A Gender Mystery: Why Do More Women Than Men Study Abroad in College?

Individual university surveys as well as nationwide surveys show that more college undergraduate women take advantage of study abroad opportunities than men.

What Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Should Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK's strategy: gain the attention and respect of the powerful, form and execute a coherent strategy of change, and bring all of the diverse groups under one banner of justice.

Unemployment Rate is Actually at 14.5%, Despite Obama Administration Claims Otherwise

Despite the fact that unemployment has dropped to 8.2%, the economy is far worse off that the Obama administration is letting on. He's praying that the true numbers never become widely known.

The Balkan War Legacy: Rape As a Weapon of War

During the conflict in the Balkans, violating women became an overt weapon of war.

Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial Seen As Racist, Especially in the Aftermath of the Trayvon Martin Case

Global fast food chain Burger King and Grammy-winning R&B singer Mary J. Blige face backlash from fans over stereotypical "Crispy Chicken" commercial.

Top 5 Most Underrated National Parks in America

The five most beautiful national parks that most people have never heard of.

Economic Recession Forces Millions of Americans to Work on Easter Sunday

With no paid holidays, no paid vacation, and no paid sick leave guaranteed by the government, Americans are work prisoners at the mercy of their employers. Can anything be done to stop this?

Military Should Not Ban Ron Paul Supporters, Google Glasses Mean We'll Never Unplug, and the 5 Most Popular PolicyMic Stories This Week

This week's stories ranged from Google Goggles to the new Kony 2012 Part II video. Here are the top five stories people were reading, sharing, Tweeting, Facebooking, and commenting on this week.

One Year After Horrific Iraq Camp Ashraf Massacre, U.S. Must Pave Way to Resettlement to Avoid War With Iran

One year ago on April 8, 2011, the Iraqi army assaulted Camp Ashraf, the residence of 3,400 Iranian exiles. Resolving that incident may hold the key to bringing about regime change in Iran.

What Kony 2012 Part II Still Doesn't Address: The West Cannot 'Save' Africa

Invisible Children's follow-up video is much more grounded in facts. But it’s still problematic, by insisting that Western outside saviors will solve the problems in Uganda.

ALEC is a Shadowy Organization Which Promotes Corporate Interests and Harms Democracy

ALEC’s mission of promoting limited government is deeply misleading. In reality, it promotes privatizing government and allowing corporations to profit from taxpayers’ dollars.

Oklahoma Shooting Spree Suspects Arrested, Tulsa Reactions

As a resident of Tulsa for 15+ years, my gut reaction is one of empathy for those affected in the recent crime spree. But in a sad, retrospective examination - this type of crime is nothing new.

New Facebook App Allows Users to Make Enemies Rather Than Friends

The ability to "enemy" someone or something on Facebook may seem like a reasonable addition, but it may also be a catalyst for cyber bullying or unnecessary Internet drama.

President Obama Keeps Open Diplomacy With Iran Over Nuclear Program

Washington maintains diplomatic course with Teheran for a potential peaceful resolution, but Israel and Iran must do more.

Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Election Should Not Cause the US to Lift Economic Sanctions on Burma

The U.S. must not end economic sanctions against Myanmar, instead it should use them to pressure the country's government to end widespread human rights abuses.