Tim Tebow, Kid Rock, and the 5 Celebs Who Can Help Mitt Romney Take Down George Clooney and Obama

Here are the five celebrities who can give Mitt Romney a boost on the campaign trail.

Is Obesity the New Acceptable Discrimination?

It's still acceptable to discriminate against fat people today, and the anti-obesity crusade is proof.

George Clooney to Host $40K Per Ticket Barack Obama Hollywood Fundraising Dinner [+video]

The $6 million Hollywood dinner in the actor's L.A. home will boost Obama's reelection funds with contributions from guests such as DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Counterfeit Goods Booming in China and India: Are You Getting Ripped Off?

The production and trafficking of counterfeit goods has become a momentous industry-wide problem, and it's often represented as a matter of intellectual property stealing.

Trayvon Martin Case Signals Trend of New Racism in America

Mainstream society's resistance to change produces fear of "the other" by whites and non-whites alike

Equal Pay Hurts Working Women

On Tuesday, many activists celebrated legislation that requires women to be paid the same as men for particular jobs. But this legislation actually harms women's working and earning prospects.

5 Awesome Apps For Earth Day

While every day is a good day to recycle, use this week as a catalyst to begin your new focused practice.

3 Expert LinkedIn Strategies for Improving Your Career

In this follow on to last week's introduction to the basics of LinkedIn for job searching, this article explores three advanced strategies for finessing your profile.

9 Foreign Policy Priorities For Obama's Second Term

For his second term, Obama should focus on having an adequate budget for an effective foreign policy and focus it on the Pacific, Middle East and Russia.

Greece Suicide Rate on the Rise, Shows Austerity's Toll

The IMF, Germany, France, and the European Central Bank's austerity-only approach to the euro zone debt crisis will kill the currency union.

France Elections 2012 Preview: Will Nicolas Sarkozy or François Hollande Win?

One could almost say “Les jeux sont faits.” The French electorate is now within sight of the electoral volcano of Mordor-France, into whose fiery abyss it may toss Sarkozy.

4 Reasons Why George Zimmerman Will Not Try to Flee the Country

After he gets bailed out, it would be highly unlikely that Zimmerman would make any attempt to flee the country.

What Is Happening to U.S. Military Discipline?

The latest images of U.S. troops defiling Taliban bodies is a clear indication of a breakdown in military leadership that falls on the shoulders of the noncommissioned officer class.

Why Ann Romney Would Make a Great First Lady

Ann Romney will be an effective advisor to Mitt Romney on family values, including education, faith, and the economy.

George Zimmerman Trial Proves Social Media Has Changed the News Biz

Social media is changing how stories are covered.

300 Economists Sign Petition to Legalize Marijuana

I am not a firm advocate of its legalization, but I do believe that everyone is guaranteed a reasonable right to freely exercise their personal desires for recreation without restraint.

How Cocaine is Saving the Rainforest

Cocaine and livestock plagues, rather than conservation, are saving a rare virgin rainforest and preventing complete connection of the Pan-American highway.