Marijuana Legalization Could Lead to Economic Growth, Boost American Agriculture

The politics of marijuana legislation and the monopolistic interests of Big Oil have conspired together to ban a useful resource that could be a huge economic boon for American agriculture: hemp.

Hillary Clinton For President in 2016 Underlined in New Viral Meme

If Hillary is going viral now, she will unquestionably go viral over the next four years, just in time to run for the 2016 presidential election.

Mightybell and Self-Help Sites Like The Fancy Are the Future of Social Networking

Social networks that get users to take action are heating up, and MightyBell is leading the curve.

Texts From Hillary Meme Arrives in Time For Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run

Just in time for renewed rumors about a Hillary Clinton presidential run, "Texts from Hillary" becomes this election season's hottest and most hilarious online political meme.

Survey Says Millennial Generation Doesn't Care About the Environment

There is a widespread refusal amongst millennials to recognize the world's problems, including environmental issues.

Santa Monica Pepper Spray: Top 10 Reasons Why Police Should Not Use It On Peaceful Protesters

Pepper spray should never be used on people who are simply voicing their dissent on issues they care about.

George Zimmerman Should Be Charged For Trayvon Martin's Murder By Sanford Police Department

George Zimmerman's new "Shaken Baby Syndrome" defense and flawed story of self-defense is enough reason to prosecute him.

Invisible Children Uses Kony 2012 Part II to Fix Mistakes of First Video

Kony I was never supposed to be interpreted as an in-depth assessment of the situation in Central Africa.

Ugandan People’s Defense Force Issue a Lingering Question in Kony 2012 Part 2

"Kony 2012: Part II - Beyond Famous" is a tremendous improvement over the first video; but it still leaves a few questions unanswered. Won't Win the Attention it Needs to Succeed as a Occupy Wall Street Platform

Though is a relatively new site that launched this week, its blights are obstructing it's development.

Is Somalia Descending Into Chaos? Teen Female Suicide Bomber Detonates Herself in Mogadishu

The presidents of Somalia's Olympic committee and football federation were among at least 10 people killed in a bomb attack during a ceremony.

JOBS Act Makes Crowdfunding Accessible for Millennials

The JOBS Act makes crowdfunding easier for those who wouldn't ordinarily be investors in private companies.

Evolving Economics: Accounting for Social and Natural Capital

It's time to acknowledge the limits of our economic models and account for both social and natural capital in light of rising inequality, climate change and resource scarcity.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Guantanamo Bay Trial a Slap in the Face of Justice

It would have been good to see the suspects tried by the civil justice system instead of putting them through a military kangaroo court.

An African's Perspective: Lord's Resistance Army is Still A Massive Problem Which Kony 2012 Part 2 Doesn't Address

The new Kony 2012 video still does not offer workable solutions to the LRA conflict.

Santa Monica Protest Incident Underlines Why There Is No 'Right' to Pepper Spray Students

Students will continue to protest until they are fairly represented in the decision-making bodies of the universities they attend.

Intuit Drops Out of ALEC; Joins Coke, Kraft, Pepsi, while Koch and Walmart Stand Ground

A stampede seems to be on the way as more and more groups break ties and dump ALEC. Intuit, Inc. (maker of Quicken and QuickBooks accounting software) decided not to renew its membership.

Privatization of National Defense is the Best Way to Improve Society

Private markets are capable of producing the best law and order in society.

Nicolas Sarkozy Using Terrorism Threat to Boost French Presidential Campaign

Faced with a possible defeat in the presidential elections, Sarkozy is exploiting the arrests of Islamist radicals to promote his campaign.

Enemy Kitchen Food Truck Serves Iraqi Cuisine for Political Awareness

In Chicago, an Iraqi food truck aims to start conversation about the Iraq War and its aftermaths in an artistic way.

As Wisconsin Recall Results Loom, a Look at Why Scott Walker Doesn't Deserve A Defense

Here is chapter and verse - as neutral as I can possibly make it - about the events of 13 months ago in Wisconsin which led to the recall election of Governor Scott Walker.

ECOWAS Sanctions Push Mali Dangerously Close Towards Humanitarian Crisis

The sanctions imposed on Mali this week are pushing a nation to the brink of a humanitarian crisis..

Teen Girl Abuse Case Highlights Indian Government Failure to Address Rural Poverty

The exploitation of a 13-year-old domestic laborer draws attention to the Indian government’s insufficient response to rural poverty and the subsequently high incidence of child labor.