Will Ron Paul Force Mitt Romney Into a Debate?

Ron Paul may succeed at convincing Republican voters to force a head-to-head comparison alongside Mitt Romney.

Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse LIVE: When is the Next Solar Eclipse? (+ Video)

Live updates on this weekend's rare annular solar eclipse, which will be visible across the Southwest United States. Get weather, locations, time, and live video.

Ron Paul Forming His Own Party as Obama and Romney Join Forces

In a bipartisan move, Obama and Romney join forces to defend the status quo while Ron Paul forms his own coalition in defense of peace and the Bill of Rights.

SAT Racial Bias Proves Standardized Tests Are Geared Toward White Students

The SAT is the most commonly required standardized test for college admissions, but just how accurately does it evaluate students?

Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney Fundraising Dinners for Obama Are an Insult to the 99%

The President of the United States is a statesman, not a celebrity. Obama's soirees with Hollywood's finest are a disgrace to the office, and a poor PR move for the Obama campaign.

4 Reasons Why the SpaceX Launch Was Not A Failure

Although the Falcon 9 is not currently en-route to the ISS as originally planned, there are still reasons to be optimistic about the future of space privatization.

How Mark Zuckerberg's Success Influenced a Generation of Entrepreneurs

The story of Facebook has both captured the essence of our generation and inspired millennials to try their luck at their own passion project or entrepreneurial idea.

Bar Refaeli Tops Maxim 100 and Stephen Colbert Becomes First Male to Make the List

As Bar Refaeli takes the top spot, the Comedy Central pundit landed the position 69 becoming the first male ever to make Maxim's "hot" list. Here's this year's top 5 plus the special mention.

Facebook (FB) IPO Stock Trading LIVE, FB Stocks Fall Hard

Facebook has priced its IPO at $38 per share, and will begin trading tomorrow on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol FB.

After School Programs Will Narrow the Achievement Gap for Low-Income Students

To close the achievement gap in schools, after school homework hubs are an absolute necessity.

Solar, Wind, and Other Renewable Energy Jobs Are a Perfect Fit For Veterans

With record unemployment in the veteran population and record growth expected in the renewable energy field, matching veterans with clean energy jobs is a no-brainer.

Cory Booker Rightly Bashes Obama Campaign Strategy; Liberals Overreact

Cory Booker rightly criticized the Obama campaign strategy to vilify private equity and got some heat from liberal circles. Progressives should embrace Booker as a Democratic leader.

Paul Krugman Proven Right on Stimulus Bill and Anti-Austerity Theories

Unlike many critics of the stimulus bill, Paul Krugman's assessment of the stimulus bill has proven correct.

Dharun Ravi's 30-Day Sentence is Appropriate in Tyler Clementi Webcam Case

Today, Dharun Ravi was sentenced to 30-days in jail after the trial over the Tyler Clementi Rutgers webcam case.

Iran War On Women: President Ahmadinejad Accused of Being Too "Soft" on Women

Iran's women's rights record is already dismal, and now conservative member of Iran's parliament Ali Motahari is accusing the government of not going far enough to oppress them.

Dharun Ravi Expresses No Sorrow in Tyler Clementi's Suicide

Rutgers student Dharun Ravi has expressed little remorse for driving roommate Tyler Clementi to commit suicide. People, not the courts, are the ones who can punish Dharun Ravi now.

NATO Chicago Summit 2012 LIVE: An End to Afghan War is in Sight

As Obama and world leaders address economic and military issues, get live updates on road closures, NATO news, and Occupy NATO protests.

LeBron James Tweets Prove That English is on the Decline

Tweets and status updates are ruining the English language. JK LOL ... no, but seriously.

The 2012 Presidential Election Will be Determined by Super PACs and the Super Rich

The unlimited power of Super PACs in our electoral process has the power to determine our next president.

Free Speech Principles Suffer as Chronicle of Higher Education Fires Columnist

A leading higher education publication fires a blogger after backlash over a controversial column. No one should be happy about the example it sets.

ART HK: Is Hong Kong Becoming the World's Next Cultural Capital?

Though it’s only five years old, Hong Kong art fair ART HK has become an important venue for the Asian contemporary art market. Does the fair bolster HK's credentials as Asia's cultural capital?

James Bond 007 New Movie Trailer: Skyfall Teaser Shows Off License to Kill (+ Video)

James Bond is back, baby, and his new flick — Skyfall — will be epic. French actress Bérénice Marlohe stars as the franchise's latest Bond girl. Javier Bardem is the new villain.

U.S. Must Abolish the Death Penalty Before Criticizing Others on Human Rights Record

In light of U.S. advocacy of human rights abroad, the country needs to abolish its own massive human rights violation at home -- the death penalty.

Chicago NATO Summit: War in Afghanistan Finally On G8 Agenda

The situation in Afghanistan will be an important topic during the NATO Summit in Chicago. It's time to evaluate the challenges and recognize the key factors that will bring lasting peace.

Facebook Stock Price: Will Investors Drop FB Stock Amid Poor Performance?

Facebook's IPO disappointment - is the Facebook bubble is ready to burst? Are they just getting started? Can they survive the economic headwinds?

Ron Paul Delegate Victories Steer the GOP Towards Libertarian Ideals

The Ron Paul Revolution has finally broken the back of the old GOP.

Cannes Film Festival 2012: 'Moonrise Kingdom', 'Rust and Bone', and Early Oscar Buzz

The Cannes Film Festival is currently underway. While the films that win the Palm D'Or are often met with critical success, does success at Cannes translate into box office numbers?

Chicago NATO Summit: G8 Leaders Face Protests After Committing to Jobs in Camp David

President Obama and the world's most powerful leaders signaled a course change during the G8 summit this weekend, shifting from austerity-only stabilization to a growth-and-austerity plan.