Saturated Fat is Not Bad For Your Brain, and You've Been Lied to

Contrary to recent claims in the news, saturated fat isn't bad for your brain. And it might even be beneficial.

Facebook Stock Update: Is it Time to Buy FB Stock Yet?

A look at the issues impacting the stock price of the newly issued FB shares.

Why is China Building Mega-Cities in the U.S.?

China is in the midst of a buying binge of American interests. Is this a sign of a Chinese 'take over'? Or simply a country bit by the recession looking for portfolio diversification?

SpaceX's Successful Launch is the Beginning of a Free Market Travel Revolution

Privatization in space travel, like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, is going to not only revolutionize travel but other social activity as well.

SpaceX Launch Successful: Why the Private Sector Has a Future in Space Travel

One small step for man, one giant leap for privatization!

Aaron Sorkin's College Commencement Speech: 5 Memorable Quotes

Aaron Sorkin’s May 13th graduation speech at Syracuse University blended the humorous, the realistic, and the inspiring.

Paralyzed by Choice: Why the Facebook Generation Can't Make Up Its Mind

In this age of non-stop information and over stimulation, millennials become paralyzed by choice. As a generation, how do we get beyond that?

Who is John Wolfe? Q&A With the Man Who Says He Can Beat Obama in Arkansas Primary

The candidacy of Wolfe poses an interesting problem for Obama: He is facing rivalries from within his own party, possibly highlighting crack's in the prez's reelection campaign.

Startup Act 2.0 Will Make Sure the Next Google is Made in America

The proposed Startup Act 2.0 Act puts America on the right path to attracting top entrepreneurs and talent to create businesses in America.

Egypt Presidential Election 2012: As Long as SCAF is in Charge, Voting is a Farce

Egypt's four major frontrunners, Ahmed Shafiq, Amr Moussa, Mohamed Morsy, and Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh are all just pawns in the Egyptian Army's political game.

Dennis Kucinich Retires: Liberals Lose a Powerful Voice in Washington

Last Wednesday, Representative Dennis Kucinich announced that he is retiring after his 16 year career. Today we remember some of the highlights of the most liberal voice in Congress.

Chicago NATO Protests: No Clear Message From Protestors Means No Impact

Crowds may have turned out to protest the NATO meeting in Chicago, but their lack of a clear message kept their numbers from having any impact.

After Beirut Violence, Is Lebanon Headed for Collapse?

The relative stability inside Lebanon has transformed overnight, and the Syrian crisis will likely spark further violence in Lebanon. Is a collapse of the government imminent?

John Wolfe: Why I'm Running Against Obama in 2012

John Wolfe is a presidential candidate in the Arkansas Democratic primaries, running against incumbent president Obama.

John Wolfe: "Obama Has Sold Out the Democratic Party"

John Wolfe is a presidential candidate in the Arkansas Democratic primaries, running against incumbent president Obama.

NBC's 'Community': Watch it Before it Gets Cancelled

TV's best show is on thin ice. Extended for a kiss-of-death shortened fall season, it's time to rally around 'Community' and get the show what it really deserves: "six seasons and a movie."

Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes $378M in 2011, Off the Backs of Chinese Sweatshop Labor

The revelation that Apple chief Tim Cook pulled in $378 million in compensation in 2011, more than any other CEO, should ignite debate around how he can be paid so much.

Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney Fundraisers Are Only Obama Distractions

Celebrity fundraising dinners may not change the public's view on Obama's character overall, but they distract from real issues and focus more on the president's style than substance.

Kristen Wiig Leaves SNL: Comedy Loses a Feminist Icon

Kristen Wiig stands out as a clever writer and actress in a male dominated industry. Tears are shed as one of the strongest female comediennes leaves SNL after seven years.

Elon Musk's SpaceX a Success as Dragon Capsule Heads to International Space Station [+video]

SpaceX takes the first step into the future of commercialized space.

War With Iran Near? Stakes Are Highest Ever at New Round of P5+1 Nuclear Talks

If the latest round of talks between the P5+1 and Iran don't bear fruit, prepare for stormy weather ahead.

Nokia and RIM Show How Not to Run a Mobile Company

As former mobile giants RIM and Nokia struggle to stay relevant in a market now dominated by iPhone and Android, valuable lessons on how not to run a company.

Chicago NATO Summit Shows Obama Must Tighten Financial Regulations to Win European Support for Afghanistan

Tightening financial regulations in the U.S. could end European austerity measures and help support withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Yemen Unification Day Overshadowed by AQAP Suicide Attacks in Sanaa

As soldiers from Yemen’s Central Security Forces drilled for Tuesday’s celebration of Unification Day, a suicide bomber detonated himself and killed over 90 soldiers in the capital Sana'a.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: Mubarak is the Real Winner, the Revolution Has Come to a Halt

Regardless of who wins the Egyptian presidential elections, the aspirations of the Egyptian people during the revolution will not be fulfilled. The Mubarak regime lives on.

SpaceX's Successful Launch a Triumph for Private Industry and NASA

SpaceX's launch should be celebrated not as a triumph of free markets, but what private industry and government can accomplish when working together.

Penn Jillete Obama Drug Use Rant: Legitimate or Lame? [+ Video]

Penn Jillete calls out the president on his demeanor towards drugs on a Jimmy Fallon appearance. Although Penn tends to be a tad vulgar, he's also right.

Rand Paul Helps Shape Kentucky GOP Primary Results, Highlighting His Power

Lewis County Judge-Executive Thomas Massie beat the GOP establishment, signaling the growing influence of the Rand Paul-wing of the Tea Party within the GOP.