Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Here are the New 5 Most Dangerous Men in the World

The world's most dangerous men.

Ron Paul Keeps Winning as Supporters Prepare For a Battle With GOP Old Guard

Ron Paul supporters look to Nevada State GOP Convention this weekend for the election of delegates to the Republican National Convention and a showdown with Republican Party leadership.

The Real Reason that Eating Meat is Ethical

Think you're doing no harm when you chow down on a salad? Think again.

Ron Paul Economic Theories Exposed By Paul Krugman in TV Debate

In a recent debate on Bloomberg TV, economist and New York Times pundit Paul Krugman debunked Ron Paul's bizarro economic theories.

5 Best Pixar Movies of All-Time

Pixar has officially released its lineup for 2013-2015, and if it's anything like these five movies, it's going to be a fun three years.

Occupy Wall Street May Day 'General Strike' Will Amount to Nothing

On May Day, OWS will play music, hold a one-day university, close off bridges, and Rage Against the Machine, but for what purpose?

10 Pop Culture Internet Memes That Should Be Criminalized

From Keyboard Cat to Kony 2012, it's time to put these memes away.

May Day 2012: Communist Conspiracies, and the Reason the U.S. Does Not Celebrate

Why does the U.S. celebrate Labor Day in September, while the rest of the world honors workers on May Day? Ask Ike Eisenhower.

Ron Paul: the Most Conservative Congressman, According to New Study

Ron Paul's rank as the "most conservative congressman" since 1937 says a lot about the changing face of conservatism as well as public debate.

India's Successful Nuclear Missile Launch Escalates Tensions With China

The successful launch of India's long-range, nuclear-capable missile, highlights the deep-rooted and growing tensions between India and China.

French Elections 2012: Marine Le Pen is the Key Player

Though she is out of the presidential race, Marine Le Pen has a new role: that of the referee of the second round of the presidential election.

Romney Would Have Killed Osama Bin Laden Too, BTW

While their 2012 campaign slogan may be "Forward," Barack Obama and Joe Biden are moving backward by making a weak and desperate case that Mitt Romney would not have hunted down Osama Bin Laden.

May Day 2012: The Rebirth of Occupy Wall Street

History attempts to repeat itself on May 1, as Occupy Wall Street and supporters around the world gather to protest the abuse of power and wealth, on the historically significant May Day.

For U.S. to Get Out of Economic Slump, Simply Build Better Roads and Ports

Changing our policies towards roads and ports would fix a majority of our international and domestic freight problems, improving America's commercial strength.

Gingrich Drops Out: A Eulogy For the Ridiculous Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Run

Newt Gingrich is finally pulling the plug on his improbable campaign.

New World Trade Center Symbolizes the New York State of Mind

New York City waited ten years for the new World Trade Center: More than a symbol of our resilience, the new tower defines the American character.

4 Things That Can Derail An Obama 2012 Win

Matt Damon can hurt Obama's chances just as much as bad unemployment data.

ALEC Loses Another Partner: National Board For Professional Teaching Standards Cuts Ties

The national certifying body for teachers in the U.S., participated in ALEC's Education Task Force until April.

New Miami Marlins Stadium Offers Everything Except Baseball

The new Miami Marlins ballpark has all the bells and whistles, but executives might have forgotten that fans don't come for fancy art or posh pools. They're there for the baseball.

One World Trade Center is the Ultimate Testament to Bin Laden's Defeat

On Monday, the Freedom Tower became the tallest building in New York City. A personal reflection on this milestone, and how far we've come since 9/11.

Obama Should Shut Up About Killing Bin Laden

A tongue-in-cheek look on the flare up around Obama's attack of Romney's foreign policy credentials.

Facebook Organ Donation Option Deserves Your 'Like'

Is the newly launched Facebook organ donation feature the right way to reverse the nationwide organ shortage?

4 Reasons Why Afghanistan Will Be a Hot Topic in the 2012 Elections

After 11 years and billions of dollars, Afghanistan will still be a pertinent issue in elections around the world.

Don't Rip Apple for Dodging Taxes: U.S. Tax Code Needs to be Fixed Immediately

The case with Apple shows that tax competitiveness is important, and that the U.S. tax code needs an overhaul.

e-The People: How Facebook and Myspace Transformed American Politics

From Obama Girl on YouTube to President Obama's Pintrest board, the story of how social networks have become politicians' best friend.

To Combat the American Obesity Epidemic, Real Choices Are Needed

It is too simple to say that the poor and obese need to make better food choices. Rather, they need fewer constraints so that their available choices are realistic.

May Day 2012: Occupy Wall Street Plans World 'Coming Out Party' From Sydney to NYC

OWS makes its triumphant return to the world stage on May Day, and it's hopefully here to stay.

May Day 2012: Follow Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and Say 'No' to Public Sector Unions

May Day celebrates a time when unions were necessary, but are they today?

Will Brooklyn Nets Make Jay-Z the King of New York, Or a Jester in Knicks' Court?

Jay-Z's small task at hand: Win over a city of 8 million fans who are loyal to Amar'e Stoudemire and the Knicks, in a borough where most Manhattanites refuse to go.

Thanks to Occupy Wall Street, This May Day Will Show the Power of the 99%

For nearly 130 years, May Day has been a date to inspire change in labor politics. This year, in the wake of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the day could see the most activity it has in years.

What is May Day 2012? Chance For Action on Immigration and Financial Reform

While the May Day events are important reminders of the systemic issues affecting our culture, the day in general is a reminder of the considerable work ahead.

SpaceX Successfully Test Fires Falcon 9 Rocket Engine and Will Launch Soon

Hopefully the entire Dragon Capsule mission will be as successful as today's test.

The Strange Connection Between 'Real Housewives' and the O.J. Simpson Trial

The character of O.J. Simpson and "The Trial of the Century" helped changed television forever.

Obama Kicks Off 2012 Campaign With Speech On Saturday

On Saturday, the president and First Lady Michelle Obama will officially hold their first campaign rallies of the 2012 campaign in Ohio and Virginia.

As America's Waistline Expands, Obesity Costs Soar

Policy makers seem to be left scratching their heads pondering what they should do about the obesity crisis.

Republicans Want Us to Choose Between Education and Health, We Deserve Both

When considering education, health, and America’s future, an investment in one without the other is no investment at all. And that’s the investment GOP lawmakers would prefer.

How the Commerce Clause Has Allowed Government to Control Your Life

What was meant to be a minor tweak in the Constitution became the foundation for every kind of government overreaching you (or your congressman) could think of.

Obama Afghanistan Speech: Bin Laden Dead, But More U.S. Troops Through 2024

President Obama cannot ask America to continue putting our loved ones and economy at risk by staying in Afghanistan through 2024.