20 Things to Totally Do Before You Graduate From College

You only go college once (hopefully). Make sure you make the most of it.

Ron Paul Supporters at Arizona GOP Convention Get Undeserved Media Attack

USA Today ran a story late Saturday that portrayed Ron Paul supporters undeservedly in a bad light.

Greece is the Sick Man of Europe and Should Never Have Been Part of the EU

Greece should never have been part of the euro zone. Denying the Greek membership would have rendered a great service to the country, namely its true autonomy.

Ron Paul Message Diminished by Son Rand's Comments on Obama and Gay Marriage

Ron Paul's march to the GOP nomination after key wins in Oklahoma and Arizona could be threatened by son Rand's endorsement of traditional marriage which is more in tune with Mitt Romney's views.

Non-Tech Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation This Mothers Day

Here are some ways to show mom that you care and that she matters to you besides giving her an iPad or free BlueMountain and Hallmark cards this Mothers Day.

Would You Have Voted For NC Amendment 1? Why Voting in Primaries is So Darn Important

You might think that “primary” means Republican in 2012, but that’s not the case.

Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and the Top 5 Moms in American Politics

From Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen's SAHM controversy to the classic hockey moms, this election season has placed motherhood front and center. Here are the top 5 moms in American politics.

Ron Paul Won't Serve as Mitt Romney's Vice President

With several state conventions yet to meet and Mitt Romney's lack of support outside of party insiders and the media, Ron Paul is very unlikely to consider running as Romney's vice president.

On Mothers Day 2012, Cease in Hostilities in the War on Women and Mommy Wars

Let's drop the wars on women and mothers and get back to the roots of Mother’s Day, founded as a call for peace.

Malcolm Gladwell Gets It Wrong: The World Needs College Football

A debate sponsored by Slate and Intelligence Squared argued for ending college football. This would be a mistake.

Jamie Dimon JP Morgan Chase $2B Loss Highlights the Need for Financial Regulation

As Mitt Romney makes the case for less government regulation as paramount to accelerate the economic recovery, a new $2 billion loss by JP Morgan Chase highlights the need for the Volcker Rule.

In Romney Gay Bully Saga, Mainstream Media Makes Something Out of Nothing

The mainstream media has been trying to sell Mitt Romney as a bully and a thug, but both the timing and questionable facts of this story should be given a closer look.

German Elections Live Results: Angela Merkel Austerity Plan Loses

Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union lost in Germany's most important regional elections as voters of the most populous state rejected Angie's Austerity.