SpaceX Makes History on Memorial Day by Unloading First Cargo Into ISS

SpaceX, which holds a $1.6 billion contract with NASA to make 12 privately-financed supply runs to the space station, will make history this Memorial Day by delivering its first cargo.

Unemployment is the Greatest Challenge of Our Generation

The latest report from ILO says that youth unemployment is a global crisis as 75 million youths are unemployed worldwide.

Frequent Flyer Miles Secrets Revealed: How to Fly for Free

Flights are just so expensive. Here's how millennials can turn previous trips as well as daily purchases into free air tickets.

'The Amateur' Book Review: Obama White House Intrigue Shows Hillary Clinton for President 2012 Could Have Happened

Bill Clinton urging Hillary to run in 2012 and Valerie Jarrett and Samantha Power, amid the White House departures of Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley, are some of the topics covered by 'The Amateur.'

Ron Paul Does the Right Thing by Opposing Bill for Unlimited Military Aid for Israel

Passed on May 9th, this overwhelmingly popular bill looks to shape the Middle Eastern landscape and America's commitment to Israel for the future.

Francois Hollande Holds 61% Approval Rating, But Will it Last Through the Summer?

A recent opinion poll has given a 61% approval rating to President Hollande's in recent weeks. Will such positive numbers hold out after a long French summer?

Muslim Brotherhood Winner Mohamed Morsy Should Have the Support of the U.S.

Washington would be wise to support Morsy, if elected, and continue engaging with the Muslim Brotherhood, most of whose positions are palatable, if not advantageous, to US strategic interests.

Mitt Romney Woos Millennials From Obama With Crossroads Generation Super PAC

Obama captured the youth vote in 2008 with a movement. Now, Karl Rove and the GOP are hoping to do the same, but it won't be easy.

How Washington's 'Blame Game' Can Be Used to Help Pass 'No Budget, No Pay' Legislation

Congress remains in a state of gridlock. Blame is one of the causes. But it can also be part of the solution.

Greece Leaving the Euro Seems Likely as Governments Create Back-Up Plans

'Grexit' should be seen as certain, given the fact that almost half of EU governments are beginning to set up contingency plans to protect themselves.

The Weight of Being Native American

I live in a generation that has experienced more changes than at any time since the late 1800s. Here, my reflections on what means being an American Indian in the 21st century.

Etan Patz Case: Should Pedro Hernandez be Punished for the Killing of Etan?

33 years ago Stan and Julie Patz decided it was finally time to allow their six-year-old son, Etan, walk to the bus stop by himself. They never saw him again.