to step it up.

Live: Rogue Plane Crashes Into Gulf Of Mexico

F-15s were scrambled to intercept the plane, which apparently had an unresponsive pilot.