Why Brain Drain May Actually Be a Good Thing

Brain drain, or the outflow of skilled people from a particular country or region to another, may actually have some positive benefits.

The Big Take-Away From 'Hunger Games' Movie: Americans Value Beauty More Than Bravery

The casting of the Hunger Games shows how attractiveness is much more of a factor in a movie than actual heroic accomplishments.

Whites Being Excluded From the Race Debate

We are afraid to talk about race because it is a one sided debate with a clearly defined antagonist.

March 2012 Jobs Report Highlights Youth Unemployment, But Upward Trends for Millennials

The 120,000 jobs added in the month of March present the weakest job growth since October 2011, but here's why the news is not all bad.

5 Reasons Why Congress Should Not Work in Washington, D.C.

Requiring congresspeople to work in D.C. is detrimental to our democracy.

Bringing in More Immigrants Will Actually Create More American Jobs

There is at least one way to revamp our workforce and fuel our economic recovery that does not break the bank: We can be smarter about our immigration laws.

Obama Will Win Reelection in 2012, Mostly Because of the Disastrous Republican Primary Process

Republicans could have beaten Obama in 2012, but their primary strategy has been a total fail.

After Missing 92% of House Votes, Ron Paul Should Drop Out of the 2012 Presidential Race

By prolonging a not competitive presidential bid while missing 92% of the votes in the House of Representatives, the libertarian congressman from Texas is holding himself to a different standard.

Obama Using War on Women and Class Warfare to Distract Americans From Weak Economy

Against a weak economic recovery and job record, the Obama re-election campaign is aiming to distract Americans with class warfare and trying to convince women they need dependence on government.

Is the Economy Growing? Government Spending Distorts GDP Measurements

GDP fails as a metric of prosperity due to the inclusion of government spending.

Facebook Takes Over Instagram For $1B While Zynga Drops $200M For OMGPOP

Two of the largest acquisitions to date in the social media world haven been announced on the same day, raising concerns about excessive consolidation in a young but wildly profitable industry.

Iranian Dissidents Suffering at the Hands of U.S. and Iraqi Government at Camp Liberty

One year after the Camp Ashraf massacre, the world should be more vigilant towards Iranian dissidents and their cry for freedom, which are a reflection of the call from millions in Iran.

Intelligence Experts: Despite Bin Laden's Death, al Qaeda Still Seeking Nuclear Weapon

According to credible American intelligence assessments, al Qaeda has been after a nuclear weapon for more than a decade.

Why Climate Change Is A National Security Double Eagle, Not An Environmentalist Invention

Climate change is a security risk. But how can we go from risk, to opportunity?

If Republicans Control Washington in November, Expect Social Issues and Tax Reform to Be Priorities

If Republicans win both houses of Congress and the presidency in November, don't expect things to change and get better. Republicans will still act like politicians and pick winners and losers.

How Tim Tebow and Modern Evangelicals Are Rising to Power in America

Tim Tebow's unique style of cosmopolitan Christianity is a model for how should all approach religion, public service, and our day jobs.

Oil And Gas Account For 90% of US Imports from Middle East, US Should Diversify And Strengthen Economic Ties Following Arab Spring

Currently, Oil and gas account for over 90% of US imports from the region and US investment has been largely confined to the energy sector.

Romney Wins, Santorum Stumbles, and Gingrich Gaffes: The Highs and Lows of the 2012 Republican Primary

All the best and worst points of the 2012 Republican Primary

Montreal Tuition Hike Protests Surge, But Why Are Students Protesting?

Quebec students protest tuition hikes with good intentions, but ultimately unreasonable demands.

Nepal Turning Into a Danger Zone For Journalists, Especially After Yadav Poudel Murder

Nepal, a country that is slowly trying to recover the wounds and scars of the 10 years of internal conflict, is once again turning out to be risky place for the local journalists.

Deepak Chopra Interview Reveals the Solution to Washington Gridlock

We'll never solve any problems until we stop emphasizing ideologies over solutions. Let's be practical and revive a spirit of compromise that uses the best of what each ideology offers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Uses Publicity Stunt to Smooth Over Chinese Factory Labor Controversy

Labor controversy is a pattern with companies that manufacture abroad — Apple is simply the latest. This is likely a publicity stunt to ensure that Apple has a good public image.

How a Barry Bonds Home Run in Baseball Explains Economics and Law

What a home run in baseball can teach us about both economics and law.

Watch Out Facebook Users: Asks Mark Zuckerberg to Include a Third Sex Option

Nepal’s openly gay lawmaker Sunil Babu Pant expects Facebook to respond to his plea to include a third gender option. It is important that Facebook consider this request.

Kofi Annan Syria Plan Lets Assad Set the Terms

Kofi Annan's six-point peace plan legitimizes the Syrian government as a part of the solution to the current crisis, and ultimately harms the opposition movement.

Shocking Police Brutality Against College Kids and Occupy Wall Street Protesters Completely Unjustified

Institutional violence used to quell protester unruliness is unacceptable under all circumstances.

Fighting Erupts Between Hezbollah and the Free Syrian Army ... on the Paintball Field

A game of paintball highlights the dramatic changes that are currently sweeping the Levant.

Britain Wrongly Fighting Arab Activist: Palestinian Leader Wins Appeal Against UK Deportation Order

British justice triumphs over the Home Secretary and there are now calls for her to step down following the implications that she was not fair in her initial judgement.

Highlights From Ron Paul 8 Leading Libertarian Thinkers

Eight insightful, foretelling, and defining quotes from libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and other voluntarists - historical and modern.

Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen In Hot Water For 'I Love Fidel Castro' Comment

The outspoken Venezuelan-born former MLB shortstop and current manager of the Miami Marlins will hold a press conference from the Marlins Park to apologize to South Florida's Cuban community.