Summer Reading 2012: 10 New Must-Read Books

School's almost out for summer, but that doesn't mean you should swear off books 'til September. Here are 10 new summer releases that definitely deserve a spot on your Kindle.

Why is Socialism Winning in France, But Demonized in the U.S.?

While it is inconceivable for a socialist to win in the American elections, but that is exactly what happened in France earlier this week.

Ron Paul Economic Superiority: GOP Show They're Hypocrites With Export-Import Banks

Republican support for the Export-Import Bank shows why Ron Paul is needed to remind the GOP what opposition to wealth redistribution actually entails

Mother's Day 2012: In Defense of the TIME Breastfeeding Cover

America's reaction to the TIME magazine's latest cover is overblown and immature.

MMA is Not Dangerous and Should Be Legalized in New York

Despite its violent image, mixed martial arts is safer than boxing and football, and it's illogical for New York to insist it remain illegal.

Dog Owners Beware: Maryland Warns That Pit Bulls Are a Danger as Government Targets Your Pets

The Maryland supreme court ruling declaring pit bulls "inherently dangerous" is a slippery slope that may affect all dog owners across the nation.

30 Rock Cancelled, Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan, and Beyonce in Couture: This Week in Pop Culture

'Community' cancelled, Johnny Depp as a vampire, superstars in couture, Hollywood's version of Ronald Reagan. A lot happened this week! Here's a culture recap to get you through the weekend.

CISPA and SOPA: What Older Generations Just Don't Get About the Internet

Bills like CISPA and SOPA are threatening our free speech and privacy rights online. But are we ignoring vital allies: the elderly?

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

A homophobe's go-to guide on how to fight back against the gay menace.

Civil War History Facts You Aren't Supposed to Know

A few things your history teachers may have forgotten to tell you about.

Call of Duty: 4 Iraq War Veterans Tell Their Battlefield Stories a Give a Face to the War

Few Americans know the men and women who are defending their country. But these brave Americans exist — with names, faces, and realities.

How Memes Help Chinese Dissidents and Chen Guangcheng Supporters Evade Censorship

In China, memes memes have not only been a vehicle for humor, but also a veil for social and political criticism.

After Greek Election Results, How Much Longer Will Greece Stay in the Euro Zone?

Over 60% of Greek voters said no to austerity measures by the EU and the IMF in the last elections. What does that mean?

How Not to Write About Iran

The biggest blunders the mainstream media makes on Iran

Teen Girl Forced to Marry Her Rapist in Morocco

Women's rights and freedom has been stricken again, after judge pressures an underage girl to marry the man that raped her. Corrupted Moroccan criminal code should be changed.

In NC Amendment 1 Aftermath, a North Carolina Resident's Perspective

Ignorance and prejudice – and perhaps possible election fraud – were highlighted in North Carolina on Tuesday.

College Athletes Graduate to New Forms of Exercise: Millenials Search for the Work-Life Balance

As college students, we took for granted our work-life balance. Now, as we enter the workforce, we are looking for new ways to find that balance; and exercise is a big part of the equation.

Free Market Space Race: SpaceX and the Liberty Rocket Compete to Take Us to the Stars

Today's space race is between private companies. Which ever company wins will play a large role in deciding the future of space travel.

Why Chelsea Clinton is a Good Media Personality For NBC

Economist Gary North explains why he, a staunch Conservative, likes Chelsea Clinton's TV presence.

Al-Qaeda's Evolving Terror Tactics Pose a Major Threat to the U.S.

One year after Bin Laden’s assassination the recent underwear bomb plot shows that the threat of terrorism still exists and continues to evolve.

Post-Fukushima, 80% of Japanese Are Against Nuclear Energy: Should Japan Shut Down its Reactors?

Japan's last nuclear reactor closed this week, touching off nation-wide celebrations. But if that means increased reliance on fossil fuel imports, should the Japanese really be rejoicing?

The Biggest LGBT Triumph of the Week: Argentina's New Gender-Identity Bill

While President Obama clearly stated his endorsement for same-sex marriage, Argentina surpassed America in the fight for LGBT rights.

TIME Breastfeeding Cover: Giving Breastfeeding a Bad Name Across America

TIME doesn't want women to breastfeed. If they did, they should have illustrated "attachment parenting" with more appeal than a super-sized kid breastfeeding with the help of a stool.

Breast Feeding Story in TIME a Legitimate Profile of a Different Type of Parenting

While judging other people's methods of parenting seems to be a favorite pastime of Americans, people should stop pretending they definitively know what is right or wrong when it comes to kids.

Redesigning the 2012 Primary System So Americans Give a Darn Again

Our presidential primary system deprives voters in the later contests a say in nominee selection. Eliminating this burden comes at too high a price, but it can be shared more equitably.

Hip-Hop Artist Anonymous: A New Voice of Truth on the Rap Scene

A review of Anonymous's new album: socio-political rage, the brutal squelching of instinct and the numbing nature of commercialization. All rapped with a dash of humor.

Before Facebook, Netflix, and Xbox, it Was Radio: Why We Should Use Imagination a Little More

At one time, Americans had to meet their entertainment halfway with their imaginations.

Ron Paul is the Only One Who Can Save America From 4 More Years of Obama

Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents real conservatism, and Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich simply don't seem to get it.

Millennials and Banking Jobs: Despite Myths, Big Banks Are Still Hiring the Best Ivy League Grads

Big banks are scooping up some of the brightest Ivy Leaguers to fill their ranks. If you're interested, here are the qualifications they're looking for.

Mitt Romney Tenure At Cranbrook Prep School in Focus: Why Should You Care?

The focus of the Romney bullying story isn't gay-bashing, it is how we perceive the prep school culture. Here are some worthy questions to ask on the subject.

Western Media Has Forgotten the Bright Side of Africa

The western media are so unprofessional when reporting on Africa and they should be stopped.