20 Things Every Person in Their 20's Should Totally Avoid

Just a few tips to help us emerge as wise, happy, and fulfilled 30-somethings...

How Obamacare Will Hurt Tax Payers and Stop the Economic Recovery

Obama will be remembered as a president who delegated social benefits and political "rights" at the expense of individual liberties through legislation like Obamacare.

How SpaceX Could Legally Buy an Asteroid, and Maybe Even the Moon!

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty prevents governments from laying claim to celestial bodies, but not private companies.

Horrific Syria Video Shows Assad Thugs Burying Man Alive [ Warning: Graphic Video]

Newly leaked video footage shows Assad's security forces burying a Syrian man alive. His crime? Attempting to give innocent victims a voice.

Arizona Immigration: A State Cannot Have its Own Immigration Policy

A state cannot, as Arizona sought to do, pursue its own state immigration enforcement policy.

How to Upset a Terrorist: Sing a Song of Peace With 40,000 Loud Enough For Him to Hear

Norwegians have shown us that the best way to support democracy, tolerance, and multiculturalism is to do it peacefully and with dignity -- singing a song rather than raging against the gunman.

Missing My Mom on Mother's Day

A history of Mother's Day, and personal reflections on my own mother.

Cracks in North Korea's Secretive Regime: Is Kim Jong-Un Losing His Iron Grip?

The response within North Korea to their failed missile launch may prove that the country's government is beginning to understand that they cannot continuously hide the truth from their citizens.

Ron Paul Still Winning Delegates in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania

In an unlikely turn of events, Ron Paul picked up a quarter of the delegates available in Rhode Island’s Republican primary election on Tuesday.

ACTA Would Put Europe in the Dark Ages of Internet Freedom

ACTA, yet another attempt at invasive, futile Internet legislation, is dealt a blow by European liberals. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to be the last attempt to control the web.

Wealth Gap in America Caused by Federal Reserve, Not Capitalism

The growing income disparity in America is becoming a bigger issue in politics. The real sources of this disparity highlights an area where liberals and libertarians can agree.

Why I Should Be the Next American Ambassador to Denmark, Even Though I Didn't Give Obama $500K

Even though "bundlers" are able to show their loyalty to the president, ambassadors shouldn't be a bunch of wealthy political insiders, because they will not be able to encourage collaboration.

Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Expands to El Salvador

The agency has expanded its prostitution scandal investigation to include an incident in El Salvador in 2011, in which agents allegedly visited a strip club and paid for sex with prostitutes.

Mitt Romney Comes Out Swinging, and Conservatives Fall In Line

Mitt Romney gives Republicans what they really want – a fighter.

Mitt Romney's Dog and Horse Problem

The Romney family’s animals are not only taking the spotlight, they deserve it.

Climate Change Debate Has Cooled, But Earth's Temperature Has Not

The conversation about climate change seems to have taken the back burner, but it needs to be in the forefront of all of our minds.

Charles Taylor Trial: Everything You Need to Know About War-Torn Liberia [+Video]

On the day of Charles Taylor's conviction, VICE investigates the toll that 14 years of civil war took on Liberia's people.

5 New Revenue Sources to Fix America's Debt Crisis

Five proposals that could solve America's debt issue.

NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III Win Big, But Where Are the Latinos?

Whites and blacks have equal representation in the NFL, but what about Latinos and Asians?

Arizona SB 1070 Supreme Court Case: It's Official, America Has an Immigration Crisis

How the immigration issue is handled over the next six months may be the wildcard ingredient that determines what American identity looks like after the November elections.

Liberal Tax Policies Will Help Conservatives Get What They Want

The conservative ideal is lower and flatter taxes, less social spending, and keeping what you earn. Liberal progressive policies are required to make this vision feasible.

Government-Run Infrastructure Bank Will Create Jobs

The American Infrastructure Financing Authority would be a self-supporting “bank” that could spur job growth and improve America’s decaying infrastructure.

5 Movies That Are Better Than the Book

Despite the fact that I am a literary nerd, I do acknowledge that movies are occasionally better than the book.

Charles Taylor Verdict: In Sierra Leone, 99 Days For a Thief, Just 1 for Police

The Court found Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting rebels on all counts, but the prosecution failed to prove that he had command and control over the rebels.

Marco Rubio for VP: George Bush III on Foreign Policy

One thing became clear after Marco Rubio's major foreign policy address at Brookings on Wednesday: he's just George W. in a Florida Senator's body.

Gates Foundation Reveals its Dark Side After Ditching ALEC

A closer look at the Gates Foundation and its growing influence reveals often overlooked side effects of powerful philanthropies.

French Election 2012 Veer Far Right

The mad scrambling for the Far Right's votes has begun in the French presidential election.

Don't Panic: America Will Continue to Be a Global Leader

The nature of U.S. leadership will change as others rise, but there is no country better positioned to address the pressing challenges of our day. America can remain a relevant force for good.

Joel Ward NHL Twitter Controversy Raises Questions About Cyber Racism

Washington Capitals' Joel Ward should be basking in the glory of his game-winning goal against the Boston Bruins last night. Instead, he’s become the center of a controversy over racist tweets.

Marine Le Pen and Arizona Immigration Prove That the West Needs to Open Its Borders

Le Pen’s tough stance on immigration clearly strikes a chord with people angry at the level of high unemployment. However, further analysis of the effects of immigration is strongly needed.

French Election Odds: Marine Le Pen Can Make Sarkozy the Winner

Though he is lagging behind his main oponent, Nicolas Sarkozy can still turn arround the upcoming French election. It comes down to what will be the main issue, economy or nationalism.