Why 0% Unemployment Will Never Happen

Full employment can not exist, there will always be slack in the labor market. The limiting factor in economics is capital, not labor.

Nike 'Make it Count' Campaign Teaches Millennials to Live Life to the Fullest

Nike's new "Make it Count" video has racked up over 4 million views because of its inspirational message of adventure and excitement to millennials.

Veteran Suicides a New Epidemic in U.S. Military

Our military has borne the brunt of U.S. foreign policy and the resulting dramatic increase in military suicides in this country needs to be addressed.

UFC 145: Did Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans Draw Black Fans?

UFC 145 is the strongest attempt by the UFC to appeal to African American viewers yet.

Marijuana Smokers, Nazis, and the Big Lessons From 4/20

Student activists dubbed the police presence at the University of Colorado's annual "smokeout" modern-day Nazism. But, this was no German "police state."

Does HBO's Girls Discriminate Against Asians, Too?

Much has been made about the lack of Black actors being represented in in HBO's new series Girls. But where are the Asians?

Happy B'Earthday, Earth Day! 7 Easy Ways To Be More Green

To celebrate Earth Day, follow these 7 easy steps to be more green in 2012.

Occupy Wall Street's Declaration of Independence

The Occupy Movement has finally written its agenda, set to the tune of the Declaration of Independence.

Wyclef Jean New Release "Justice (If You're 17)" Tells the Trayvon Martin Story

Wyclef Jean reminds us that Trayvon Martin's death was no isolated incident.

Earth Day 2012: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Can Save Bangladesh from Climate Change Disaster

With two earthquakes and deadly monsoons this year, Bangladesh is already feeling the devastating effects of climate change, and it is only going to get worse.

Call of Duty and AMC's Walking Dead Show Americans Are Obsessed With the Apocalypse

Why have Americans fallen in love with the end of the world and how should we feel about that?

Why Earth Day 2012 Should Be Renamed Gulf Day

The full impact of the 2010 BP oil spill is only now becoming clear in the Gulf of Mexico. This Earth Day, there's no better place to turn our attention.