5 Facebook Posts That Will Get You Fired From Your Job

From complaining about boredom to calling your boss a 'complete tool,' here are five Facebook no-no's that can land you in the ranks of the unemployed.

Ron Paul Embarrasses Romney Campaign By Winning Louisiana Delegates

A confusing ballot process was navigated well by Ron Paul’s campaign this week as the state of Louisiana selected its delegates to the state Republican convention.

2012 Unemployment Rates: 1 in 2 Recent Graduates Are Under- or Unemployed

With over half of college graduates unemployed or underemployed, it's time to support economic growth and give recent and current grads the opportunities they deserve.

Study: Millennials Care the Most About Unemployment, Not Climate Change or Income Inequality

According to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics' latest report, finding a job is the most important issue among young people, not climate change or income inequality.

Ron Paul Won't Use Brain Chemical Oxytocin to Influence Voters, Obama and Romney Will

An oxytocin nasal spray that facilitates trust could be a powerful weapon wielded by the 2012 presidential field to manipulate the votes of large swaths of Americans.

Millennials Speak: What Must Barack Obama Do to Win the Youth Vote in 2012?

Seven millennials share insights about what the President must do to once again win over young people in November.

CISPA is Not SOPA, But it Must Be Defeated

Unless the current version of CISPA is amended, the bill should not go any further.

Groundbreaking "Study": Buying Bathing Suits Makes Women Uncomfortable

A "groundbreaking" new study reveals that swimsuit shopping makes women feel like shit. Here are a few fun alternatives.

Rio Earth Summit: Brazil Relaxes Farming Laws, But Environmentalists Have No Right to Complain

Weeks before the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil considers relaxing its Amazon rainforest policy – but do we have any right to complain?

Barack Obama Bullies Mitt Romney and GOP into Supporting Student Loan Subsidy

President Obama effectively used the bully pulpit to pressure Republicans to pass a renewal of student loan subsidies. But are these subsidies a good idea?