Skyfall: 007 Will Drink Heineken Instead of Martinis

Purists decry Bond's move to beer from his classic martini due to product placement, but that's why we had the martini in the first place. And it probably isn't the real problem anyway.

1 Truth and 4 Lies About Republicans You Probably Didn't Know

A recent Pew survey of political knowledge showed that Republicans knew more about politics and history than Democrats. Lincoln was the first Republican president, but that's just the start.

Should I Quit My Job? 5 Tips for Becoming Your Own Boss

Everyone has a million dollar idea. Here are the five steps you must follow in order to bring that idea to fruition.

Could North Korea Really Destroy South Korea in 3-4 Minutes?

North Korea is all talk, but short of nuclear sterilization, it is hard to imagine any weapon that can weak such havoc on the South in such a short time.

Ron Paul Draws Large Crowds in Rhode Island, Looks to Capitalize With a Win

Still, enthusiasm is light in the Ocean State.

Why This Ron Paul Supporter Won't Be Voting For Ron Paul

Sorry Ron. I will have to catch up with you in November.

Millennial Job Prospects Suck: 1 in 2 New Graduates Are Underemployed

When someone is paying $50,000 a year for school, it is worth asking; what exactly am I paying for?

Call of Duty and World of Warcraft: Did Video Games Play a Role in Norway Massacre?

As Breivik's trial continues, we examine the importance of his heavy video game playing as opposed to the more pressing issues of xenophobia and racism that stemmed his crime.

Johnson & Johnson Finds it Hard to Break Up With ALEC

J&J is one of the companies that has so far stood by ALEC, despite ALEC's role in pushing “model” laws that make it harder for Americans to vote and that advance the NRA’s gun agenda.

Do We Really Need Another CIA?

With the announced creation of the Defense Clandestine Service, a new debate will begin on whether the Defense Intelligence Agency is becoming too much like the CIA.

Two Neighborhood Watchmen Charged In Atlanta As Prosecutors Avoid Repeat of Trayvon Martin Outrage

Robert and Brandon Canoles, are under arrest for holding up a couple, Jean-Joseph and Angelica Kalonji, for supposedly breaking into a foreclosed home in Atlanta.

Mad Cow Disease Outbreak Could Be Disaster for California

Mad cow disease has the potential to devastate the Californian agriculture industry.

Will Marco Rubio Be the Mitt Romney Vice President?

Ahead of the Pennsylvania primary, Romney spends time with Rubio in Philly.

Secret Service Agent For Newt Gingrich Can't Believe He Missed Awesome Colombia Gig

Gingrich had a Secret Service detail assigned to him by the Department of Homeland Security on March 6, effective until he withdraws from the race.

Armenian Genocide Day: Why Won't President Obama Say the 'G' Word?

Today, Armenians around the world commemorate the 97th anniversary of a genocide that began on April 24, 1915 and resulted in the murder of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians.

The Ghosts of Africa's Military Past

Recent coups in Mali and Guinea Bissau reawakened a ghost of Africa's past many of us thought had been long laid to rest. Africa's wish in the 21st. century is ballots not bullets.

New Orleans Saints Face FBI Investigation, But Coach Gregg Williams is Innocent

Louisiana state police and the FBI are investigating whether the New Orleans Saints set up general manager Mickey Loomis' booth in the Superdome so he could listen in on opposing coaches.

French Elections 2012: Marine Le Pen Will Decide If Sarkozy Wins

It's looking bad for Nicolas Sarkozy. No incumbent president in a French election has ever come second in this first round of voting.

Spanish King Juan Carlos Goes On a Luxury Africa Trip in the Midst of Economic Crisis

While governments are talking about of fiscal discipline and budget cuts to the people, leaders also must show some sobriety.

Facebook and Twitter: Why Print Journalism is Dying

With the advent of social media, news is becoming easier to consume, making print newspapers a thing of the past.

Joseph Kony Thanks You for All the Publicity

The failure of the anti-Kony "Cover the Night" highlights the temporary nature of modern activism.

Marco Rubio Says Jeb Bush Would Be a Fantastic VP But Wants the Job Himself (+Video)

Oops! Watch the video that proves the young Cuban-American senator from Florida already thinks of himself as the vice president.

Ford and Other Corps Cheat Employees of $700 Million in Taxes

Paying $700M in taxes to boss; states subsidize companies by withholding taxes from workers.

Why the Liberal New York Times is Required Reading for Conservatives

A baby-boomer's guide to The New York Times and why, even for a conservative, the paper is required reading.

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney: Connecticut Republican Primary Already Decided

Voter turnout is expected to range from 15% to 20%.

Ron Paul Yard Signs Dot Pennsylvania Primary Landscape

Still, enthusiasm is low. Less than 1 in 5 are likely to vote in the primary.

Republicans Are the Only Politicians Trying to Save the Economy for Millennials

Washington has let entitlement spending blow out-of-control. Paul Ryan is the only leader brave enough to step forth and present reforms so that the next generation can even have a safety net.

Breivik Should Not Face Death Penalty for Murder of 77

With an insane defendant, a dismissed judge, social network leaks and a call for a revoke of the death penalty, Norway will see its trial of the century.

Time for U.S. to Finally Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Americans should use Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day to pressure Turkey to end its continued religious oppression.