Wal-Mart & ALEC Scandal: Company Subjects Female Prison Laborers to 'Slave-Like' Conditions

In the latest Wal-Mart scandal, the company is using sub-contractors to evade labor laws and hire prisoners for cheap.

A Country Is Not Free Without Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press, although usually observed as an element of democracy, does not have the same meaning everywhere in the world.

French Elections 2012: Hollande Wins Against Sarkozy in Presidential Debate

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande face off Wednesday in the only debate of the 2012 presidential election. Follow along live.

French Election 2012: Sarkozy vs. Hollande Debate Puts GOP Debates to Shame

If French political debates are like five-course meals, filled with delicious hors-d'oeuvre like foie-gras, American debates are like a cheap NY hot-dog stand.

Ron Paul, the NFL and 7 Things That Make America Awesome (and Awful)

The good and the bad of American politicians, sports, and entertainment.

One World Trade Center Reconstruction and Bin Laden Death Don't Change What Happened on 9/11

I am thankful that the WTC will be rebuilt, and glad that bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean. But, nothing will change what happened to the families of the 2,996 people who perished on 9/11.

Osama Bin Laden Death: How Was Osama Able to Live Under Pakistan's Paw for Six Years?

One year later, we still don't know how the world's most wanted terrorist lived seemingly comfortably in the heart of one of Pakistan's most popular vacation towns for six years.

4 Reasons Why China is Not on the Rise

Everyone claims that China is well on its way to surpassing the U.S., but a visit to the country proves just how wrong that theory is.

Ron Paul is Still the Only Antiwar Candidate

Ron Paul has been Congress' most consistent critic of the war in Afghanistan and offers voters the best chance of a peaceful presidency.

Man Becomes YouTube Sensation When He Wires His Autistic Child to Fight Bullying

The Stuart Chaifetz YouTube video sensation proves that parents of non-verbal, special needs children should possess the right to wire their children in order to prevent them from abuse.

5 Best Spring Recipes

Challenge: Cook these five dishes so they taste as awesome as they look. Prize: A very happy belly.

New Episode of 'Glee': Once a Hit Show, Now a One-Hit Wonder

"Glee" started out as a snarky high school musical, but after last night's episode, it is feeling more and more like a 40-minute public service announcement.

How the Great Recession Has Ruined the Baby Boomer Generation

There are very real issues and concerns Baby Boomers have in today's world.

'Hipster Racism' Trending, But We Still Don't Know How to Talk About Race

The trending online conversation about "hipster racism" brings to light the realities of racism today; however, the Jezebel article that defines the dialogue isn't as productive as it should be.

Occupy Wall Street Exposes the Violations of America's Freedom of Press

The U.S. fell 27 points in freedom of the press rankings because of the arrests of journalists covering Occupy protests. We can't take the First Amendment for granted.

SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin: Space Becomes the Final Frontier For Private Companies

In spite of high start-up costs, space development will be no monopoly. Private companies and competition will enable us to conquer the final frontier.

Mad Men Meets Jay-Z: The Future of Hollywood and the Ad Industry

The advertising industry and entertainment business are collaborating to create "branded entertainment," and the result is Apple ads like "The Girl With the Macbook Pro."

Bin Laden Death: One Year Later, Terrorists Remain Dangerous in Pakistan

One year after Bin Laden's death, militants continue to run wild in Pakistan, and the government's spy agencies are engaging in state-sponsored terrorism across the country.

3 Lessons Israel Can Teach America

The American dream is dying and Europe isn’t much better off. Israel is the only Western country to bring unemployment below pre-crisis figures: Washington should be taking notes.

Ohio Bomb Plot Proves Not All Terrorists Are Muslim

Five Ohio men attempt to blow up a bridge on the anniversary of bin Laden's death. Do you assume they are Muslim? It's time for us to disassociate the ideas of terrorism and religion.

Richard Grenell Forced to Resign from Romney Campaign Because Evangelicals Have Hijacked the GOP

After the resignation of Richard Grenell, I am forced to admit my party is much more off-kilter than I had previously thought. Evangelicals are new to the GOP and need to learn what we stand for.

Is Occupy Wall Street Over After May Day Protests? (+photos)

May Day attracted thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters to the streets, but to have a tangible impact on inequality, the movement still needs to articulate specific policy demands.

Chrysler Sales Soar, And Americans Clearly Don't Want Fuel Efficiency

Slow compact car sales confirm that Americans prefer gas guzzlers.

Bin Laden Anniversary: Make No Mistake, Al Qaeda is Defeated

On the one-year anniversary of bin Laden’s death, the story of his once-prominent terrorist group has fizzled out like a bad batch of sparklers.

French Election 2012: Top 10 Things to Watch For in Sarkozy vs. Hollande Presidential Debate

Sarkozy will sneer. Holllande will make jokes. 'The Economy' will be the elephant in the room. Let the sparks fly during Wednesday's French presidential debate.

French Election 2012: Marine Le Pen Won't Endorse Nicolas Sarkozy, But He Can Still Win

Sarkozy didn't receive the far right wing candidate's endorsement, but he may not even need it to win.

Osama Bin Laden Death is Obama's Top Achievement, Despite What the GOP Says

On May 2nd 2011, Obama sent a loud message to al-Qaeda and numerous other FTO's by ordering the Bin Laden raid. One year later I take a look at the discourse generated in response.

Israeli Settlements in West Bank Will Not Derail Israel-Palestine Peace Process

While Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank is disconcerting, the settlements themselves should not be the reason to deny the opportunity to discuss peace.

Protests in Malaysia Demand the Rise of Free Elections and the Fall of Barisan Nasional

The recent protests in Malaysia, demonstrate that the ruling Barisan Nasional collation has lost legitimacy and must step down in favor of free, fair, and open elections.

Why Your Student Debt Will Keep Housing Prices From Rebounding For a Generation

Economist Robert Shiller, who predicted the housing bubble bust, has said housing prices may not rebound for a generation or more. What does this mean for millennials?

Portrait of Palestine: KFC and Starbucks, But Where's the War?

KFC, Star Bucks coffee shops, and vibrant nightclubs. But, where's the war?

Arizona Immigration Law Brings Very Real Danger of an Impending Police State

The so-called "papers, please" law is an apt title because the law will require any person who is “lawfully” stopped, detained, or arrested to prove his status,