Mother's Day 2012: The Changing Dynamic of Mother-Daughter Relationships

A recent conversation about modern-day parenting, coupled with Mother's Day this Sunday, led me to wonder how 20-something women imagine themselves as soon-to-be parents.

Tea Party Influence Within the GOP Led to Richard Lugar's Defeat

The Tea Party may not make headlines everyday, but they are still strong and active within the GOP ranks. Their quiet power helped to defeat long-time incumbent Richard Lugar.

How the Trayvon Martin Case Went Viral, With the Help of Hip-Hop and Twitter

Everybody, including President Obama, had a thing or two to say about the case, but it was the hip-hop community and social networks that made Trayvon Martin such a viral phenomenon.

Adam Yauch Was a Muslim Hero

The Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch will be sorely missed. In addition to changing the face of music, he was standing up for Muslims long before Islamophobia was even on our minds.

Why Mitt Romney Wins Votes, But Ron Paul Continues to Win Delegates

Mitt Romney has by far scored the most votes in presidential primaries. Yet, his lack of grassroots support and inability to inspire shows why he is losing delegates to Ron Paul.

Obama Takes a Stand for Gay Rights, Now It's Your Turn: Here's What You Can Do

President Obama's stance supporting same-sex marriage is a step in the right direction for LGBT rights, but now it's time for us to use our voices to combat injustice and discrimination.

Student Loan Bill Met by Partisan Stalemate in Congress

Nearly every GOP senator blocked debate on a bill that would prevent student loan interest rates from doubling. Both parties agree to extend lower rates. Neither agrees on how to pay for it.

Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign Was Ruined by the Paulbots

Ron Paul’s passion is mirrored by the passion of his supporters. The unwavering support from the Paulbots is nearly cultish and its intensity undermines Paul's political prowess.

Mother's Day 2012: 13 Moms Tell You What They Really Want (Don't Mess Up!)

She gave you life, she gave you love, she taught you everything she knows ... now, what in the world do you get her for Mother's Day?

Michele Bachmann Withdraws Her Swiss Citizenship

Michele Bachmann and her family recently applied for and were granted Swiss citizenship .... and then she changed her mind. She should resign from Congress.

5 Reasons Why Lugar's Loss in Indiana Primary Doesn't Spell the End for Congress

Sen. Dick Lugar’s loss on Tuesday to Richard Mourdock in the Indiana primary does not signify the death of problem-solving in Washington. Here are five reasons why.

Live Tweet Brain Surgery Gives Us a Front Seat in the OR (+Video)

On Wednesday morning, Dr. Dong Kim made history, by removing a tumor from the brain of a 21-year old woman, while live tweeting the details of each incision from start to finish.

Who Said Snacking Isn't Healthy? 6 Healthy Eating Tips to Stay Fit

Snacks drive the trends in U.S. overeating, but here are six ways to make healthier food decisions.

Egypt Presidential Debate 2012: LIVE

On Thursday, Egypt's leading candidates in the upcoming election square off in a presidential debate which is certain to be divisive. Follow along live.

Wisconsin Recall Election: Scott Walker vs. Tom Barrett Showdown Looming

Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett were the big winners Tuesday in Wisconsin's primary recall election, but both need to focus on maintaining their momentum until June 5.

This is My Confession: I'm a Liberal Who Hates Freedom, Loves Taxes, and Has Declared a War on Marriage [Satire]

It's time we 'fessed up to it. Yes, liberals are tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, New York Times-reading freak shows.

Mitt Romney Mega Donor: The 1% Aren't the Problem, They're the Solution

Ex-Managing Director at Bain Ed Conard says inequality may actually be good for America.

Why Obama's Gay Marriage Announcement Will Help, Not Hurt Him in 2012

From a political standpoint, the President’s move was smart. It keeps the gays happy, will reinvigorate young people, and gives him credibility for 2012.

Bristol Palin Rips Obama on Gay Marriage and Says 'Glee' is Wrong for America

Bristol Palin has weighed in with her two cents, taking issue with the way in which President Obama declared his stance on gay marriage.

6 Ways to Say 'Thank You' on Teacher Appreciation Week

Your teacher never really liked those apples you gave her. Here are six fun, socially-good ways to say 'thank you' during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Wait, What Exactly is Obama Doing About Gay Marriage?

Amidst all the white noise, exactly what did Obama say he is doing about gay marriage? The answer is ... nothing.

Trapped Under Castro's Regime: How Cubans Are Prisoners in Their Own Country

The ability to travel is a privilege, not a right in Cuba.

North Carolina Amendment 1 Petition: Q & A with Creator of One Million Strong Campaign

Q and A with Jenn Halweil, creator of the "1 Million Against Amendment 1" petition to overturn North Carolina's Amendment 1.

President Obama is Lying About His Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Do you want a president who will stand by his convictions regardless of the political risk? Or one who will admit to certain beliefs only after it seems politically expedient?

Double Agent Plot Shows Everything That is Wrong with the CIA

The latest "terror plot" is really just a microcosm of all that is wrong with American anti-terrorism efforts of the last decade.

Thank You, President Obama: Finally the 'Hope' and 'Change' We've All Been Waiting For

How was a man that was all about “hope” and “change” going to avoid such a critical issue, an issue that is the civil rights battle of our generation?

Pinterest: 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Grow Your Business

Before you spend too much time pinning for pleasure, here are five simple ways you can unleash your “pinning purpose” and boost your business.

North Carolina Amendment One: 3 State Voters React

Three North Carolina residents to share their reactions to Amendment One, North Carolina's same-sex marriage ban passed earlier this week.

Al-Jazeera Reporter Expelled from China: What Does This Mean for Media Relations?

Al-Jazeera English correspondent Melissa Chan was expelled from China; pundits describe the situation as a 14-year low for overseas journalists. However, Chan's case may be especially unique.

Mitt Romney Invokes Bill Clinton for Centrist Appeal, But It's a Losing Strategy

Romney’s attempt to hijack the Clinton legacy to garner moderate Democrat and independent voters is an abundantly misguided approach.