Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention

Ron Paul's submarine delegate strategy is working, with surprising results that could change the course of the GOP race.

8 Regrets From Real People Reflecting on Their Twenties

Millennials are terrified of regret, but maybe by listening to the regrets of those older, and wiser, we can reflect on how best to make decisions about our own lives.

Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney: Voters Choose Paul as the True Conservative in 2012

Paul’s success in the 2012 primaries demonstrates the growing appeal of his brand of Republican politics: limited government and the protection of individual rights.

Ron Paul Won Iowa and Minnesota, In Fact [+ Video]

Ron Paul, through sheer perseverance, has guaranteed himself at least half of the delegates from Iowa and Minnesota.

5 Things You Should NEVER Post on Facebook to Keep Your Dignity

There's some things that you should just never share with your Facebook friends. If you care about your image, of course.

Live: Connecticut Republican Primary: Who Won?

Live coverage of the Connecticut primaries.

LIVE: Pennsylvania GOP Primary Results, Who Won?

Romney is expected to dominate, but some people still wonder if Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) could capitalize.

The Privileged White Guilt Complex

How do you accept your White privilege? What do you do about the knowledge? The guilt?

Live: New York Republican Primary: Who Won?

Live blog of Tuesday's Republican primary elections in New York.

Marco Rubio vs. Chris Christie: Who Will Romney Select As VP?

Who would win in a match-up between Rubio and Christie?

Shocking Groupon Porn Tour is New Phase in War on Women

Groupon's new deal-of-the-day, featuring a tour of a company that produces violent pornography, is disturbing and should be removed.

Arizona Immigration: 3 Reasons the Supreme Court's Decision Will Impact All Americans

If the Supreme Court upholds lower court decisions and overturns S.B. 1070, there will be profound nationwide effects.

Mad Cow Disease Outbreak Prompts USDA to Ban All Beef Consumption [Satire]

In response to growing concern about Mad Cow Disease, the USDA has banned beef consumption, but not for the reason you may think.

3 Ways to Get a Job With a Humanities Degree

Three ways universities can strengthen programming for the humanities so that students in those majors may have better job prospects lined up for after graduation.

Andrew Young Proves John Edwards is Sleazy, Innocent

Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young claims he used millions of dollars from two wealthy donors to pay for his mistress' living expenses. But, what is criminal about that?

Live: Rhode Island Primary Results: Who Won?

Live blog of the 2012 Republican presidential primary in Rhode Island.

Secret Service Scandal: More Female Agents, Less Scandal?

Roughly 90 percent of Secret Service agents are male. But will the recent prostitution scandal change that?

Ron Paul Wins Minnesota, And Here's How

Ron Paul has guaranteed himself a minimum of 50% of the delegates out of Minnesota and currently controls 83% of the already selected delegation.

Mad Cow Disease Testing Prevented by Government Regulators

Government regulators are not allowing private meatpackers to inspect all of their meat for deadly diseases, such as mad cow. This situation has been ongoing for more than 100 years.

Arizona Immigration Case Hits Supreme Court, But Racial Profiling Not Up for Debate

Arizona's proposed creation of new state crimes penalizing and enforcing already on-the-books federal immigration criminal provisions is especially problematic.

Pennsylvania Primary Results: Tim Holden vs. Matt Cartwright

Political attack ads can tell you more about the candidate than about the issues. You can use this information to vote against deceptive, dishonest candidates.

Pennsylvania Primary Results: Did Snow Play a Factor?

The pool of primary voters could be restricted due to uncharacteristic late-April snow that has been working its way through the central part of the state on Monday and Tuesday.

Forget Arizona SB 1070, We Need Real Immigration Reform

Arizona's immigration law distracts from our ultimate goal: creating a country that protects instead of preying on the people within its borders.

Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona SB 1070 Provisions

Arizona SB 1070 conflicts with federal law and creates obstacles to Congress objectives and priorities.

Arizona Immigration: SB 1070 Seeks to Legalize Racial Profiling, and It's Unconstitutional

Arizona's immigration bill is a transparently unconstitutional attempt to infringe upon the Federal government's exclusive power to set and administer immigration policy.

Jan Brewer Arizona Immigration Law is an Overreach of State Power

The Supreme Court will strike down the heart of S.B. 1070 because it is different than the Witting case (2011) on which Arizona is resting its case.

Mother's Day 2012: Family Time is the Most Priceless Gift

Let’s celebrate this holiday with acceptance, love, and common ground. Oh yeah, and laughter. Lots of laughter.

4 Ways to Become As Popular as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber on Instagram

As the popular photo-sharing application reaches 50 million downloads, here's a guide to make sure you don't miss out on the Insta-Revolution.

Kill the Death Penalty in California

The death penalty in California is being put to a vote in November. It is time for us to stop using execution as a means of punishment.

Mitt Romney the Flip-Flopper: Should We Rip Politicians For Changing Sides?

People should condemn flip-flops selectively, when they appear to be instrumental and to violate core principles, as these symbolize opportunism rather than sagacity.

Jimmy Fallon and Obama Jam Session Tackles Student Debt Crisis [+Video]

Weigh-in: Beyond keeping rates low for students now, what are the pro’s and con’s of the proposed solutions to the higher education crisis?

The Apple Piracy Effect: Will Sci-Fi eBooks Lead to a Fight Over Illegal Downloading?

Tom Doherty Associates' extensive catalog of sci-fi and fantasy material will be available in DRM-free digital format shortly. Is this another instance of science fiction predicting the future?

Journalism Requires a Definition

A journalist is someone who looks for the truth, find supportable evidence and deliver the message in an adequate manner so that the audience can understand.

Forget CNN and FOX News, We Are All Journalists Now

Depending on what you write, where you write it and how many people read it – you may already be a journalist.

Iran Claims it Has Top Secret Information From Captured U.S. Drone

Iran has claimed that it successfully hacked the downed U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel drone it acquired in 2011; and they probably aren't lying.

Arizona Immigration Law is Awful, But It's Constitutional

The Arizona immigration law is terrible public policy, which hurts economic growth and infringes upon individual liberty, but it is probably constitutional.

Arizona S.B. 1070 Complements Federal Law

Arizona did not write S.B. 1070 in an effort to undermine federal priorities. The law was designed to complement existing federal law.

Why the Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Immigration Law

Arizona's SB 1070 is an overstep of state power, but there is another reason the Court should strike it down: America's future is Hispanic.

Arizona Immigration Bill is Bold, But Wrong

S.B. 1070 is bold enough to make a stand where the government fails to act, but nevertheless overreaches state rights and opens the door to racial profiling