10 Things Every College Grad Should Know Before Entering the Real World

Grow accustomed to uncertainty, appreciate life’s simple pleasures, and know that it takes years to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook (FB) Stock Price: What You Need to Know to Make a Smart Investment

Here is a breakdown of the Facebook IPO saga, and an explanation of what investors want in an IPO.

Facebook (FB) Stock Price Chaos: Did Facebook and Morgan Stanley Cheat the Public?

The totaly failed Facebook IPO could turn into a scandal.

Why Jessica Sanchez Should Have Won American Idol

This multicultural scholar and activist shares some thoughts about why 16-year old Jessica Sanchez should have won American Idol.

5 of the Most Inspirational Quotes From 2012's Commencement Speeches

College graduates are faced with the strain of finding a job after graduation, though the message which all commencement speakers give is that graduates should be proud of their accomplishments.

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital: Are Private Equity Firms Evil?

Obama supporters are quick to demonize Bain capital, but here's the real truth behind private equity.

Iran Navy Claims Rescue of U.S. Ship: Did it Happen or Not?

Iran says it rescued the Maersk Texas, a U.S.-flagged ship, from pirates, but Maersk denies the claim.

Bollywood Meets Hollywood: Amitabh Bachchan Goes All-American in 'The Great Gatsby'

India's most famous actor, Amitabh Bachchan, will bring both the international audience and his own take on an American mobster in the new film adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby'.

5 Reasons to Legalize Drug Use in the United States

Legalizing drugs is generelly a policitcal no-go. But if you are not afraid to objective think about this issue, you can see that it has many benefits.

Better High School Sex-Ed Classes Can Curb Rise in Teen Pregnancy and STDs

To curb sexual risks for youth, Congress should encourage states to teach comprehensive sexual education in schools across the United States.

Foreign Policy Faux Pas: 6 Ways to Talk Policy Without Being A Jerk

Don't make these policy talk faux pas!

MITx, Khan Academy, and Online Education Are No Substitute for In-School Learning

With the MITx launch, excitement is building around the promise of online DIY education. But its benefits may have been oversold.

5 Healthy Eating Tips

From whole grains to saturated fats, here are five tips to help you understand how to eat healthier.

Twitter: Changing the World 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter functions as a new avenue for Internet users to pother and belabor over culture and current events; its social impact will prove to be intense.

Anonymous Hacktivists Attack Government Just For the Thrill of It, Not For Any Good Reason

On Monday, Anonymous posted 1.7 gigabytes of data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics site. But does the group really care about the lofty ideals it espouses, or do they just like chaos?

As More Men Enter 'Pink Collar Jobs' the Workplace is Still a Man's World

Though men entering traditional female work is a step forward, a much greater policy change is needed to truly create real employment equality

How PolicyMic Can Gain a Voice on the World’s Stage

A successful entrepreneur has a plan to make PolicyMic into the greatest example of democracy ever created by monetizing the site transparently and creating paid work. Do you have a better idea?

Facebook (FB) Stock Debacle: Who's To Blame?

The IPO of Facebook didn’t go too well. Disgruntled investors are already suing, but according to spokes-flacks, “the suits are without merit and we’ll defend ourselves vigorously.”

Memorial Day 2012: It's Time to Properly Honor Our Veterans with PTSD

Just because our soldiers return home it doesn't mean that the fight is over. Many soldiers never leave the battleground even once they've made it back.

From 'The Great Gatsby' to 'Men in Black III,' Why Does Hollywood Produce the Same Movies Over and Over?

We love movie remakes because they reinvent the past, giving a fresh take on an old story and reviving what has been dead and distant.

Republican Women’s Policy Committee is an Embarrassment to Women Everywhere

On May 21, the GOP launched the Women’s Policy Committee. But owning a tailored blazer and a vagina does not make these Republicans adequate safeguards of women’s rights.

4 Reasons Why College Students Don't Need to Study as Much Anymore

A national survey says students are cracking the books less than ever. Unfortunately, this study is measuring the wrong thing.

National Vegetarian Week Doesn't Address the Problems of a Meat-Free Diet

While National Vegetarian Week promotes a meat-free way of life, it fails to recognize some of the issues that come from such an unbalanced lifestyle.

Earth to Newt Gingrich: Oil Shale Won't Solve the U.S. Energy Crisis

Newt's back, and this time he's touting Oil Shale as the cure for America's energy crisis. But not only is Gingrich saying there's a crisis where there isn't, his proposed solution won't work.

Mount Everest Deaths: Why Are We Addicted to Deadly Sports?

High traffic may have caused the death of four mountain climbers on Mount Everest. Evolution, youth, and the epic nature of the challenge may explain the popularity of extreme sports.

How North Carolina Can Ensure Every Student Receives a Good Education

The North Carolina General Assembly should reinstate statewide End of Course exams in Algebra 2, Physics, Civics and Economics, and U.S. History.

How North Carolina Suppresses African-American Voter Turnout

By requiring that local school board elections be held to coincide with federal elections, North Carolina can boost voter turnout and make the boards more reflective of local communities.

Al Franken's Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA) Will Protect LGBT Students

The (SNDA) ensures that gay public school students receive protection and prohibits discrimination based on sexual or gender identity nationally.

War With Iran Near? Hope Fades For Resolution in P5+1 Talks

The second day of talks with Iran don't appear to be bearing fruit for either side.

What Caused the Minority Baby Boom?

Before the anti-immigrant groups in the United States propagandize the rising minority birthrate, the emergence of this new majority must be unpacked and understood.

Egypt Presidential Elections 2012: Amr Moussa and Mohamed Morsi Do Not Represent Egyptian Youth

Young zealous Egyptians who fought for their country’s socio-political change have seen their revolution come and gone, and none of the presidential candidates will fulfill the revolution's aims.

Phillip Phillips Beats Jessica Sanchez: Does American Idol Have a Diversity Problem?

The winner of season 11 of American Idol was announced. Did voters go for Jessica Sanchez or did they continue the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) dynasty and pick Phillip Phillips?

Mayor Bloomberg Should Fund College Mentorship Programs to Help High School Students

College student-led mentorship programs should be given federal funding in order to aid high school students in preparing for college.

How School Busing and Socioeconomic Integration Can Help Reverse the Achievement Gap

Under socioeconomic integration, more than 91 percent of all Wake County students in grades 3-8 passed the North Carolina math and reading tests in 2003. This should be a model for the country.

How Washington Can Make College Affordable for Everyone and End Tuition Hikes

To control tuition and ensure that no student is denied college access due to unexpected tuition increases, the federal government should establish a maximum increase in Federal Student Aid.

Combating Childhood Malnutrition for Low-Income Families in America's Public Schools

To expand participation in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), the federal government should simplify its eligibility and recertification processes.

How North Carolina Can Make College More Affordable

In an effort to make college more affordable, North Carolina should reestablish state-funded dual enrollment, which would allow students to better transition from high school to college.

Instagram-esque Facebook Camera Proves FB Will Stop at No Cost to Squash Competition

Facebook just launched Camera, a standalone application for photo sharing and filtering. Did Facebook just kill Instagram?