Why We Need Prison Reform: Victimless Crimes Are 86% of the Federal Prison Population

The war on drugs is a war on civilized society.

NYC Mayor Race 2013: Who Will Succeed Mayor Bloomberg?

One thing is certain: it is a crowded race, and there is simply no room for outsiders without ties to New York (sorry @JonHuntsman, @HuntsmanAbby). Here are the must-know names at this stage.

Gay Marriage Should be Decided by the Federal Government

State responses to President Obama’s announcement in support of same-sex marriage indicate that this civil rights issue cannot be left up to the states: it requires federal legislation.

Should I Vote For Ron Paul 2012? Complete Guide to Ron Paul's Stance on Every Issue

Ron Paul might be the least understood presidential candidate in recent history, so here is a summary of his political positions and the philosophy that shapes them.

6 Quirky Facts About Real-Life Middle Eastern Dictators

In honor of Sacha Baron-Cohen's 'The Dictator,' consider this: Saddam Hussein was a poet, Ben Ali loved ice cream, and Gaddafi was a fashionista.

Eduardo Saverin Made the Right Decision Concerning His U.S. Citizenship

Saverin made a controversial but reasonable and cost-benefit decision to renounce his U.S. citizenship. The exit tax is nothing but a Berlin Wall.

My Theory of What Happened the Night Trayvon Martin Was Killed

Since Trayvon's autopsy report has come out, everyone is saying George Zimmerman may have been acting in self-defense. Here's my take.

Ron Paul is Much More Like Ronald Reagan Than Mitt Romney Wants You to Believe

With a little bit of research, every voter can easily become educated about the real issues for candidates. Take a few minutes and see why Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan are so much alike.

Kobe Bryant: The Best Baller to Ever Get Away With Rape

I want to know what it’s like to publicly trash “The Black Mamba” the way everyone else has since his fateful and unfortunate Colorado encounter in 2003.

Occupy Chicago Set to Crash NATO Summit

Occupy Chicago came out in force on Wednesday to protest the use of U.S. tax dollars on defense spending in Europe. As the NATO Summit moves in, the protestors have no plans to move out.

Weekend Movie Review: 'The Avengers' May Be the Best Comic Book Film Ever Made

Must-see movie of the weekend: When it comes to the traditional type of superhero movie, it's hard to do any better than 'The Avengers.'

Facebook (FB) First Day of Trading Predictions

Facebook stock begins trading at 11:00am on Friday, with an initial price of $38.00/share and a valuation of $104 billion. But how will it perform in the future?

Joe Rickett Ad Campaign Against Barack Hussein Obama is a Joke

Why exploiting fears of white conservatives is necessary to bring down Barack Hussein Obama and save America and its values.

3 Hot Issues at NATO Chicago Summit: From Staying in Afghanistan to Cyber Warfare

NATO's summit in Chicago is a major gathering for global defense and security policy. Expect important announcements on Afghanistan, a soft touch on European defense spending and more cyber news.

Zooey Deschanel on Broadway, What to Expect From Mick Jagger on SNL, and This Week in Pop Culture

Mick Jagger takes 'SNL', Zooey Deschanel comes to Broadway, and Wes Anderson debuts 'Moonrise Kingdom'. This was a busy week! Here's your pop culture recap to get you through the weekend

Facebook IPO: How Mark Zuckerberg Shook the Haters Off

Once upon a time there was a little company called Facebook; the rest, is history.

FB Stock Soars: Will We Have to Soon Pay to Use Facebook?

With its IPO, Facebook is looking for new revenue streams and in particular for ways to directly monetize its users.

The Cowardice of Anti-Gay Christians

Gay rights advocates are told to respectfully disagree with anti-gay Christians, but bigotry based on religion is still bigotry.

Is Anybody Happy in America Anymore?

People from all sides of the social and political spectrum are feeling marginalized. But does everyone losing to "the man" mean that the system of checks and balances are working? Is this utopia?

Francois Hollande vs. Angela Merkel Fight For Control of the Euro Zone

Francois Hollande, France’s second socialist president, and Christian – Democratic Angela Merkel will have to deal with each other: But only one can be the top dog.

Minority Birth Boom Raises Major Questions About American Education

New Census data informs us that more than half of babies born today are non-white. While focus is being placed on the racial implications for our future, our top concern should be socioeconomic.

Why the Law of the Sea Treaty Hurts America

The Law of the Sea Treaty is a direct attack on U.S. sovereignty. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and others in the Obama Administration are nonetheless urging the Senate to approve it.

Trayvon Martin Autopsy: George Zimmerman Trial Again Sensationalized By Media

As nearly 200 pages of previously undisclosed material come to light, we are reminded of how poorly the Zimmerman trial has been treated by both the media and the public.

NATO Summit Chicago 2012: Police Presence Heavy, But No Protesters to Be Found

100 state police officers cordoned off the downtown courthouse, and they soon moved across the street to surround City Hall. Only problem? There were no protesters in either place.

White House Uses Amnesty Clause on Vice President Joe Biden [Satire]

Taking a page from the NBA, the White House declares amnesty on VP Joe Biden's contract in a roster move with profound implications for Twitter, the Amtrak rail corridor, and the fate of America.

Ron Paul Minnesota Performance Uncovers Liberty Movement's Long-Term Game

As almost 2,000 delegates begin to convene in Minnesota, Ron Paul supporters will likely control the conversation yet again. But exactly what is the goal aimed at by this enterprising new blood?

What SpaceX Shares With Facebook and Apple, on the Eve of Its Historic Launch

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Mark Zuckerberg didn't get any federal loan guarantees when they started Apple and Facebook. SpaceX might just be as successful.

Minority Baby Boom: The End of the Race Issue in America

For the first time in U.S. history, non-white births accounted for the majority of all births in 2011. Will this be a problem for America going forward?

Romney Camp Seeks to Minimize Surging Ron Paul Influence in Virginia

It remains unclear whether this weekend will bring change and transparency in the Republican Party of Virginia or a greater consolidation of GOP power.

Ron Paul Adds Minnesota to National Tour De Force Delegate Sweep

Ron Paul will be speaking at the Minnesota State Convention this weekend where he is within reach of capturing 13 more delegates from the state.

At-Home HIV Test Could Have Dangerous Results

The new at-home HIV test should not be sold to people who have not under gone counseling.

GOP Health Care Plan Takes Pages from the Obamacare Playbook

The Republicans are constantly attacking Obamacare, but what they don't tell you is that the GOP's vision for health care includes large parts of Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Obamacare Will Cut Your Health Care Costs

Health insurance providers claim premium hikes are a result of rising overhead costs. The Affordable Care Act puts an end to these unjustified increases and regulates how the revenue is spent.

War on Liberal Arts: What's Behind the Recent Attacks of Political Science and Black Studies?

Rep. Flake and Schaefer-Riley are intellectually lazy. But their dismissals of political science and black studies suggest that deep threats to academia thrive in these austere times.

Even Warren Buffett Can't Save the Dying Newspaper Industry

Warren Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased 63 papers, but the transaction won't save newspapers from experiencing financial blight because the journalism business model is flawed.

Can Warren Buffett Save Newspapers?

Having formerly lamented about the "declining" industry, the billionaire investor announced a deal to buy 63 newspapers.

Bipartisanship Alive in Washington

While partisan bickering still appears to be the norm, there are small groups of federal legislators coming together in the best interest of the country.