29 Amazing Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30

Own a motorcycle. Fall in love > 0 times. Create a YouTube alter ego and post outrageous comments.

5 Ways Citizens United and Super PACs Have Destroyed the 2012 Elections

Five observations that should be troubling to all Americans.

Alcohol Advertising Does Not Cause Underage Drinking

Anybody who says alcohol ads cause underage drinking isn't paying attention to the evidence.

Ron Paul and Republicans, Take Note: Austerity Has Failed Britain, Don't Try This at Home

Britain is suffering from a second recession after the government cut public spending and lowered taxes for the rich. Paul Ryan, are you listening?

Ron Paul is the Only Honest Candidate in 2012

Both flip-flopping and honest change of opinion are detrimental to representative government, and a sign of incompetence.

Invisalign Preys on Your Insecurity to Sell You a Product That Doesn't Work

Invisalign takes advantage of people who stress out too much about their looks. The problem? It simply does not work.

Cyber War is the Nuclear War of the 21st Century: Are World Powers Doing Enough?

The U.S. and Russia plan hotline to prevent cyber war.

U.S. Culture Wars Gone Global: The American Evangelical Behind the "Kill the Gays" Bill in Uganda

American Minister Scott Lively is leading far right-wing American evangelicals in Africa on a crusade against homosexuality.

3 Reasons Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Won't Follow Through on His Threat to Disband the PA

President Mahmoud Abbas will not dissolve the Palestinian National Authority, despite his rhetoric suggesting otherwise.

Iraq War, Christianity, Greek Mythology: The Hunger Games Bites Off More Than it Can Chew

The Hunger Games has been adopted as an allegory for varied, diverse, and even antithetical political ideologies. This young adult novel either means everything...or nothing.

Asteroid Mining Company Planetary Resources is Already Making Money

New company Planetary Resources has a plan to provide a sustainable business until they can reach asteroids, proving the private sector is capable of beating the high costs of space exploration.

After 1,200 Days, Obama Has Left His Mark on America

Republicans claim that the fate of Obamacare places President Obama's legacy in jeopardy. They're wrong.

Government Employees Should Not Be Taxed

Clearly it is ridiculous to tax a salary that is entirely funded from taxes, especially when one considers the administrative overhead costs that a payroll tax creates.

Does Religion Make Us Dumber? Study Shows Link Between Atheism and Knowledge

A Pew poll on Religious Knowledge found that 20.9% of athiests or agnostics scored highest on a religious knowledge survey.

French Elections 2012: Whether Sarkozy or Hollande Wins, Is France Doomed?

The French people are fed up with Sarkozy, but Hollande is certainly not the perfect candidate for the job.

What Mitt Romney Must Do to Convince Republicans He's a Winner

Even with his latest wins, Mitt Romney hasn't convinced his base. Now, he must refocus his campaign.

Mitt Romney Flip Flops Are Not Necessarily Wrong

People should not condemn flip-flops outright, only when politicians appear to be violating their core principals for doing so.

Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan: Should Hollywood Attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner?

Is the White House Correspondents' Dinner all its cracked up to be? Some critics are questioning the mixing of journalism with hollywood.

How Florida Could Have Saved Trayvon Martin's Life in 2005

Race may not be the most relevant issue brought to light by Trayvon Martin's death and Zimmerman's accusation. Where were all the protesters when the "Stand Your Ground" law was only a bill?

Does Mitt Romney Have Anything to Offer Millennials?

What DO Millenials want from their political leaders? Can a President Romney do any better than President Obama?

On Vietnam War Anniversary, 3 Lessons For Afghanistan

The U.S. must learn from Vietnam as it draws its fight to an end in Afghanistan, and plan ahead for post-war rehabilitation and assistance.

5 Ways Romney Could Actually Win in 2012

Most pundits believe Obama has the election in the bag, but here are the five issues that could lose Obama the election (listen up, Romney campaign).