Top 10 Reasons to Vote For Mitt Romney (Satire)

Here are the Top 10 reasons to vote for Mitt Romney

Nebraska Primary 2012 Results LIVE: Ron Paul is Over, Deb Fischer Wins in Ben Nelson Senate Seat Battle

A crowded field is vying for the open Senate seat on Democrat Ben Nelson, who recently announced his retirement.

Why Chicago Needs a Congestion Tax for Driving

By adding a congestion fee to driving, Chicago can significantly reduce the economic and environmental costs of congestion.

How to Cook Eggplant to Perfection

It's so good, yet so hard to master. Finally learn how to cook an eggplant to perfect, just in time for the summer.

Seventeen Magazine Petition Wants Teen Girls to Know That Real Beauty Isn't 'Perfect'

Teens are bombarded by images of the "perfect body". It's important to show our youth that real bodies are not perfect.

Mitt Romney Would Win If Election 2012 Were Today: Poll

Mitt Romney is an excellent position in the polls; especially considering it's only May. The Obama campaign should be worried

The Avengers: Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson Steal the Show

Avenger’s Assemble! If you haven’t seen The Avenger’s film yet, now is the weekend to see it. Jammed pack with Mighty Marvel goodness, it will not disappoint.

4 Reasons Why Facebook IPO is Overrated (Hint: General Motors Drops Ads, Eduardo Saverin)

Half of Americans think the upcoming Facebook IPO (which would value the company at $100 billion, above Kraft, Ford and Disney) is overrated, and they’re right! Here are 4 reasons why.

SpaceX Will Be the Next Solyndra Disaster if Government Holds Space Privatization Back

Green energy is a big boondoggle — but will the space industry be any different?

Despite JPMorgan Losses, President Obama's Government Regulation Agenda is Still Wrong

More federal financial regulation will prove ineffective in mitigating harm to our financial system from bad trades.

Ron Paul is Not Dropping Out: RP Delegate Hunt Gets Confused With the Death of His 2012 Campaign

Ron Paul has released a statement outlining his delegate strategy and announcing that he would not spend money for future primary. Most media outlets misunderstood this as him dropping out.

How the UN Could Play a More Productive Role in Fighting Climate Change

To ensure that the world’s cities are all equally equipped to adapt to climate change, the United Nations should create a multilateral platform for direct urban diplomacy and aid.

Greek Election Results Show No Easy Answer For Euro Zone Crisis

The future of Greece’s involvement in the euro zone remains uncertain. Anyway you shake it, it's going to be bad.

The Dictator: Funny and Dumb Dark Humor in Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest Movie

Sacha Baron Cohen's new film 'The Dictator' is ripe with political satire, but some jokes fall flat as pure shock value.

How Solar Power Can Be Used to Make Brownfields Green

Cities should offer PACE funding to owners of brownfields in order to construct solar arrays on the unused sites.

Sonoma Solar Water Heaters Hold the Key to California's Energy Independence

Sonoma County should effectively subsidize the installation of solar water heaters to promote energy efficiency and reduce the region’s carbon footprint.

How to Promote Smart Growth and Prevent Urban Sprawl in Ithaca, NY

A Transfer of Development Rights Program in the City and Town of Ithaca will balance urban growth with rural preservation to promote smart growth development and prevent urban sprawl.

How to Make Child Care Products Safer

Banning BPA in child-care products would protect young children from the physiological dangers of the chemical.

Why Stricter EPA Smog Regulations Will Spark Green Jobs

Implementing stricter EPA smog regulations will protect Americans from ozone’s dangerous health effects, lower long-term health care costs, and spark new investment in green jobs.

Recycling Your iPhone Could Save New York City From Tons of Hazardous Waste

To minimize the negative impacts of irresponsible electronics disposal, City College of New York (CCNY) should initiate a more inclusive campus-wide e-waste collections and management program.

Why We Need a New Cash for Clunkers to Promote Green Energy

The United States Department of Energy should administer a Cash for Clunkers program to encourage consumers to purchase smart appliances.

North Carolina Leading the Way on Offshore Wind Power and Green Energy

State governments with strong offshore wind potential should issue competitive requests for proposals to develop utility-scale offshore wind energy.

New Obama Biography Won't Hurt the Prez's Rep

A new biography about Obama is to be published. Written by old friends and ex-girlfriends it gives detailed insights into his past and could damage his image or even his campaign.

Why Obama Banned Cell Phones at His Private Fundraisers

President Obama has asked participants at fundraisers to give up their cell phones before coming into the event. In this age of cell phone cameras and recorded-everything, is privacy allowed?

Greek Elections 2012: Greece Likely to Leave EU Unless They Change Austerity Stance

The resolve of the German government, and the protective measures put in place by the European Union make it likely that Greece will be ejected from the EU.

Robin Hood Foundation Raises $50 Million For Charity, Shows Wall Street Has a Heart

Description of the Robin Hood Foundation gala.

Andrew Sullivan 'First Gay President' Story Part of a Rainbow of LGBT Magazine Covers

Do magazine covers matter, or is it what's inside that counts?

Hollande vs. Merkel: France and Germany Both Want Growth, But in Different Ways

The battle to win Europe has begun with Merkel in the right corner and Hollande in the left. After their first meeting in Berlin, the leader who holds on to their principles will win in the end.

Kourtney Kardashian and Emma Watson: Which Celeb Will You Name Your Baby After?

In one of the best press releases ever, the Social Security Administration released its top baby names of 2011. Celebrities, athletes, and favorites from literature topped the list.

Blockupy: German Occupy Movement Takes Over ECB in Frankfurt LIVE

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel's pro-Austerity coalition suffers loses in the ballot box, Occupy protesters have started taking over Germany with #Blockupy. Follow the live coverage here.

Look For a Ron Paul Win in Idaho (Seriously ... and Here's Why)

Idaho delegates are currently bound to Mitt Romney, but with a 2/3 majority at the Republican state convention on June 21, Ron Paul delegates could vote to unbind themselves.

Jay-Z Gives Obama Massive Street Cred on Gay Marriage in Election 2012

Jay-Z spoke out in support of Obama's stance on gay marriage, saying that withholding the right is "holding the country back." This is why he's such an important ally.

George Lucas Strikes Back, Gets Revenge On Rich Neighbors

The Star Wars creator will build low-income housing after a spat with rich neighbors over what he could and could not build.

Raul Castro Support's LGBT Rights in Cuba

What if it were illegal to live your life? What if you were arrested for simply loving someone? Hopefully soon the LGBT community in Cuba will no longer have to hide who they really are.

Nakba Day 2012 Honors the Ongoing Struggle of Palestinian Refugees

On the 64th anniversary of Nakba, the world must recognize the struggles of the Palestinian refugees, and realize that their rights and aspirations are just as importance as everyone else's.

Glee, Bones, NCIS: It's Season Finale Week and I Missed the Whole Season!

It is season finale week for all of our favorite shows. Did you catch them all?

Ron Paul Supporters United Despite Differences of Opinion

At a time like this, you either fire the leadership of a campaign or you stand behind them. The third option is to give up, but Ron Paul supporters don’t seem like the type to give up.