8 Dos And Don'ts When Texting Your Significant Other

Do send flirty texts to your partner, but definitely don't drunk text. Here's the “do’s” and “don’t’s” guide for your textual relations.

Is Coachella a More Expensive Woodstock, With Less Pot and More Pills?

Coachella is the only music festival in the world where a 3-D Tupac hologram, Gotye, and Swedish House Mafia appear on the same stage. But is it authentic?

Should We Force Everyone to Vote?

Is voting a right or a duty? Recent legislation and new studies open the debate once again.

The Next Drug War? Nepal Becoming a Haven For Drug Trafficking

With the surge in arrests of drug traffickers this year, Nepal is quickly becoming a major transit point for illegal drugs.

Live: George Zimmerman Will Leave Jail [+Video]

Zimmerman will appear in person, marking the beginning of a judicial process to determine whether the killing of Martin constitute murder.

North Korea Failure to Launch Gets More Press Than India Missile Launch

While North Korea had a failed rocket launch and threats of nuclear tests, India's was successful and will not receive the same criticism despite rising tensions with China.

Why Does the United States Keep Saving North Korea?

Were it not for the United States giving North Korea the time of day, the DPRK would have been wiped out by starvation long ago, no thanks to its Chinese allies.

America Needs a Presidential Youth Council

The federal government must open opportunities for young people to be decision makers nationally, just as communities across the country are already doing.

Will We See Tupac, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson on a Hologram Tour Soon?

The Tupac hologram stunt at last weekend's Coachella has opened up a field of possibilities for holographic technology.

What America Can Learn From Jazz Music

America has jazz flowing in its bloodstream. We are, at heart, a people of dissonance. Yet, as times get tough, it's important that we don't leave our band behind.

Ron Paul Wins Presidency in 'Revolution' Video Game

That’s right, there is now a Ron Paul video game. Eat your heart out Ron Paul Nation.

Ben Bernanke: U.S. Debt at Unsustainable Level

Bernanke voices dire warning against a profligate Congress ignoring the dangers of the rising debt level.

Mitt Romney Winning the Republican Nomination is Nothing Short of a Miracle

Rick Santorum claims that his campaign was a "miracle campaign." He is dead wrong. The real miracle of this race has been Mitt Romney's success.

Islam Hate Fueled By Western Media?

The West has identified Islam as a menace to the society, meanwhile creating its negative image via media.

Bob Marley Wishes You a Happy 420

Who is the real criminal in the War on Drugs? Drug dealers or the state?

April 20 in Mexico: Legalize Drugs to End the Drug War

A 4/20 message to the U.S. from the people of Mexico: Legalize Drugs to End the Violence! Mexico's Movement for Peace with Justice & Dignity has "had it up to here" with the War on Drugs.

The Real Answer to America's Education Problems

How can we expect students to reach for their full potential, when their teachers are not held accountable for their actions?

How Team Obama and the RNC Should Court Latinos to Win the Hispanic Vote

Latinos are an important voting bloc in this and upcoming elections but politicians currently approach this group through the wrong mindset.

420 'Smokeouts' Draw Thousands of Weed Smokers in Boulder, Colorado

The annual celebration is an example of civil disobedience against federal drug laws.

Ron Paul is Right: On 420 End the War on Drugs and Legalize Marijuana

The war on marijuana has been a failure. It is time to legalize pot and end our pointless and fruitless modern day prohibition era.

Mitt Romney: If You Want to Win Over Women, Give Us A Reason to Vote For You

According to the media, Mitt Romney is having a difficult time appealing to female voters. However, Romney's problem is with his overall appeal, not just with women.

Obama Losing Millennials to Republicans That Support Gay Rights

Issues like the economy have millennials and the LGBT community looking to Republicans for change.
News Syria Petition May Be the Only Way to Stop Al Assad's Madness

A new online campaign to get that country's first lady to stop her husband's bloody tantrums is launched by UN wives.

What Alabama Crimson Tide Can Teach Barack Obama About Winning in 2012

Obama should learn from the BCS championship game by playing defense, controlling the line of scrimmage, and kicking field goals in the 2012 election.

Space X Dragon Capsule Proves Private Funding is the Future of Space Exploration

Public competitors adapt too slowly to new information and offer perverse incentives.

Former ALEC Supporters Now Find Connection Toxic

With thousands of consumers expressing their concerns about ALEC to corporations across America, even former supporters of ALEC are feeling the heat, and some are rushing to distance themselves.

With CISPA Congress Tries (Again) to Limit Cyber Freedom

The confrontations over internet security are just beginning, and we, as denizens of the cyber domain, need to be aware of the potential restrictions of that may be placed on our activity.

My Night With Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal at the NY State GOP Annual Dinner

Thursday night I attended the NY GOP Annual Dinner with speakers Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal. I live-blogged the event on facebook. This article tells of my experiences that night.

Torture at Guantanamo and the 3 Reasons America Fails at Human Rights

The U.S. is quick to condemn human rights violations in other countries, but should we focus more on our own government’s actions?

Apple and Google Stocks: Avoid Big Tech Players But Still Cash in on Their Success

You may not be able to afford to buy stock in Apple, Google, or IBM, but you can still profit from their advancements.

What Paul Krugman Gets Wrong About Inequality in Latin America

When it comes to discussing Latin America, Paul Krugman has a tortuous relationship with facts.

One Year Later, A Tribute to Tim Hetherington and Fallen Photojournalists

The director of Restrepo showed why photography is essential in the fight for peace around the world.

Understanding the Volker Rule and its Problems

Financial institutions have fought with regulators as the Volker Rule has evolved over the past several years.