Ron Paul Supporters Chased by Mitt Romney at Oklahoma Republican State Convention

In what is an unorthodox turn of events, the Oklahoma Republican Convention has reconvened in the parking lot of the Embassy Suites in Norman after party officials called for an early adjournment

Ron Paul Set to Win Oklahoma, But Romney Looks to Fight Back Against Paul Supporters

After Ron Paul's campaign captured an estimated 60% of Oklahoma's available delegates at the congressional level, Mitt Romney's campaign realized they may have a problem on their hands.

Terrorist Toddler JetBlue Incident Shows What's Wrong With TSA

The Transportation Security Administration needs new security measures that don’t racially profile American individuals.

Hugo Chavez Returns From Cuba, Betty White Endorses Obama, and What You Need to Know on Saturday

From LeBron James winning the 2012 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award to Mitt Romney officially opposing gay marriage, a rundown of the stories you will be updating your friends about.

Rape Capital of America Story Reflects a Larger College Binge Party Problem

The majority of the rape cases have been brought by students at the University of Montana surely point to something that's inherently out of line in America's undergraduate party culture.

Eduardo Saverin Tax Evasion Aftermath: Time to Impose Global 1% Wealth Tax on Billionaires

To fight international tax evasion, impose a international tax on the world's wealthiest citizens.

Serbia Election Results Don't Experience the Same Turmoil Seen in Greek and French Elections

In the great debate on the Greek and French election results, elections in a Serbia have passed unnoticed.

Ron Paul Is a Threat to the GOP Old Guard, Whether They Admit it Or Not

While Mitt Romney is concerned, plenty of the GOP old guard remain calm. They have seen many movements come and go, and when that movement runs out of energy, the old guard always comes back.

Occupy the Farm Faces Backlash: Does UC Berkeley Care About Public Interests?

Admist concerns about cozy corporate relations, UC Berkeley's escalting efforts to evict Occupy the Farm begs the question: just how commited to the public interest is this public university?

Al-Qaeda Double Agent Plot Was An Extraordinary CIA Intelligence Coup

The joint effort by the CIA and Saudi intelligence to infiltrate Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the most lethal of the Al-Qaeda affiliates, was nothing short of brilliant intelligence work.

Ron Paul and Sarah Palin Make Strange Bedfellows by Supporting Texas Tea Party Ted Cruz

The former governor of Alaska and the libertarian champion throw their support behind Texas Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz for Senate.

Twitter Meme #MittRomneyFilms Rightly Rips Mitt Romney on Gay Bullying Incident

The #MittRomneyFilms Twitter hashtag is a satirical way of encompassing the problems people have with Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate.

This Mother's Day, Allen Wranglers' Terrell Owens Talks Child Support on 'Dr. Phil' [+Video]

There are people who would give anything to be with their children, while some are doing their best to pretend like they don't exist. How could you not do right by your own flesh and blood?

Facebook Founder Eduardo Saverin Drops US Citizenship to Avoid Paying Taxes on $100B Payday

Saverin's decision to renounce his U.S. citizenship ahead of the company's $100 billion IPO highlights the problems with our country's federal tax policy.

Don't Wait Until Mothers Day 2012 to Tell Your Mom You Love Her

Mothers have already shared what they want on PolicyMic … and none of them mentioned a dozen roses, a new outfit, or a fancy brunch!