HBO's 'Girls' Adds to Our Mass Confusion About HPV

The hit show 'Girls' has it's finger on the pulse of all things millennial. But, this past weekend's episode muddied it's medical facts and added to our generation's mass confusion about HPV.

3 Ways the Internet has Changed Your Life

As NYC plays host to Internet Week, a festival in celebration of the Internet, it brings in to question, what exactly has the Internet done for us?

Miss Represented: Women's Success in the 21st Century is Still Defined by Sex

In 2012, the female struggle continues to be a fight to define our success as something other than our role in the reproductive process.

Idaho Primary Results Live: Ron Paul Steals Delegates From Mitt Romney

Idaho will hold its state and congressional primary on Tuesday, the first closed primary in the state’s history. And it could have national implications.

Paul Ryan and Conservative Catholics Use Faith to Defend Their Political Agendas

Conservative Cafeteria Catholics are just as real as their liberal counterparts, but their hypocrisy is growing more dangerous to our civil liberties by the day.

Facebook IPO: What is an IPO and What Does It Mean for Facebook

What's an IPO? What does it mean for the financial structure of the Internet? And what's Facebook? (just kidding)

How to Unplug and Be Present in Our Over-Connected World

In the face of a slowed-down economy, weak job market and hyper-connected social atmosphere, millennals are taking more and more notice of trends in being mindful.

Oregon Primary LIVE Results: Ron Paul Supporters Keep Marching

Ron Paul supporters keep determined to help their candidate accumulate delegates in today's Oregon primary as Mitt Romney inches closer to the magic number of 1,144.

Ron Paul or Mitt Romney? Americans Deserve More than One Vote in the 2012 Election

Limiting voters to one vote limits the amount of candidates they can select and the views those candidates hold. More votes would shift power from political parties to political individuals.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Are Against Gay Marriage, Compromising Their Libertarian Values

In a recent campaign stump for his father, GOP contender Ron Paul, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul openly stated that are against gay marriage.

Everything HBO's 'Weight of the Nation' Got Wrong About Obesity

HBO's new obesity documentary has generated a lot attention, but the film gets many things wrong about the obesity epidemic.

Are Ron Paul Supporters Republicans? Only 7% of RP Supporters Are Active in GOP

Recent analysis has shown that Ron Paul is doing well despite having only an estimated 7% of supporters active in the GOP.

How Medical Schools Are Failing to Teach Genetics

Medical schools should integrate the detailed study of genetics in their curricula.

Jerry Brown: Feel Free to Raise My California Taxes (But Spend My Money Better!)

California doesn't have a "spending" or "revenue" problem, it's a lack of accountability.

Francois Hollande Plane Struck By Lightning, Casts Shadow Over French Presidential Inauguration

François Hollande's flight to Berlin suffered a direct hit from a celestial high-voltage bolt. Is it a sign of bad things to come for France?

Gay Marriage Endorsement By Obama Reminiscent of LBJ Civil Rights Victories

Though history is being made as Obama goes public in his support for gay marriage, it is in some ways repeating itself.

Nebraska Primary 2012: Race for Ben Nelson Senate Seat Heating Up

The big question in the Nebraska primary be if President Barack Obama will get one Nebraska electoral vote, as he did during the 2008 election. Romney should pick up most votes here.

Yahoo CEO Quits Amid Resume Scandal: Is This the End of Yahoo?

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson stepped down last week because of a misrepresentation on his resume for a degree in Computer Science he never received. This is just one of Yahoo's many problems.

SpaceX Paves New Future for Private Space Exploration, But Congress Could Ruin All Progress

Congress once again may decide to pick winners and losers in a vote next week, which would effectively destroy innovation and competition in the free market for space exploration.

Ron Paul Wins Idaho? State Election Exemplifies Libertarian's Successful Delegate Strategy

Ron Paul's strategy in Idaho illustrates how the Texas Congressman will influence Republican politics long in the future.

Nakba Day Protests 2012: LIVE

Tuesday marks Palestine's Nakba Day, or "Catastrophe Day," to mark the displacement of Palestinians from their homes in Israel in the 1948 war. Follow along live.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Are Not Pro-Choice, in Contrast to Their Libertarian Views

In a recent campaign stump for his father, Rand Paul openly stated that the Paul campaign is against gay marriage and abortion.

Big Government Stifles Biomedical Research

The NIH and the HHS should make all federally funded biomedical and health research publicly available within six months of publication.

Medicare is Woefully Lacking for Seniors Who Want it Most

Congress should create a comprehensive benefit option for Medicare to reduce administrative costs for beneficiaries and encourage insurers to become more efficient.

Why America is Not Prepared to Treat Our Obesity Crisis

Efforts to treat the third of Americans who are obese are futile until we train key actors in medical academies to effectively handle obesity management.

So You Caught Someone Cheating ... Do You Tell?

At some point or another we all find ourselves tangled up in this unpleasant situation. But what do you do about it? Find out how to navigate this tricky situation as a young adult.

Mitt Romney A to Z: Your Complete Guide to the GOP Nominee in Election 2012

Find out where Mitt Romney stands on all of the important issues now that the last GOP challenger has bowed out of the race.

Sacha Baron Cohen's 'The Dictator' Proves Everything is Fair Game in Comedy

While Sacha Baron Cohen's newest movie is big on the laughs, perhaps it's time to wonder when we stopped taking anything seriously.

How to Turn Your Next Walk of Shame into a Walk of Pride

It's no ones finest hour, but many of us have unfortunately been there. The sun is rising, the birds are chirping, and you're in a random hook up's room. Now, how do you get home?

Canadian Terrorists Apprehended at U.S. for Posing as Married Couple

Once upon a time a Canadian couple tried to go on a shopping spree, but got detained at the U.S. border instead.

Smoking Kills, So Let's Ban Tobacco From U.S. Pharmacies and Supermarkets

To alleviate the burden that tobacco places on the U.S. health care system, the federal government should ban the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies.

Illegal Immigrants Deserve Health Care, Too

Increase funding to community health centers and expand outreach efforts to help legal and illegal immigrants better access health insurance.

Putin Protests: Thousands of Russian Demonstrators March Peacefully on Moscow

Thousands of Russians, along with writers and cultural elites, have joined together in the streets of Moscow to protest Vladimir Putin's third term as Russia's President.

AIDS in Africa: Millions of Deaths Could Be Prevented

Creating a procedure for third world countries to access and produce patented medications under circumstances of extraordinary demand, can help minimize curable and treatable diseases.

Medicare and Medicaid Reforms That Can Help Curb Costs

Increased use of comparative effectiveness research in funding decisions for Medicare and Medicaid programs will ensure technologic advancements demonstrate cost containment strategies.

Obamacare Affordable Care Organizations Should Be Expanded Across the U.S.

The U.S. should expand incentives for Accountable Care Organizations throughout the health care system, as they represent a necessary shift from our country’s current fee-for-service policy.

How Georgia Athens-Clark County Can Improve Health Care for Poor Resident

Athens-Clarke County should apply for a health professional shortage area designation to make it more competitive and improve access to primary care for low-income patients.