Ron Paul Could Alter Election 2012 as an Independent Candidate

Looking back over the last 13 presidential elections, a third-party or independent candidate directly impacted the results only once.

Facebook (FB) Stock Price Tanking: Is the Social Media Bubble About to Burst?

With the disappointing debut of the Facebook IPO, many analysts are predicting that social media's days on top are numbered.

Why Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Other Billionaires Should Be Wary of Impact Investing

The 81 billionaire friends of Gates and Buffett should approach impact investing with caution.

Commencement Speeches 2012: 5 Most Inspiring Quotes from This Year's Famous Speakers

From Condoleezza Rice to Jane Lynch, this year's commencement speakers share confessions and advice with the graduating class of 2012.

Indonesia Cracks Down on Atheists

Recent events in Indonesia have led one man to be jailed for his beliefs. Questions are now being raised about religious freedom's in the world's largest Muslim country.

Sarah Palin-Inspired Teen Blogger Receives Death Threats for Anti-Gay Marriage Video

She’s consevative, she’s Christian, and she’s only 16. Meet “teenage political maverick” Madeleine McAulay, author of and Sarah Palin’s “Mini-Me.”

Olympics 2012 Brings Out the World's Patriotic Spirit

Excitement is already brewing for this summer's London Olympics. During such a politically tense year, this show of old-fashioned patriotism couldn't be more timely.

U.S. Sanctions Against North Korea and Iran are American Terrorism

Can the entire world really be wrong? Read four of hundreds of examples of starving people at the hands of the United States' interventionist foreign policy. Why do we allow it to happen?

How Jimmy McMillan, of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, Explains the 2012 Elections, Even if He Didn't Mean to

Jimmy McMillan, of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party is not using the word “rent” as did economist, Adam Smith. If he did, his popularity would plummet though he might get some votes.

Egypt Elections 2012: A Complete Guide to the Candidates, From Abu Hariri to Mohamed Morsy

On May 23 and 24, Egyptians will flock to the polls for the first national presidential election since the ousting of former President Hosni Mubarak in the 2011 revolution.

'The Great Gatsby' Trailer: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire Disappoint

Critics were eagerly anticipating news of Baz Luhrman's newest film, but after the release of 'The Great Gatsby' trailer excitement is quickly dwindling.

Kentucky Primary Results: 42% of Dems Reject President Obama, Select 'Uncommitted' on Ballots

Mitt Romney easily won the Kentucky GOP primary, but the real story of the night was President Obama's big loss: only 58% of Kentucky Dems support Obama's re-election.

National Vegetarian Week Proves 'Going Veg' Is More Than Just a Trend

The U.K.'s National Vegetarian Week brings to light the many reasons why vegetarianism is the way to go.

Supreme Court Taser Case: Were Police Wrong to Taser Pregnant Woman?

If certiorari is granted, any Supreme Court decision on this subject will greatly impact the use of the weapon, which has become a modern staple of law enforcement officers.

Is Lebanon the Answer for Syria Violence?

Is it possible that this tiny, war-ravaged country could act as a stabilizing force for the Syrian conflict?

Marijuana Legalization vs. Gay Marriage: Obama's Hypocrisy on States' Rights

President Obama's position that states should decide their own course when it comes to gay marriage stands in stark contrast to his hardline federal crackdown on marijuana.

Portraits of Eastern Europe's Ruin and Potential: Photo Essay of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country of contrasts, good and bad. It is also at a geopolitical nerve point and has negotiated this tough position for centuries. This is an inside look into Bulgaria today.

Kentucky Primary Results LIVE: Ron Paul Looks For Upset, GOP Battles For Geoff Davis House Seat

Kentucky will hold its Republican primary on Tuesday, where 42 delegates will be up for grabs.

Hollande, Zardari, and U.S. Veterans Fan Anti-War Flames at Chicago NATO Protests

This weekend's NATO summit in Chicago was demonstrative of the growing discontent over the war in Afghanistan. Criticism of the NATO war efforts came from all corridors of the political spectrum.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012 Through the Eyes of Youth: Who is the Facebook Generation Voting For?

As Egyptians cast their ballots in what be the most significant milestone in Egypt’s transition to democracy, the country’s youth greet the candidates with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

South Carolina AFL-CIO Leader Donna Dewitt Smashes Nikki Haley Pinata (+Video)

In the latest in a long tradition of effigy-bashing, retiring South Carolina AFL-CIO chief Donna DeWitt bashed a piñata bearing Nikki Haley's face. The tacky move won't attract new supporters.

Taliban Reveal Their Human Side in a Controversial Collection of Afghanistan Poetry

'Poetry of the Taliban' is a newly released collection filled with poems written by members of the Taliban. Critics of the book misunderstand the purpose of poetry.

Stockton, California Nears Bankruptcy: Is This the Future of Local Governments?

Meet Stockton, CA -- the largest city in the nation to be a breath away from bankruptcy. Is this the shape of things to come for local governments?

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: No Clear Frontrunner, But That's What Makes it Monumental

Many Egyptians are voting as much or more against something they fear as they are for something they believe in. Whatever the outcome, this uncertainty marks a huge step forward.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: 3 Things Everyone Should Know

The upcoming historic Egypt elections have several regional and foreign policy implications. Here is a short breakdown of three of the major candidates.

Islamist or Mubarak Regime? Egypt Presidential Elections is About a Vision, Not a President

When Egyptians go to the polls today and tomorrow, they will vote not so much for a president as for a set of ideas.

The First Tea Party President: Mitt Romney, the Puppet?

Romney's lack of a concrete vision leaves him vulnerable to a congressional minority that promotes bad government.

Obama vs. the Plumber: Who Knows More About Job Creation?

A plumber knows far more about how the economy works than Joe Biden or Barack Obama could ever hope to learn in a text book.

5 Reasons Why Twitter Will Be a Social Media Juggernaut in 2012

Although Twitter may not be in the spotlight, it is still a powerful influence in our society.

Commencement Speakers 2012: How to Find the Perfect Graduation Speaker to Inspire the Class of 2012

Should a university bring in as big of a name as possible, or a speaker which is lesser-known but native to the university?

War With Iran Aborted? IAEA Talks a Positive Sign

Finally some good news on Iran's nuclear program. Iran's nuclear negotiator and the IAEA have agreed to allow UN inspectors to visit the country's nuclear sites.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: What's the Best Result for the U.S.?

Egypt's election is likely to come down to a showdown between Amr Moussa and Dr. Aboul Fotouh. Who would be the better candidate for Egypt and for the U.S.?

New York Legislators Propose Ban on Anonymous Online Comments

In a blow to advocates of online free speech, lawmakers of the state of New York have proposed legislation to require websites to delete anonymous comments.

Angela Merkel Kills Eurobonds Idea at EU Summit in Brussels

As EU countries gather on Wednesday in Brussels, without Germany's approval, Euro bonds will almost certainly not be issued.