Republicans Seek to End the U.S. Postal Service

The U.S. mail service is run efficiently and without burden to the American taxpayer. It shouldn't fall victim to the machinations of a political party.

U.S. Funded Iran Terrorist Group, Says Shocking Report

An explosive new piece in the New Yorker reveals that the U.S. has funded, armed, and trained an Iranian dissident group on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations.

How Samantha Brick Unleashed the Ugly Side of Female Beauty

The controversy surrounding Samantha Brick, who penned an op-ed saying women hate her for being beautiful, has exposed how Twitter can unleash the ugly side of human beings.

Who Will Women Vote For in 2012? Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney

The women’s vote is essential, and with male approval about equally distributed between Obama and the Republican nominees, the women’s vote is critical to any Presidential hopeful’s success.

5 Weird and Awesome Space Station Concepts From the Past

Before there was the International Space Station, there was the inflate-a-station?

On National Beer Day, A Look at Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, and the Breweries That Are Making A Difference

Today is our nation's 79th National Beer Day. In honor of this unofficial holiday, here are ways breweries are making an environmental and social difference.

Medical Marijuana Ban and Oaksterdam Raid Show That to End the War on Drugs, We Should Legalize Everything

After 40 years and trillions of dollars spent, it's time to end the War on Drugs with a new strategy: legalization.

Will Greek Debt Suicide of Dimitris Christoulas Spark The Next Arab Spring Revolution?

With Greek parliamentary elections only weeks away, Dimitris Christoulas’s public suicide has the potential of determining Greece’s future and by extension the future of the euro.

New Clues in the Murder of Shaima Alawadi Highlight Tragic Prevalence of Domestic Violence and Racism In Muslim America

With uncertainties arising on the details of Shaima Alawadi's murder, an introspective look at domestic violence and racism in and towards the Muslim-American community is important.

Christianity is the Reason the U.S. is So Homophobic, But Here's How We Can Fix It

To address the American homophobic culture, the government should add school programs that teach the Christian religion emphasizes tolerance.

New Al-Shabaab Terrorist Attack in Mogadishu Won't Derail Somalia's Recovery

Al-Shabaab's recent attack at the National Theater should not dispel the hope that Mogadishu is making an impressive comeback in the face of continued challenges.

NBC is Right to Fire Producer Over Editing of George Zimmerman 911 Call

The incident is reminiscent of the 2010 unjust firing of government official Shirley Sherrod by the Obama Administration after misleading video by the late conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Kony 2012 and Kony 2012 Part 2 Show How Facebook and Social Media Promote Millennial Slacktivism

Posting a status update or liking something on Facebook is certainly easy, but it's also a form of slacktivism, giving millennials a false sense of creating change.

Masters 2012 Debate: Should Augusta National Admit Women to Golf Tournament? Mitt Romney and President Obama Weigh in

At this year's Masters tournament, President and Obama and Mitt Romney are telling the Augusta National golf club how to run its business in an attempt to attract women voters.

Nikki Haley: Want More Women In Office? Then More Women Should Run

You know why women aren't in office? Because a lot of women aren't running. Most women simply aren't interested in running for office.

PTSD is Not the Cause of Veteran Violence, But War Still Has a Negative Psychological Effect On Soldiers

There is a media and public misperception that PTSD/TBI are to blame for violence by vets. However, blaming incidents on individual actions should not be an excuse for long wars, multiple tours.

Omar Suleiman, Mubarak's Man, Enters Egypt Presidential Race

Faces from Mubarak's regime keep surfacing trying to get themselves a place in the new Egypt. Presidency seems to be the new fashionable position for the remnants.

Obama Supreme Court Comments Reveal Misunderstandings About Judicial Activism

Judicial activism can mean upholding a law just as much as striking it down.

Welfare is Broken and Government is Too Big: The Case for Free Enterprise in America

The case for free enterprise is based on morality not materiality.

ALEC Dropped by Kraft, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Intuit In Response to the Trayvon Martin Case

Many different companies have jumped off of the ALEC ship, including the food stuffs behemoth, Kraft, in response to its part in the "Stand Your Ground Law."