Ron Paul Won Maine and Nevada GOP Caucuses, and Could Have Won Iowa, Too

Ron Paul probably won Maine and probably won Nevada as well, but that's not something you are supposed to know.

What Are Google Glasses? What is Project Glass?

With the invention of Google glasses, we’ve arrived at a moment where full-on augmented reality is at most a few years away, rather than a science fiction construct or geek’s wet dream.

UK Government Plan to Monitor Internet Usage Protects Public Safety

I have no objections to the state monitoring my internet activity.

In Wake of Vogue Obesity Article, What Should (or Shouldn't) Parents Do About Child Weight Issues?

Promote sound eating habits and active lifestyles to prevent childhood obesity. Should weight issues occur, resolve them with a sensitive determination that doesn't value form over substance.

'Kony 2012 Part 2: Beyond Famous' gives recipe for militarism and disaster

The makers of Kony 2012 are back (most of them, anyway) with a sequel that implicitly advocates military intervention. And it's a very bad idea.

Is There a Start-Up Accelerator Bubble in Today's Business World?

One must think about Facebook, YouTube, Groupon and countless other uber-scalable companies that weren't working within any set of rules at a seed accelerator when they launched.

'Kony 2012: Beyond Famous' Switches Focus to Community Building, Not Hunting Down Joseph Kony

Kony 2012: Beyond Famous was created to sustain engagement in the campaign for the April 20 “Cover The Night” event and beyond.

Paid University Experience Fails to Fulfill Professional and Intellectual Promises

Instead of wasting your time, money and energy studying for a university degree, you should set up a business, social enterprise, charity or anything to really get our economy growing again.

Ron Paul Draws Record-Breaking Crowd at UCLA, is the Revolution Finally Catching Fire?

Ron Paul drew his biggest crowd yet on Wednesday night.

Breaking: Coke Dumps ALEC, in Major Victory for Progressive Activists

Coca-Cola has announced it is breaking ties with ALEC, which the Center for Media and Democracy called the "corporate bill mill undermining our democracy."

Anti-Putin Protests Have Ended, But Grassroots Democracy Movement Growing in Russia

While the mass street protests again Putin may have faded, the election of two mayors and the formation of a new political party show the trend away from Putinism is continuing.

After Strip Searches Are Upheld By SCOTUS, 3 Ways to Avoid Biased Policing

I propose three solutions aimed to counteract against biased-based policing.

Ryan Seacrest NBC Job Strengthens His Role As a Powerful Media Figure

Ryan Seacrest's success should inspire millennials.

JOBS Act: 3 Things Investors Should Know About Crowdfunding

With the President set to sign the JOBS act today here are some things that investors should keep in mind about Crowdfuding.

New 'Red Dawn' Movie Could Affect the 2012 Election

John Milius' 1984 film Red Dawn is both mocked and adored. The current remake, slated for November 2 release, could affect the 2012 presidential election and not in the president's favor.

Argentina Plays Tug-of-War with England Over Falkland Islands

Argentina is raising its sovereign claim to the Falkland Islands to distract the world from its true ambition: oil.

The Fallacy of Free Market Healthcare

How do we provide equitable access to high quality healthcare in a cost effective way? No one’s exactly sure, but we know what its not: the free market. Here are five reasons why.

Government-Centric Health Care is Inefficient and Unresponsive to Patients' Needs

The only way forward is to leave the answers to the decisions of health care consumers and producers (informed by prices) in a free health care market.

Romney Super PAC Gains Contributions From For-Profit Colleges

For-profit colleges have donated more than $430,000 to Romney’s election campaign and his super PAC, showing their increasing effort to buy influence in politics.

Obama is a Socialist vs. Obama's Social Darwinism Comment Reveals Liberal Hypocrisy

Liberals are up in arms when conservatives call Barack Obama a "socialist," but were silent after Obama accused Republicans of "social Darwinism" this week.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Receives Viral Open Letter Demanding Company Improve Chinese Labor Practices

I have been a user and supporter of Apple since I was a toddler. Perhaps that is why I receive the news of poor working conditions in factories contracted by Apple with such a heavy heart.

Wisconsin Recall Results: Scott Walker Protests Foreshadow the Future of America

A year after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's controversial anti-union bill, a troubling trend is emerging.

Rocket Attack From Sinai Raise Tensions Between Israel and Egypt

In the wake of a rocket attack from the Sinai, Israel must strengthen its resolve to fight terror while simultaneously strengthening its relationship with Egypt.

KONY 2012 Part 2 Leaves Remaining Questions

Invisible Children's latest video reveals a lot more information on the LRA, but there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered about their organization and its legitimacy.