China and Russia Secretly Take Over the U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy remains weak, China knows this and has begun a nationally sponsored feeding frenzy off of our private sector. If our economy is to survive, we must act now.

10 Richest Presidents of All Time: Where Does Mitt Romney Stack Up to the Wealthiest?

Much fanfare has been made about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s considerable wealth this election cycle. Where would he stand among the ten wealthiest if elected into office?

Why the U.S. Must Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

To strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime, the United States should ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

George Zimmerman Medical Reports Don't Make Him Innocent in Trayvon Martin Death

George Zimmerman's new medical report adds details to the case, but is still inconclusive, as there are still critical parts of the story that are missing.

North Korean Defector Describes Vast Network of Smuggling, Drugs, and Censorship Under Kim Jong-Un's Regime

From 1997 to 2000, I worked for a mafia of Chinese people. We smuggled about 30 cars at a time from North Korea, hid them in multiple locations, all with the protection of the Chinese police.

Obama Born in Kenya Allegation: New Birther Evidence Claimed By Andrew Breitbart Blog

A conservative blog claims to have evidence in the form of a promotional booklet that said President Obama was born in Kenya. And the massive LOLz Birther movement is born again.

Abuse of Justice: Wal-Mart Sued for $1 Million Over Racist Intercom Announcement

A man is suing Wal-Mart after an intercom announcement told all African-American customers to leave the store.

America Can Be the Oil Capital of the World, and North Dakota Can Be Like Kuwait

The best kept secret in America is that the country is filled with vast amounts of energy resources.

Women's Rights in Afghanistan: The Top Reason to Stay in the Country

We're not leaving Afghanistan any time soon. But building a modern state could restore Afghan women's rights, and that's worth our tax dollars.

Ron Paul and the Nebraska Primary Prove Sarah Palin Could Make a Difference

Sarah Palin sided with Ron Paul in boosting Tea Party Ted Cruz in Texas. She also endorsed Deb Fischer in the Nebraska Primary helping her defeat two powerful and well-funded rivals.

The Rise of Medical Tourism: U.S. Should Model Health Care System After Thailand?

One man who was on a tour in Thailand last year got hit with back pain. He went to a local hospital. He spent half a day in a private room. His bill? $12 cash.

Will Algeria Be the Site of the Next Arab Spring?

The Algerian parliamentary election outcome proves that nothing has changed in Algerian politics. The time for change in Algeria still has not arrived.

Occupy the Farm Arrests Undermine Food Justice Movement

Occupy the Farm is the latest of Occupy Wall Street’s protests to end in embarrassment. On Monday, police arrested nine of the protesters for trespassing on UC Berkeley’s land.

Eduardo Saverin Facebook IPO Scandal: How We Can Punish This Tax Evader

Sen. Schumer and Casey's plan to re-impose taxes on expats like Saverin after they flee from the U.S. is a first step, but a global regulatory regime would be more effective.

Coffee Helps You Live Longer: It Also Curbs Cancer and Grows the Economy

Drink coffee because it's good, but don't treat the drink like it's a health miracle.

Chuck Brown's Death Could Usher in a New Era of Political Bipartisanship

Chuck Brown was one of the few things that brought people of the DC together. The celebration of his music could be a rebirth of bipartisanship in Washington.

Mary Kennedy Dead: RFK Jr. Estranged Wife, Found Dead

Mary Richardson Kennedy's "unattended death" is the latest tragedy of an American political dynasty that has known fame and power but also sorrow. May she R.I.P.

Facebook IPO: Should You Invest in Facebook?

As Facebook's Initial Public Offering approaches, we examine how worthwhile an investment in the social media network giant is for interested buyers.

Government Freeloaders Will Determine the 2012 Presidential Election

The same Americans who want smaller government increasingly depend upon governmental assistance. These people will be deciding our political destiny -- and it doesn't look pretty.

China Rising: How to Prevent a Naval War Between the U.S. and China

To ensure the safety of seafaring vessels and to prevent escalation, the United States and China should sign an ‘Incidents at Sea Agreement.’

America Should Stop Giving $2 Billion of U.S. Aid to Egypt Unconditionally

The United States should base its military aid to Egypt on the Egyptian government’s performance on standard of living and good governance indicators.

Chicago NATO Summit 2012: How NATO Can Become Relevant Again

As NATO adapts to new security and global challenges in the post-Cold War world, a nationwide poll of university students will help the organization redefine its role and relevance.

Female Military Veterans Suffering From PTSD, Sexual Assault

To make medical services more accessible to growing numbers of female veterans, Veterans Administration hospitals should reform therapy access policies and adjust physical layouts of wards.

Most Africans Still Live on Less Than $2 a Day, Here's What the U.S. Can Do

Here's how the U.S. can facilitate long-term economic growth in Africa.

How Rap and American Music Can Defeat Al Qaeda in the Middle East

The United States can empower youths, temper radicalism and further its own interests throughout the greater Middle East by promoting rap music as an outlet for social discontent.

State Department Should Use Education Exchange Programs to Promote Peace

The United States Department of State should engage in grassroots diplomacy by sponsoring interactive international programs in higher educational institutions, known as Globalized Education.

Dancing With the Stars Results: Does Reality TV Still Need Judges?

Maria Menounos was sent home on Tuesday's episode of Dancing with the Stars, despite having received the highest score from judges. So how about this: do we still need TV show judges at all?

Ron Paul Controls Nevada GOP: Romney Fights Back, Creates Secret Party Loyal Only to Him

Romney loses Nevada, so he just creates a new state GOP to win it back.

Is Obama More Pop Than Politics? How the Prez's Celebrity Status May Cost Him 2012

A look at Obama's transition from politician to pop star, and how it may be his possible downfall in the 2012 presidential election.

The End of Netflix and Blockbuster Sparks the Opportunity for a Movie Rental Revolution

The demise of the movie rental business and the failure of Netflix is opening the door for entrepreneurs to create revolutionary ways to please movie lovers.

Facebook Founder Saverin Would Be Banished From U.S. Forever in Schumer Ex-Pat Tax Bill

Only failing states enact laws and erect walls to keep people trapped within them in order to prevent a phenomena called "brain drain."

Donna Summer 'The Queen of Disco' Dies at 63

Singer of smash '70s and '80s hits like, 'Last Dance' and 'She Works Hard for the Money' has died from cancer.

Alabama Immigration Law Approved with Tweaks to Make it Even Harsher

Alabama lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday revising the state’s controversial immigration law, known as the toughest in the nation. Critics say the changes make the law even harsher.

Nick Hanauer TED Talk Won't Air Because He Argues That the Rich Do Not Create Jobs

TED has withheld venture capitalist Nick Hanaeur's talk that asserts the wealthy do not create jobs. Hanauer is correct; TED should air his talk, but it still doesn't mean we should raise taxes.

Ron Paul Supporters Won't Fall for Gary Johnson Weird Watermelon Political Ad (+Video)

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president, has released a web ad in which a watermelon explodes on screen.

How the U.S. Can Save Mothers in Poor Countries

The United States should improve standards for maternal health in developing countries by protecting federal funding to non-governmental organizations.