Egypt Presidential Election Results: LIVE

Egyptians have gone to the polls in a historic election. Get results live.

Facebook (FB) Stock Chaos: Was Facebook a 'Brilliant Disaster'?

Ultimately, FB and its original stockholders were the only beneficiaries in this landmark transaction.

What Does Memorial Day Mean? More Than Anything, Freedom

I've gradated from college, and now I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom. That's the beauty of America.

The Simplest Way to End the Euro Crisis and Restore Europe's Economy

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Sick of War: Europe Feels 'War Fatigue' While America Extends Afghanistan Commitments

While Europe is responding to "war fatigue" with withdrawal from Afghanistan and proposing defense cuts, the U.S. goes in the opposite direction against the will of Americans.

Rich People Are Begging to Be Taxed, But the Wall Street Journal Doesn't Want You to Hear Them

When a book made the case that hundreds of millionaires and billionaires are begging to be taxed more, the WSJ put it on the shelf of banned books.

Memorial Day Musings of an Aging Patriot

Patriotism is considered to be a positive force, but people who consider themselves patriots sometimes disagree. How can this be resolved?

Apple China Working Conditions: Leaked Video Shows Workers Are Happy Inside Foxconn Factory

A new Chinese news outlet iFeng has released a video documenting a visit to Foxconn's new expansive Zhengzhou plant, portraying positive working conditions for laborers.

Tough Mudder 2012: Why Jason Bourne-Style Mud Races Are So Addicting

Running through live electric-fence wire and rolling around in the mud through Special Forces-style obstacles has never been this awesome.

Chen Guangcheng Comes to U.S., But is He Now Irrelevant?

Since dissidents' influence tend to wane after they leave their home country, will Chen still be able to continue his crusade for human rights in China?